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What did you play most recently?


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God of war or Gears of war?????????



:shootem: :shootem: :shootem: :shootem: :shootem: :shootem: :shootem: :shootem: :shootem: :shootem: :shootem: :shootem: :shootem: :shootem: :shootem: :shootem: :shootem: :shootem:

GOW will always be GOD OF WAR.


Yeah if you're a homosexual and a ps3 fan, oh wait that's the same thing.



XBOX360 FTW!!!

I'm not the one with the Fag sig :rolleyes:


It's got a naked girl in a ball pit, how is that gay? :shootem:

it says happy holidays...fags........
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What's the verdict on Tekken 6 versus 5? "Tekken 6 is next-gen so it's better, fool" is not a satisfactory answer.

The mechanic are better. More satisfying combos, but the damage is scaled down so that you won't get killed in 2, 3 combos. The Bound system is great IMO and there are lots of options for you to try. The Rage system is a welcoming tool for you to come back from the brink of defeat. With the patch, online is more stable now. The scenario campaign (ala Final Fight 3D) is so-so, but a great way to earn more money for the customization. All the characters are more balanced now and everyone has a chance to win, i consider this an achievement by Namco since there are more than 40 characters to balance here.


So, verdict is if you really like T5 or T5DR, then you will definitely love T6.

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I haven't really been playing much 360 lately but I just started Darksiders today and it's pretty bad ass.


On the PC I've been hitting the popcap type stuff, Zuma, Peggle, Plants Vs Zombies, Trials 2. little crap like that. I'm kinda addicted to Plants Vs Zombies right now.

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Uncharted - started off superbly then all it does is throw enemies at you - I wanted my adventure and puzzle solving.

Hope uncharted 2 delivers this. Kinda tedious.


Skate - Difficult and will take a lot of time to "memorise" the flips with the sticks!

I think if I put time into it , it will become a very rewarding game - too much to learn at first you dont know where to start.

Feel like a modern "old school" game - give it a try its cheap as chips.

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when ever I don't have anything else to play I always go back to Skate 2. it's my favorite game of this generation, hands down.

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