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What did you play most recently?


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I would wait to download it if I where you. The PC copy floating around right now is a steam copy by Reloaded. They have been fucking up steam rips pretty bad recently. Wait until it is out/almost out and see what other releases appear. Kind of disappointing having to say that about Reloaded, I always liked Reloaded releases.

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The Sabatour.


It's pretty good, like GTA in WWII. with a bit of mercenaries, Prototype and Assassins Creed thrown in for good measure. the voice acting isn't all that. the graphics are OK but not spectacular. there is a cool effect throughout the game though. everything is black and white with splashes of color. Kinda like a Nior film. but as you progress the story areas of the game become full color denoting that the locals are inspired by your actions.


Everyone is going apeshit over this game on one of the torrent sites I visit. Is it really that good or is it just pretty good like you say?

it's not something to go crazy over, no game of the year or anything. but the story is solid so far, and if you like GTA style sandbox with multiple mission givers, driving, guns and melee. It borrows disguises form prototype so you have a stealth aspect, and building climbing akin to Assassins creed. the climbing is not as smooth as Assassins creed. animations aren't great, jumping looks funny. on foot is better then GTA4 IMO, in GTA4 it felt like you were walking in molasses. It's something to tide you over in this somewhat slow holiday season. (where are all the big blockbuster titles this year? just L4D2, MW2, DA:O and AC2 so far.)

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Persona 4 - currently enjoying the atmosphere in The Marukyu Striptease joint. :/

Lol, going back to PS2 after having PS3?!? :naughty:


Playing Tekken 6 everyday and God of War Collection. Finally, going to finish GOW1 tonight, left with the final battle against Ares. Oh, and I managed to get through the Pillars of Death unscathed, earning me the Gold trophy :(

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