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What did you play most recently?


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Ninja Blade. OMG, the amount of QTEs inside will make you cringe. Spoiling all the fun. it has such great potential to be a great ninja game like Ninja Gaiden Black. You can say that you will get a QTE almost every one or two minutes. Definetly not recommended.


I thought as much. From the gameplay trailers I could tell that the game would be chocked full of them. Honestly, I couldn't care for QTEs in any game, right about know they are starting to show their age.


I can't believe God of War III is keeping them.

QTEs in GOW is a staple. But they are always nicely done and didn't shove it down your throat. I do like the QTEs in GOW.

Yeah, QTEs in GoW are fine. I see no reason why GoW III should ditch QTEs, seeing how it was basically GoW that made QTEs popular in the first place.

I thought Shenmue would be the game starting the QTE and make it famous?

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SHenmue was the first QTEs I can remember but I think God of war made em popular to put in every damn game these days. its more like playing simon says then a video game......

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There are actually many problems with Assassin's Creed that I didn't care to note in my review.


- Repetitive Gameplay

This one is obvious. Throughout the entire game, the same missions are done.


- Saving the Citizen

There is a problem with this mission. Sometimes when trying to save the citizen, he or she runs away from the fight. After you are done killing off the bullying guards you find out that the citizen is nowhere to be found, and if you chase he or she down, you cannot talk to them. So, you'll sometimes end up having to leave the "Save the Citizen" target, and return shorty thereafter when the game decides to re-spawn the victim citizen and guards. Also, for some illogical reason you can even walk towards the guards that are picking on the victim, without targeting them or having your weapon unsheathed, and they will still automatically start fighting. I find it irrational that my synchronization bar tends to turn to a red color, when I'm not even the one that provoked combat.


- Informer

I had a personal debacle with the one informer that shows up each time. He insultingly and sarcastically acknowledges my presence and then demands that I fulfill one of his own selfish missions for two sentences of information that I could generally do without. The flag collecting isn't so bad, but the silent assassinations are just asinine scenarios at times. When tracking down your victims, the guards will for no apparent reason, recognize you, when you haven't even perpetrated anything. You can blend in to avoid attention, but when I do this he walks extremely slow, so I cannot chase a person that I want to kill in blend mode. If I get detected by a guard the mission is automatically disbanded, that's very aggravating and frustrating, this crud is unacceptable.


- Casual Walking

I can't even casually walk around town and see the sights that there are to see without some jackfool guard breathing down my neck because they have no one else to pursue. If I even walk close to a guard, they sometimes get the abrupt desire to kill me just for my existence. It doesn't make sense to me, on account of how guards pursue me and fight me when I'm walking around town, whistling, while singing Beatles tunes.


- Horse Riding

I really never understood this. The game states that in order to get around guards while on horseback, is to, trot slowly. What I am I doing wrong by galloping?


- Retards

I assassinate any retard that decides to push me on sight in the middle of the town. This is heavily irritating. Especially when trying to escape the guards. They push me, and it takes so long for Altiar to recover from his stumble. Then, when you actually kill them the game faults you for doing so, as if they are giving retarded citizens an excuse for their rude behavior.


- Beggars

I also like to assassinate beggars, who get the audacity to chase me and harass me for money that I couldn't give them even if I wanted to. This is even more upbraiding when there are more than two beggars all over your genitalia for money, when you're on a mission or when you are trying to escape from guards.

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Godfather 2

it's OK. broken into it's main pieces it;s much better then GTA IV.

hand to hand fighting is better, driving is better, gunplay is about the same.

Storyline is better, Don View is interesting. Taking over businesses, whacking rival made men.

it's just the Cities that bring it down. instead of one large city. it's broken down into (2 so far) cities that are much smaller. It's a pain in the ass when you are in florida and you get a message that one of your businesses in New York is under attack. you can't just warp there, you have to drive to the airport and fly there, then drive to the business, or use Don's view to send cronies to try and handle it. but sending you're crew to handle something takes 2x as long as it would take you to do it yourself.

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tell me if riddick is substantially different from the og xbox game. I don't want to spend the disc or ratio on a game I already played.

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Restart Oblivion as I am stuck in the main quest where the heir went missing!


Making better progress now and have become a journeyman for the Mage Guild and Eliminator for the Brotherhood :)

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Far Cry 2


I'm forcing myself to beat it, why? I got too far before I pulled out, so screw it.

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