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What did you play most recently?


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SMT-Persona 3 FSE

Cool game get 8/10 for all

The songs get my interest .

Persona 4 has it beat.

he he .. I know , and am downloading it right now .. I just wanted to play older ver. then jump to the newr game ^^


Valkyrie Profile 2 :selmeria , one of the MUST play games :naughty:

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i just played shenmue on chankast (damn i spelled it right this time!). it was awesome on the real dreamcast. it is so retarted on chankast.


5/10 on chankast 8/10 on dreamcast console


shenmue is so addicting and fun.

on chankast, theres lag, glitches and many more for a dumb-ass-retard-who-doesnt-know-dreamcast-and-thinks-its-the-same-as-famicom to enjoy!


so many glitches. when people speak, you hear the first syllable of each sentence and thats it. the only way in earth i can understand is in text only mode. but that stinks because speech in this game adds a new dimention to it. also, i can see through walls, sometimes the street is invisible. if i dont adjust the video settings carefully, i cant see the ryo's eyes (just a skin tone where the eyes are supposed to be) and the layers are all messed up. now i feel that chankast was put on this earth by satan to punish humanity for the foreseeable future. :naughty:;)


anyway, anybody know of a working dreamcast emulator? anyone have one?

then please, PLEASE post it or upload or something.


by the way, if you can, post an archive (rar, zip, tar, 7z, etc) of the thing itself, not the installation .exe file or a link to the exe or a link to the original webpage! (without the bois and such of course because i already have 4 versions of the bios)


anyway, hi hows it goin .!.. > < ..!.



ps the best prank to pull on a one-finger typer like my little bro is to switch the following buttons:









these are some of the least obvious. dont switch more than one set at a time or else the victim will get suspucious.


the best targets are:

little sister/brother under age 10


mom who just uses msn and solitaire (not dad cause likely he is computer-smart enough to notice)


grandma (one of the best targets)


random guy at work who sits near you (if you have an office job or something)

make sure you get to work before him to watch the results!!


my dad called the garage door repair service because he couldn't close the garage door. i solved the problem in like 2 seconds. there was a bag infront of the laser thing that tells the door not to cose cause somethings in the way. (definately a good keyboard victim because he will probably get a new keyboard and you get the old one!

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terra driver/souky on pcsxbox and then i fired up the saturn version,the psx version is good but compared to the saturn version it fails.

also been playing fate/unlimited codes on the ps2 pretty good so far but not the kind of game im going to back to often.

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anyway, anybody know of a working dreamcast emulator? anyone have one?

then please, PLEASE post it or upload or something.

why are you using chankast? that thing has been dead for years. try NullDC.


been playing the hell out of Skate2 demo.


Same here.

have you glitched out of the demo area? :D

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