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Good movie sequels?


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the original dawn of the dead has gotta be the best sequel ever! i mean it had to live up to being th official sequel to night of the living dead and in so many ways it became sooo much more...and the quinticencial zombie flick

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I thought I'd give my 2 cents...


Aliens (god I love this movie.. well Alien is almost saga now, but meh)

Predator 2 (this one too)

Chronicles of Riddick (well, more of a prequel than a sequel).

Evil Dead 2 (Bruce Campbell is my god)

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i will say aliens is the king of sequels

i think robocop 2 is quite good too

X-men 2

Back to the Future II <== does this count?


the matrix 2 & 3 are the worst films ever made, and i have seen some crap (collateral damage, godzilla vs king gorgan, daredevil, amilee(got carried away there!))

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