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THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE! - have you voted?


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just got back as well....very exciting! :afro: i thought it would be packed but only a few people there and some people walkin in. i wish everyone would vote....the outcome of this election would drastically change...get that man out of office!!!!!! :shootem:

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On CNN.com, the estimated voter turnout is 50.5%. That's not very good.


That is damn good, damn damn good for this country. Not good in comparison to other European nation, sure, but for here, it is insane.


130 million voters they say. If that happens, it is a Kerry win. If it is less than that, it is a Bush party in the White House.



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Damn you Americans!!!!! Why did Bush has to win again?!?!?

I predict a war in near future.


Latest result from MSN.com


Bush : 269

Kerry : 207

TBA : 62


Kerry will have to win the rest to force a draw!!

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