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THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE! - have you voted?


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Polls don't open here for an hour. Went to bed early last night to be on time today.


Anyway, just checking to see who has voted. "I plan to" doesn't count (and the only reason I'm posting this message is because polls are already open for some of you, I will edit this as soon as I've voted.)


Non-US citizens, umm, enjoy our turn-out?


ps - PLEASE don't turn this into "candidate x rocks, candidate y sucks!" I don't care. Whatever concern I have for your choice I'll take elsewhere, I advise you all to do the same. I'm just curious to see who cares enough to go vote.

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Klaw is right. 50 points is beyond amazing.


I already voted. It's going to rain on the junkies standing outside with signs. That's probably why their numbers are so few this year, and would properly explain their little tent.


And yes, I'm back, but probably only for today.

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