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  1. how do you softmod a ps2? just with the swap magic stuff? i dont have an xbox myself, but my friend has his softmodded, never has any issues.
  2. No emulators play commercial roms yet. None of them at all. The guys behind iDeaS are working on gettong Castlevania running, but other then that no other news as far as I know.
  3. That's a bad idea if you ask me. I don't like buying things online, and since I don't live in NYC I can't just goto the Nintendo World Store. I really want this game but there is a real low chance of finding a used one taht someone bought and then traded it in at the local EB or GameCrazy.
  4. SoftMod your xbox, no need for a chip.
  5. Nicolas Cage named his son Kal-El after Supermans real name... The google name reminds me of futurama. when leela was a baseball player. Leela: Whats your name? Girl: eBay.. Leela: Little e big B? eBay: Yea Also the word "Sephiroth" has deeper meaning that goes beyond Fnal Fantasy 7.
  6. yeah i might grab one from that site you posted. its a good deal for the disks & the slide card. i dont mind the card i don't really want a fliptop. do you know if tehy ship to the u.s.?
  7. how does that swap magic thing work? do you need any other tools for it to work other then what the package comes with?
  8. Yes it is real. I saw it at Hollywood Video yesterday ><
  9. might? naruto has been going down hill since the fillers started.
  10. Licsensed anime isn't very easy to find. I mean you can find almost everything in torrent form but a lot of it in low seeds or none at all. Since The series he is looking for is licensed most anime sites don't allow the torrents for it.
  11. I know. That's the point! Updated graphics wont make me buy the game. Unless it is under 20 bucks! I'd much rather have a new game to play with the graphical work they are putting into this game. But all of those poor people who have never heard of Emulators and Roms will think this is a remake of the FF3 that was on SNES (aka 6)
  12. if you live in u.s.a. you can catch it every thrusday and sunday on adult swim.. if not i know where you can grab a torrent with the whole series with subs encoded into the files. PM me.
  13. I got Genji - Dawn of The Samurai for the PS2 on Sunday. It's pretty fun for a hack and slash, but it seems too short! Haven't finished it yet though.
  14. If video games have taught us anything is that Shyguys always get stepped on.
  15. * GameCop sees Oshisama going to a future Metal concert and sees his stomach jumping up and down faster than he is. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Probably. The Haunted are playing on Halloween in Santa Ana. Might goto that.
  16. I am already out of luck. No disco, I wasn't around in the 70s. I went to metal shows where people beat each other up and got drunk. But now I dunno I'm just a fat sack of crap. Stupid internet!
  17. a remake is nice but i wish they would make a new title/story. i'm all for rpgs, but i don't want to play ones i've beaten over and over.
  18. Too late for the grey hairs. In highschool I was always with a big crowd of people, always going to concerts with that crowd. Good times. Good times.
  19. Pretty much Mario Kart & Animal Crossing. I still need to pick up Castlevania, but I am saving my pennies for Mario Kart.
  20. Read the News GC! http://www.1emulation.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=15357 K'Dash posted those screens already. I'd buy it, but I dunno if it wil be released in the U.S. GameFAQ only has a TBa for Japan.
  21. Nintendulator is a Nintendo Emulator that has been updated for Windows. »» Homepage/Download
  22. VideoLan Client works pretty good too. I use that one.
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