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  1. can anyone tell me if legend of dragoon is out there to download cause i swear i've been looking forever and cant seem to find it i dont want a link or anything just want to know if there is a torrent or download out there somewhere to be found ?
  2. does anybody have a good list for hard drives that would work on the slimline ps2
  3. how about putting them onto my hard drive would it matter much then i wouldnt have to try to burn anything if i do that if im not mistaken.
  4. i finally got a modchip for my PS2 and am not sure how to go about burning them onto a disk, my question i guess is do u have to convert iso's before burning them or anything and can u fit more than 1 game onto a burned disk (be warned somewhat new to this so please to dont be too hasty to criticize) and would it work with the playback ability on the PS2.
  5. nah i meant anything like a new kof or last blade or something along those lines
  6. haven't been keeping up on Neo Geo lately so just a question is there any new roms out there worth downloading not asking for them just asking if there is anything new (sorry if this sounds redundant) please tell me haven't played anything new for a while for good ole NEO's..
  7. i changed to the open gl plugin and now it works so thanks for the tip and just curious why the openGL rather than any of the other plugins
  8. im having problems getting my epsxe to work it keep saying an error was caused in the GPUPETED3D.DLL file i was wondering wtf this could possibly mean can anyone help out a fellow gamer ???
  9. it's been a while since i've even played them but does anyone know how many translated roms are out there for Dragon Quest ??
  10. i have.rar files of lunar and lunar 2 and it won't let me play them on my kega or neogens. emulators, how do i fix this problem.
  11. is asking for mugen characters is a no no. Also wanted to know what would be a good idea to do for an ME. OS. about installing mugen. PS: i KNOW !! ME Sucks its just im really lazy to change it
  12. Hey Thanks, now whoever is doing the emulators needs to hurry cause im getting tired of playing Castlevania on my DS i'd rather have full screen.
  13. Downloaded Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow for NDS but can't find an emulator out there to play it, does anybody know if there is one that plays the actual DS roms instead of just playing PD roms. Im not asking for anything just a little heads up.
  14. it's not that i dont know what it looks like i just wanna know what the SPA set is for Samurai Showdown 5, oh and ignore that post earlier i was just having a huge brainfart.
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