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  1. That depends... My pc is in my room and my console's (xbox and Gamecube) are in another room with a big tv. The ps2 is in my room with a decent tv. My room is so small... lol its meant to be a study but its one of the two rooms in my house that has internet. I would show pic's but my camera is busted (its not mine ) and my phones camera is really crap.
  2. This is just plain damn stupid. Why would you bother making a Trojan for the Ds or Psp? someone needs to get a life *points at darkfader*
  3. My FireFox doesn't let me view windows meida files. Its so annoying
  4. Or you could simply unsubscribe him from wow. Evil, Yes... or there is another option. Find out his login and delete his character. No, but seriously you could just talk to him and tell him if he keeps playing wow he can get a bigger download package. I dont see why you should be paying for it when he is eating all of it.
  5. God... My mum spent $100 bucks on skype. So that she could speak to friends that are overseas. Wow I think i might start to do this. Thanks gamecop
  6. I saw this movie with my friends. This made me crap my pants. This was way funnier then Kung-Pow
  7. In Australia winters plain suck. Summer is the time of celebrations,Its christmas... Muhahahaha Xbox 360 time. We usually goto Queensland and rent a beach house. The reason I hate Winter is that 1. It doesnt snow 2. I always get a cold 3. its always cold 4. ^ all are depressing Its slowly creeping into summer here. personally I cant wait.
  8. Not one of these things again. My eye's are flocking up arghhh.. this is sweet.
  9. This is stupid. Why would they have to teach students Darwin’s theory ? who cares about darwins theory anyways.
  10. I want to travel to Japan when i finsih the HSC and America.
  11. lol The Ds one rocks. Maybe nintendo should consider that as the new DS
  12. I agree 100% with that comment you made. Just wondering also this thread just isnt about asian chicks. Let me post some Non-asian pics.
  13. I nominate Ryuken . I would go for it but im not the best at gathering news + i dont really spend much time here anymore so i would have to say count me out. Honestly, Sturm should get it
  14. Any classic style joystick. They are my favourite
  15. I thought this thread shall never Die =(
  16. Maybe the rumored Gameboy sequel will have something like that. Probably not though since the Gamecube is pretty flocking powerful. Look at RE4 for example. That game looks HOT. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> That is so true Gryph. The new ps2 version is coming out soon. It doesnt look anyway near as nice as the GC version but comes with new weapons and new puzzles. that would kick ass. RE4 on my psp. no no no wait..... RE5 on my psp. I hope they make the new resident evil on psp.
  17. I am glad that your mom is ok ( lol again) House cleaning having fun . Jk
  18. lol we were talking about this when i first joined this place. It got boring and i quit playing it. WoW > Gunz
  19. I wish this had Gamecube graphics. It definately would be worth investing your money in.
  20. The last I heard, the operation was a success, but K's mom was still sleeping. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Thats awsome. Hopefully K can come back after his mom (lol i said it again) recovers completely after her tough operation
  21. I was joking L.S.D. Im not white, im faired skinned. because my dads background is spanish and my mums is french. it kinda sucks but i had to learn to speak french when i was young. I lived in the Uk till i was about 6 then moved to Australia. Thats enough of my life story... period
  22. ahh K'D i hope your mom ( yes i said mom instead of mum cause most of you are american ) comes out of the operation well. I might be to late i just noticed this topic. *prays* lets just hope thats the case for KD
  23. ^ yeah *sigh* that is one lucky doggy.
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