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  1. that some times happens..... try a different emulater but i have 2 use mame at the moment since kawaks isnt workin
  2. we should start an 1emulation tournament thats if anyone would play
  3. it didnt work for me either i just dl it and try... i took agozer advice it didnt work 4 me i have a (geforce 6600 GT +) i have to play it in glichy gfx i will download some plugs to see
  4. i found this site while searchin 4 games and stuff.... online ~!~ its pretty fun even thought with latest emulator's u can play online more people play this its street fighter online of of the best fighting game saga's with great fun , online , build up ur rank , unlock character's , have 2on2 games , ect..... http://www.streetfighteronline.com/ have fun
  5. can i just say google isnt the answer to everything.... i know it is but it isnt , if u want i can tell you a site that search's every search engine possible and u can find alot of stuff on it... but its dutch O.o lol
  6. done , ahha its so great that site there is the link , have fun with editing (it also has tut's for u newbie's Xp)
  7. yup thats it , it looks weird as i said very chunky..... btw hopefully for pal they make it tiny or thinner , i also heard that cause psp has so much better stuff ds is adding better networking and maybe internet but that is wat psp is 4
  8. i was on the net lookin 4 stuff on ds and i saw something weird , i think some 1 hacked there ds or they bought a tv for ds..... lol it looks so random , but yet so sweet does that mean some how they could add dvd to ds Xp , i have a ds and psp but psp development has skyrocketed and emus r being released i got some for mine but anyway bak 2 my main point is there a way like i have seen tv 4 gameboy sp it looks real shotty
  9. none of my kawaks are working the coin insert thingy im sure its my keyboard or sum crap with my comp oi pm and i send u site with with loader that plays latest games and has metals slug 5 and stuff like that the site
  10. can you please move it then sorry about that , im working on my own earthbound edited file its based on a guy who gets drunk at a party and crashes out at some random place and trying to figure out what happend and ur so drunk you think u have powers xP
  11. here are mine 1. Earthbound , great game finished it 5 times xP 2.Crono trigger , 1 of ta best 3.starfox , love this also on nintendo 64 4.Final Fantasy 4 ,6 , 5.zombies ate my neighbors , great game really scary lol 6.super punch up , fighting game boxing 7. dbz hyper dimensions , cool dragon ball z game easy 8. Ninja Gaiden , lol nija game 9.Donkey kong 1 , 2 ,3 , classics baby 10. + to many to count lol and does anyone rember the old donkey kong that was evil and threw barrel's at mario lol what system is that
  12. lol i found this great site i dunno if it been mentiond but here it is , also i dont know if im allow 2 do this but n e ways tell me if im not , its called pk hack and it lets u edit earthbound and add characters , make ur own game , edit maps , edit enemy's all kinds of stuff here is the link http://pkhack.fobby.net/index.php
  13. Wow. so cleaver GryphonKlaw. ______ Suvo try to download any old version of kawaks and try it. I'm not sure but It might be of your kawaks version (not accurate,hacked) something like that. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> man u dont understand i have tried to edit the ini file it still dun work and if i try another emu , what is 1 that will play metal slug 4 and 5 , kof 2003 and some other 1's ? please can some 1 send me another emu that plays these games and the latest 1's
  14. Yes, I I thought many times while writing the review "Am I being too lenient with this game?", but like I said in the closing paragraph, no matter how hard I ried to find faults in the game, I couldn't. Sure, others might disagree, since opinions vary. Seriously guys, get the OST. It's awesome. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> i have this game + its awsome man , lol but hard as shizzle i cant do it on easy O.o lol dont even talk about normal more like lol great game though
  15. You could also try unzipping Kawaks again in a different folder and see if it does that again. If it does, download a copy from somewhere else and try again. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> thanks btw it still dun work, ok i dont know wat is wrong i have tried to unzip it and i downloaded another file ok but it still dun work its so annoying what is that virus that stops you from pressing ceartain keys or sumink its so annoying i just got metal slug 5 and kof 2003
  16. it doesnt it comes up with the key pictures and then keys but when click it and press it then i try to change key it just stays the same
  17. hi yall im new and id like to say hi right i have a problem with kawaks i canot insert coins , i cant press start i have tryed redifining keys so i really need help please post back some help it wont let me change keys also
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