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  1. You mean I cant fit a 700mb movie on a 4.7 gb disk ? that only goes for 90 mins and the disk can have 120 mins. Whats another good burning program that can make either A: Mini dvds B: vcd's.
  2. yep, Its very annoying now.
  3. Stupid Nero. Its a great program but for some reason im burning family guy right and Everytime it fails or it says there is not a blank disk in but there is. I have even set the burning speed on a low speed like x12 (1,200kb) or something like that and it doesnt work. Can someone please help thanks.
  4. Im pretty sure they have them here on the fries, drinks, burgers, shakes, salads and ice-creams. it will be nice to see them fail.
  5. I posted some pics of here before. methinks, she is so damn fine
  6. Really ? it said this on the blog. People obviously know how school is gonna be for young google. Maybe kids will ask him for information
  7. ^haha. This is stunning, All of it is so true.
  8. Can I just ask what is a softmod ?
  9. Not everyone has mod-chips you know
  10. What did you expect from an emulation community? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> A bunch of girl magnets
  11. First of all I would like to laugh my head off. secondly, I would like to beat up these people. hehe jk. That kid is gonna have a tough time through school. I mean who the flock names their child googlekai. Its also sad that they are putting it all over the internet for what ? publicity? A google nut ? Geez some people now all we need is someone to name their boy askjeeves.
  12. then why add to the post count if you don't have a photo ?! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Because he can, Its robbert lol.
  13. Aye I said sorry. What else can I possibly do lol.
  14. Rofl, that game looks sweet. sorry.
  15. Spread the word of the lord in a game. Lame
  16. Whoever wrote this must have been bored.
  17. Thanks for the link. Im in, I feel sad being the only one person in sydney.
  18. Im a burnout boy. So I would have to say burnout revenge I just loved burnout 3. so im prolly gonna get it myself.
  19. There comes a point when your room is so messy it takes an hour to clean. i can remember watching Jenny Jones (please for my sake dont ask why) and it had all this stuff about people and their messy room's. This guy had all his belongings on his floor and he had moldy drinks on his table, I can actually remember feeling sick after the show finished
  20. Damn, Alot of people here are Shy.
  21. Its a shame we dont have wallmarts. I wanna go crazy and play the 360. Maybe in gamewizards they will have one.
  22. Can I just say Anime isnt that hard to find. Therefore There would be no need to ask for it.
  23. canadians love hockey, Americans love football. Thats what i think.
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