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  1. haha the second one was funny. That guy really knows how to take the piss or I wonder if thats how he really fights. Meh.. if it works for him I guess it alright. Oh... The first one is like 1000000000000000 years old . haha GC
  2. Yeah IceCube Needs to do another friday. friday after last next friday haha.
  3. King's Ransom << a comedy that has a brilliant storyline and how it all connects together. Family Guy Presents: Stewie Griffin - The Untold Story << Well Anything Family Guy Rocks? I laughed my ass off to this about 5 times. suvo doesn't just watch any movie multiple times. haha mmm... Scrubs is a pretty good TV show. Revenge of the Nerds<< Pure classic. WTF They are remaking Revenge of the nerds.click here Friday << awesome comedy with chris tucker and ice cube. I love it lol Austin Powers<< I have always enjoyed Mike Myers Austin powers series. I didn't really like the first ones but GoldMember was the best by far. The Butterfly Effect<< Ya'll should give this a watch. hehe Ashton Kutchers best besides "Dude Wheres my car?"... God I could do this all day but sadly I don't want too haha.
  4. Owned by a chick that was super hot. You should have kept your thoughts on wooping her ass. not how good she looks You naughty boy L.S.D hahahaha joking dude... It sucks even more that she had a boyfriend anyway LSD I thought you had a girlfriend?
  5. Hey suvo, welcome...errr..back Long time no see old friend, seems like your english skills have increased. So how's life, mama feeling okay, daddy still happy with mommy, brother and sister still in love? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Its great to know your doing fine GC. hehe... my english pwns thank you very much . Roberto (haha you should change your name to that ) I will get to 100. Its just a matter of time.
  6. Hey guys. I haven't posted here for ages I think about 1 or 2 months actually no wait. I mean I haven't been posting here reguraly I think I have posted an odd post here or there. How ya'll been?
  7. Well Our whole family went out to dinner for a few hours then we went to watch the fireworks. Its so awesome and enjoyable. happy newyear everyone. Sorry I wasn't here for it. Been busy hehe..
  8. If anything. That was hilarious what dumbflocks
  9. I meant that can the length of the movie be vcd format and be longer then 2 hours. Thanks alot for help K'
  10. Hey whatsup guys. Is it possible to burn a VCD movie onto a DVD disk and can it be over 2 hours?
  11. Oh my word. Thats absolutely insane. lol must have alot of spare time.
  12. I Expected alot more from the 360. I mean, Is the situation that bad. They obviously would have checked if ther was problems with them. A big loss for bill gates, Microsoft and a big dissapointment to Xbox Fans.
  13. Sounds like a great Idea, We have a few talented people here. I dunno about this though. goodluck on your project dude.
  14. AOL, stands for Assholes open locks . I cant belive how much its hated here. Obviously There must be a big problem with it. How come no one does anything about it?
  15. TNA? I have never heard of such thing. This must be new right?
  16. I have never heard of this game. Im not a big matrix fan either so I wouldnt bother with a game like this.
  17. This is such an old thread.... Whats luv - fat joe (ft ashanti and ja rule)
  18. What an excellent game. Very well scripted in Flash, we need an arcade game like this ! Also post your highscores I got 435
  19. So let me get this straight... Gryph you want to buy a 360 and sell it on Ebay to make a reasonable profit? Sounds like a plan to me!
  20. This is pathetic. Also with PSP you have to update your games to play the newer ones. tsk* tsk*
  21. Yeah, You live alot closer to Germany then me. I really want to go see them play. Time to save the $$$$
  22. It sucks man, Cant you even get isdn? any I think its called that. 128kps. I used to have 56k a few years ago. Once you get cable The internet is yours. If you get what I mean. There must be another option then 56k in your area? Maybe ask your phone provider (mine is telstra) Anyway... I cant suggest anything else.
  23. Im a bit late... happy Birthday dude. many great wishes
  24. Gah I hate wrestling. o.o why is everyone saying he is died from steroids. When It is unknown?
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