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  1. But you CAN get Hep A from ill-prepared food. Not to mention a plethora of bacterial infections. Dysentery ftw!
  2. Street Fighter III's on Wii? You wish.
  3. Economics is still an "in-the-works" field of study. We still don't know how and when to properly accommodate the economy during times of crisis. Recessions are caused by a decrease in aggregate output or the total quantity of goods and services produced by a country, and they are real events. When aggregate output decreases, standard of living decreases, which is very important. This will lead to lower prices and, in most cases, job promoting reforms by the government in order to revive the economy (like hiring manual labor such as building roads). Why do we prioritize the economy? Because we live in a world with a global economy. One break in that link can affect everyone else, which is definitely the case in the recession currently. If you open a history book you'll see the reason most large empires fall is because of lack of understand in commerce and mercantilism (Rome, Spain, etc.)
  4. cleanliness is next to godliness
  5. Have you listened to his solo work? He has a cover of Billie Jean thats not too bad.
  6. Its a silly mash-up game, its not meant to have serious undertones. I think they were aiming for a more friendly and sport-ish feel to the game.
  7. Anchorman Some great comedy lines to say with friends came from this movie.
  8. Same here. Cornell can get annoying too, but I liked Audioslave's sound much better.
  9. You could try the band At the Drive-In, they sound similar to RATM.
  10. Achievement addiction is a disease
  11. Personally, I'd hate it if there was a sequel. CBBP raises the bar pretty high you know. It should be left at that. It's a wondrous experience as is, and some things are meant to be flashes of brilliance once in history. Anyone who has seen the anime would agree. As much as I'd love to see more CB, it just wouldn't work right unless they introduced a whole new storyline/set of characters. It would have to be like a Final Fantasy sequel, similar themes, but thats about it.
  12. This is probably a case of one ruining it for all. Remember the kid who killed some cops "because" of GTA? Or, this could be in response to those kids who play MMORPGs so long that they fail to eat and do any vital human action and just wither away
  13. This sale was online for about 5 minutes until everything sold out. I managed to grab what I wanted so I lucked out and didn't have to bother heading to the store. Most popular item on there is definitely SC4.
  14. Video games make me want to kill people. Its pointless to resist.
  15. Out of respect for arcades, I would have said no. You're probably right either way, people will do what they want and not really listen to an arcade machine.
  16. Jitway, lets make our own IRC channel We can fill it with emubots!
  17. I think they should bring it back. I would get all nostalgic if I saw that every time I turned on my 360.
  18. TRUE! Spam FTW! How's that spam? I'm agreeing that I should play some Perfect Dark myself. That's part of emulation experience isn't it? I got free spam out of it... woo... I've been playing Phantasy Star 1 on Sonic's Genesis Collection for 360 and that's technically emulated. The saves corrupt and the emulator freezes every once in a while so be careful if anyone was going to play it. State save whenever you save in game!
  19. I love Garou, its one of my favorite fighters I would say. I would be willing to bet it will be within the 800-1200 price range, maybe Amazon will have a sale for it now that they sell xbla games for cash and have deals occasionally.
  20. maybe its a reference to the Bermuda Triangle?
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