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  1. Did anyone bother with trying to obtain one of those green controllers that were supposedly made with a better D-Pad but were only released in Europe and Asia? Reviews tell me that it doesn't change much D-Pad wise.
  2. I isolated the problem, its the HDMI fans whirring in the back. I have DC Brushless fans which supposedly make much more noise than the other 2 brands that Microshit uses apparently at random. Although they are supposed to have better airflow, I'm probably gonna replace the fans with the quieter Nidec 360 HDMI fans and hope for some results.
  3. Funny how a month ago I was gonna start Act Raiser, well I'm going to start it soon I hope...
  4. You speak very clearly and emotionlesslyish, was this done on purpose?
  5. I think I'm gonna rewatch CB this summer and hopefully start Basilisk and Planetes.
  6. At least the overworld theme for TMNT NES port is good. MF29, go play Mega Man 1-6 now.
  7. It doesn't look half bad... Might have to check it out it/when it comes...
  8. Nah, you all fail. There's no classics in your lists except for DD in Gavin's. (And maybe Ghosts and Goblins.......sort of) You're in Florida right? I'm pretty sure there's a "museum" of sorts there (Or maybe it's in CA) Do what?... I ALSO put D&D , as did Raq. but I didnt format it into a list, but a paragraph, so perhaps thats my fault. Have you not seen an ultracade? Sure its not the same as having the specific cabinet... but it has some good old school classics, but without taking up a ton of space. Id put plenty of classics, but comming up with an adequate list is hard. There was alot of rubbish out there. Also, Im not a big fan of beat 'um ups. Other than a few specific ones... such as D&D 2. Im all for classics and all, but you cant have everything. And I just put alittle of everything, for everyone. Id like to cater to a more broad group... but without DDR... that if fail. Disney had a huge arcade here, but screw that. I dont recall a museum, but that doesnt mean that it isnt here either. You already listed several classics in your post, I thought it would be a more comprehensive list ITJF_OldMan
  9. I remember playing Mega Mans and TMNT on the NES growing up... And Duck Hunt and of course SMB
  10. D&D Shadows over Mystara Police Trainer Tokyo Wars X-Men A KOF machine Street Fighter something Perhaps a machine with several classics on it
  11. For sure, we have more ops than we do members... please join. C'mon guys... lets make memories... no homo
  12. In MvsC2 most of the damage done is in air combos. They can be difficult to master, but practice and experimentation makes perfect in this case.
  13. ahaha that was brilliant. The Duke Nukem platform games (early ones, not Manhattan Project) were so much better than the FPS games anyways.
  14. Remember how bad Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li was?
  15. "I'm going to get on my bote, and I'm going to keeck, that sonofabitch Bison's ass SO HARD, that the next Bisonwannabe... Is going to feel et...."
  16. According to the website Apogee is unaffected so woot. 3D Realms published more good games than it developed.
  17. Update 2: Duke Nukem Forever publisher Take-Two has confirmed to Shacknews that it was not funding development of the 3D Realms project. "We can confirm that our relationship with 3D Realms for Duke Nukem Forever was a publishing arrangement, which did not include ongoing funds for development of the title," said Take-Two VP of communications Alan Lewis in a prepared statement. "In addition, Take-Two continues to retain the publishing rights to Duke Nukem Forever," he added. We should just await the official word...
  18. Efficiency of this can also really depend on what character you use...
  19. This is horrible news... such a great company. It seems like every major company is being bought out and assimilated or dying out... Hopefully they survive this?
  20. Agozer is right but you don't necessarily have to launch them to do an aerial rave (even though this makes it a hell of a lot easier). As long as they are in the air, you can combo them.
  21. Hey... I really liked that serie... considering that I hate cartoons with low character design quality... I missed the third season (or movie...). I am thinking to take a look at the classic Romance of the Three kingdoms... Koei games engaged me into this story... ROTK anime was great, I highly recommend it I recently finished Macross Plus OVA, was pretty good but coulda been more than four episodes.
  22. Mine gets quiet... after about 30 minutes or so? I don't think this is gonna get solved on here, it doesn't seem like anyone has this sort of problem.
  23. Ugh... I wonder wth it is...
  24. I think its funny when you can clearly tell when they are just making something up. I like to back them into a corner when this happens, they get so pissed
  25. I've seen only a few of us 1emuers on the IRC channel. C'mon people, join in and have a laugh. Were trying to REVIVE it.
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