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  1. Although he's not all bad and becomes sorta good, definatly Magus in Chrono Trigger.
  2. I agree with Phoenix, being in an RPG would be pretty kool. Who wouldn't wanna be Cloud??? Anyway, I think it would be kinda kool to be in Unreal Tournament hahaha. Being able to participate in a tournament like that. Plus you can be shot like 10 times and not die .
  3. Real: my parents (who doesn't choose this?) VG: Kain Highwind (FF4) or Hayato (Star Gladiator) Comics: Captain America (so what if he doesn't have any powers? )
  4. Rag


    Nonono, not high scores or like that. I meant like who can beat Resident Evil 2 with a DDR pad, or who can beat Final Fantasy 1 on a really low level (not too hard )
  5. Hey, I've been kinda watchin these forums for a while, so I decided to finally join. We should have some sorta "game challenges" post, where we all post our hardest challenges for different games. If you already have a post like that, well I haven't been watching as closely as I thought then...
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