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  1. Is there some sort of FAQ or guide on how to get started playing "MUGENs" or whatever? I've never been into them and information is kind of scarce... or I've been looking in the wrong places.
  2. What does Sony have to do with this? But yeah, I'm pretty much with you on that Creationism museum stuff. I'm not from Arkansas (way down here in the "Bible Belt"), but I moved here and I've heard some fuc_ed up sh_t about the churches down here. Like on Halloween, they'd have "haunted houses" in the churches, and they'd have small children go through and there would be the devil and they'd say all kinds of fuc_ed up fanatical sh_t to scare children into religion. Sickening.
  3. Greed. When you care more about your gravy train than the people riding in it... this sh_t is going to happen... and it is. There are obvious tiers to the price range in the current generation of video game consoles... even in the handhelds... and who's at the top in both? Who's not at the top of sales? UPDATE --> http://www.joystiq.com/2007/07/13/sony-say...not-over-in-us/
  4. You forgot the real step 4 and 5 before the last one... 4. Piss off early adopters. 5. Ruin backwards compatibility further. It seems, to me, that they're trying harder to defeat the Nintendo DS Lite with the new slim PSP than they're trying to defeat the Xbox 360/Wii with the PlayStation 3. Picking a fight with the NDSL is just not going to happen anymore.
  5. Are you playing this emulated, on the real deal with a cartridge, or through a flash cart? If emulated, there's no telling what happened -- no emulator is perfect at the moment. I most certainly wouldn't play any games for long periods of times without save states (or play a game with the intent of being it, for that matter). You might want to try a save editor and see if you can change your location or something. You can find one of those here.
  6. Religious intolerance by religious people is the most degenerate and hypocritical aspect of human life. I hope they have a fun time making an ass of themselves to those who actually respect their fellow humans and their belief systems.
  7. Sweet... this means we'll see a new DSMasterPlus (one of my favorites) from Portabledev soon. They always seem to update all their emulators around the same time. Hopefully, we'll see support for zips in the new DSMasterPlus as well. Their emulators keep getting better and better.
  8. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PC) Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam (DS)
  9. Doubtful. Who the fu_k is going to run out to the store and blow $500 only because it's going to go back up to $100 when they get rid of ALL of the current PlayStation 3s on the shelves? No one. They will sell just as slowly and they still have to get rid of ALL of them.
  10. If I hear good things about the slimmer PSP getting hacked... I might jump the DS ship... might. There are quite a few good games for the PSP... but I'm really naive about how I would go about doing the things I do on the PSP that I do with my DS... if you catch my drift.
  11. 1 word: wow. P.S.: This, in combination with NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams, is enough to make me want a Wii. To top it all off, I would need a really awesome fighting game (if you retort with Smash Bros., I'll kill you).
  12. From Wikipedia... and... Read more here.
  13. I'm sorry that you pay for insurance and medical bills? You're going to end up paying one way or another, solidius23. Do your homework on foreign health care systems and compare them to ours. Find out where the payment originates. Find out if it's really truly free. Give me a real good breakdown and comparison. Nowhere did I say it's not flawed, and I hate so many other aspects of America... nothing in this country is perfect, but there are ways around everything, my friend. Also, what part of southern Arkansas are you from?
  14. olaf

    Need HELP!

    Buy one of these -- it's what I use.
  15. Someone missed the whole point of this conversation.
  16. Yep, go right now. Say you don't have insurance (and you don't) and then fill out a financial aid form and go from there.
  17. What's the rave with Mugen? All the sh_t I've seen looks pretty crappy and I've never heard really good things about it.
  18. http://nocash.emubase.de/email.htm
  19. Letters in the mail are a pain in the ass? Are you kidding me? Jesus.
  20. It's his own fault for paying it, you're not going to get arrested for not being able to pay for your hospital visit. The company's will tell you that you're going to be sent to collections, which most people know will lower your credit. However, your medical bill credentials can't be held against you in the real world, so it's completely nullified.
  21. You can walk into any hospital and they are required to fix you up. Whether you can pay them or not is not a big deal. You can also not pay your "medical bills" in America and just get sent to collections, which will lower your fee and try to work with you. Also, if you get treated somewhere like at a memorial hospital -- you can pay $1/month and they will stay off your back. Getting taken care of at a hospital is just as easy as it sounds. In and out and you honestly don't have to pay a flocking dime. I'm also speaking from the I-don't-have-insurance point-of-view about of all this. I don't and I haven't paid a flocking dime for my medical bills and I don't have to -- it's fully covered by the hospital.
  22. Jitway is the only one with taste in this thread.
  23. The free health care system in France is done so by taxing EVERYONE outrageously -- there's like a 13.5% tax or something like that on everything. Free is not free no matter how you look at it in a world based on money. No one is doing volunteer work at any of these hospitals in any country. It costs money directly, whether it's on a bill or in taxes -- you're paying out your ass.
  24. This is useful information, bros -- take notes.
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