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  1. I got it and its an excellent game. Way better than GTA3, oh and Reloaded rocks!
  2. Follow what ME said. Emulators are so easy to get into (start to play)
  3. I have seen screenies of it and I wuld like to try. Any place you know where I could d/l it?
  4. Soilwork all the way. Their sounds and all their mixing sounds are suberb
  5. You should Check Bring Me To Life. Its excellent. She is lovely
  6. Sometimes Companies are silly. Usually these have heavy damage on their games
  7. I dont use them. I see pretty well for what I want to see, besides I don´t like to wear them
  8. I still rememer when I had 10GB. Its escellent to have loads of space on your comp.
  9. They Use InvisonBoard becuase its easy to add mod and to Set up. Also it is more cleaner
  10. MegaScore. The only good magazine around here
  11. I see, I hope you find them soon. My name is Dante in there btw. By English servers, youmean UK servers, right?
  12. Portuguese, Spanish, French and English. Yeah little French
  13. Its getting better and better. I doubt they will release it this year, what they are waiting for?
  14. That site is well known. It has alot of stuff
  15. WinISO has never let me down, and changing just the extension won´t work And yes ISOs are smaller, they can always fit in a cd
  16. you can find it easily if you search with google. emuchina.net might have it
  17. It has also to do with Translating the games. I thought Advance Wars 2 was already out Oo
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