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  1. wow that must really suck did they tell the wife what her husband did or just say he died?
  2. so i estimated how much i would need for the parts and yeah it came out to $ 833.99 so holy crap i better start saving
  3. i hate those ads they get annoying u ppl should do the right thing and kill whoever invented those damn tunes
  4. hey guys and girls (if any) well ne ways i was thinking of building my own computer with the help of some friends. well ne ways i was wondering what exactly what kinda stuff would i need to build it. i'm mostly gonna use it for games and internet. so yea if u can plz just tell me what i wpuld need THNX
  5. i know this is completly off topic but did u guys now that theres gonna be a Ring 2 b/c i didn't
  6. hey that half life 2 one looks cool. and the lighted ones where nice sometomes i wish i had an xbox
  7. i choose the 1960's b/c i didn't like ne thing after that to me those shows where pretty much crap
  8. i like pacman very fun game i think i'll go play it right now
  9. it seems that all u can do for excersise is to wack off poor ghosty ur gonna bleed one day oh yeah other then the stuff i already said i forgot to say eat yep can't forget eat
  10. well u could try this website if it'll help ne don't worry no norton or ne thing like that http://www.anti-trojan-software-reviews.com/
  11. foo fighters - learn to fly (actually im watching the music video, funny)
  12. i was playing space invaders may not have good graphics (duh) but hey that game is still fun
  13. uh probably 1. sleep 2. eat 3. most likely go to school 4. sleep some more 5. play my bass that pretty much it
  14. Sounds like a good idea... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> don't use a knife u fool get ur hands on a gun and blow ur freaking head off. but then again.... u could always not kill urself and just uhh get a counsler or something
  15. Windex? oh well whatever i hate listerine to intense for my mouth. BUt thats wierd ppl drinking listerine? must be desperate for some alcohol
  16. I think you mean Cream smoke on the water by deep purple <{POST_SNAPBACK}> yea but my computer says eric clapton (better change it) murderdolls - 197666
  17. that looks pretty cool very nice
  18. wtf why i'm I listening to rod stewart? *changes it to slipknot* ahh better slipknot- my plague
  19. yea uh HAppy Birthday i guess and uh yeh
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