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  1. i played the suffering.. its pretty cool tho kinda weird, violent i like it tho played it twice to get the different endings but iturned evil on both of them if nne ones played it i guess u know what im talking about but yeah i like it
  2. hahah thats kinda funny... i actually remember hearing about that (the choking game) at school from this girl.. the things kids do today damn really stupid.....(wait im still a kid argh well i do dumb things)
  3. id soil myself and throw poo at him like a monkey........or just faint wither wasy its all good....but not fight im too weak id just die..
  4. what wouls hapen if terrorist do something worst to make them afraid? hahah
  5. LOL hahah uhhhh yeah that gets funny every time i see this.
  6. american mcgee's alice! i love that game cooler then a disney movie
  7. i plyed star wars episode III it so awsome. i personally liked it. i beat the game in like 3 days which is actually pretty slow for me. but yeah i liked it
  8. hehheh, good start I recommend "From The Cradle To Enslave" (the uncensored video too) I outgrew Cradle of Filth however anyway "Soul Kitchen" by The Doors <{POST_SNAPBACK}> oh ok thnx i'll look in to that. ne ways murderdolls - slit my wrist
  9. yeah i went to the midnight shwoing and i definatly liked it. it was woth the 6 hour wait
  10. wow thats pretty cool. i wish i could do stuff like that but i have mac. hmm so i can't but those are pretty cool pics the combine is all werded out funny funny.
  11. sadly that happened to me like 4 times in the same day i feel like an idiot
  12. actually my friend has both psp and an iPod. But i guess they shouldn't lower the price to the minis DO IT TO THE REGULARS! (and if they have already then i'm an idiot)
  13. i use both one day stick and one day spray hehehehhe
  14. i feel so ashamed b/c the longest i've played a game was like 6 hours it was the game KILLZONE i like that game
  15. how do u flock that up? couldn't they have like just asked what the item was or something? idiots
  16. i like the quake series i only have 1 and 3 tho. but i'm sure quake 4 will be good. and here another pic a found not much but it is different then that other one
  17. LOL the orignal Unreal Tournment i still like it's good.
  18. i'm just gonna see Episode III really care for right now and yeah
  19. wow i never really thought about it but for some reason i sdeath doesn't effect me. am i a heartless bastard? or i just never keep up w/ religion and news?
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