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  1. I'm looking to buy a wireless router, an ASUS WL-500G, which allows for downloading of torrents, etc. to network attached storage even when your computer is off. It is also compatible with open firmware for linux-based rotuers, such as the dd-wrt firmware designed for linksys wrt54g routers. Has anyone here messed with those custom firmwares? I know you can basically use them to turn your router into a mini linux computer. I'm wondering what all is capable, and how hard it is to install/customize.

  2. I'm betting the processor is much less impressive than a GP2X or any other modern handheld. Notice none of the systems slated for emulation are more advanced than an NES. If that's the best they want to emulate, then they could get by with some really cheap processors. Then it would just come down to production quantities to determine the price. Based on the specs so far, and if quantities are high enough, I'd guess a price around $100 is feasible.

  3. I think this is designed for less computer savvy people to use, as the systems will all come pre-installed. Although you'll still be required to find the roms yourself and in some cases the bios. I'm not sure this company's hands-off approach to roms is the best sales strategy. Price and availability will probably be the determining factor with this handheld's success. The GP2X is too hard to get ahold of here and too expensive for what it does. If this thing is under $100 it should do well. And putting Ben Heck's name on it wouldn't hurt. Who doesn't want their own custom Ben Heck system?

  4. Ben Heckendorn, the famed modder behind such creations as the Xbox360 laptop and one-handed xbox controller, has lent his name and design talents to a new product dubbed the Gameport. This new handheld is a platform specifically designed for emulation. From Ben Heck's website:

    I’ve been helping with the case design of a new product called the Gameport. (I also named it.) Basically it’s a portable, multi-system emulator which you load games onto via a USB port, kind of like a digital camera in reverse. Currently it runs Atari 2600 and Colecovision cores, and other systems are possible through software upgrades. Currently the size is 3.5″ x 5″ x 1″, the final product will probably be a bit smaller on the X-Y and not as thick.




    The device will take SD cards for storage (2GB max), and will also work as a PMP for music and videos. It will support Atari 2600, Odyssey 2, Intellivision and Colecovision to start, with possible Apple II, SMS, NES and other systems emulation in the future.

    Currently the device is only a prototype. Also, according to their FAQ, they do not plan to provide game roms, or at least not commercial game roms. Apparently the company sees itself like an mp3 player manufacturer who leaves it up to the consumer to find their own songs.

    More information available at the Gameport website.

  5. There is definately some connection between science and religion in how both deal with the limits of knowledge. I first explored religion after having read a lot about quantum physics. Its hard to look at something like quantum physics and not start to see the huge amount of our world which is built on belief. A realization through science of just how much of the world is unknowable really invites one to explore the nature of faith and belief through religion. While a lot of dogmatic religious ideas are incompatible with science, the fundamental nature of both science and religion requires a belief in what we cannot experience. So there are definately connections and parallels between them worth exploring.

  6. I really hope it will run on a non-DX10 graphics card. Even if its missing some effects. Seems like overkill if it is DX10 required for a RTS game. Also I would hate to have to upgrade for one game. Their website is vague, but gives me hope that they'll keep us gamers who haven't upgraded very often since the original Starcraft in mind.

  7. I used to use newsgroups, torrents, etc a lot, but am too paranoid anymore. Torrents are just not safe. Only torrents I download anymore are DCP comics torrents.

    If you want tv shows or movies and care about safety from legal threats over quality, use sites like peekvid.com or tv-links.co.uk which aggregate shows and movies posted on youtube, dailymotion, etc. They don't have links to download, but you can pull the links out using UrlSnooper. I use that then convert the shows from flv to mp4 to playback on my PSP.

    A friend of mine at my school just got a letter for downloading a torrent on the school account. He had to take a copyright quiz to have his access restored. He said it was actually really hard and took him three times to pass! lol. :thumbsup1:

  8. I would second that advice to not upgrade any further. The higher you go, the less chance there will be of someone eventually finding an exploit for that firmware.

    My suggestion would be to ebay that PSP and buy a refurb one for as little as $129 from a place like tigerdirect. The ability to play all your old psx games on the go is what makes it worth getting one you can downgrade.

  9. So if its on the Playstation network, does that mean it is a downloadable game for the PS3 or for the PSP? I realize the PSP can't play that resolution, but it would still be better looking than the original and fun to play.

    And are there downloadble PS3 games? I don't have a PS3 and thought it was all PSP stuff on the Playstation network, but that you had to have a PS3 to access it.

  10. Yeah, and the framerate are you getting?

    First thing I would do would be to try the tips in this forum post:



    Try the the chankast plugins as well and see if that does anything.


    I have a medium pc (P4 3.02 with only 512 mb and an older geforce card). I sometimes get a bit of a stutter and slowness at the beginning of games but it picks up after that (I guess after stuff is cached). But I definately get a good increase when I use the chankast sound plugin. Chankast video may cause more graphics issues. But I'd try them out and see what works best for you.

  11. pspdev_f_m.jpgpspdev_b_m.jpg
    Sorry guys for taking longer than expected but there had some important improvements to be done in order to make the PSP-Devolution the top mod for your Playstation Portable system.


    We are now using 4 layer technology for the PSP-Devolution which results in even smaller size. This way it fits just perfect into the PSP.


    Sales to the resellers of the PSP-Devolution will start on April 16th, 2007.


    All resellers that have contacted us in the past will automatically receive an email from us on the above mentioned date. New inquiries are welcome, too.

    Well well. Looks like it might not be a fake after all. Also, it looks like it will be one helluva lot easier to install than the Undiluted Platinum. I, for one, can't wait for this to be released.


    More pictures HERE and HERE.




    Apparently UP just broke Dark Alex's psp. So its good to see there is a possibly more reliable chip on the way.

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