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  1. Spec Ops DLC missions for Operation Raccoon City.
  2. Every blue moon I'll actually buy some dvds.
  3. It's an internet phrase that originated from 4chan.
  4. Pics Or It Didn't Happen
  5. First thing that came to mind while watching this was the hotel scene in True Lies. I have no idea why. Maybe cuz I want to yell "Slower! SEXIER!" and then watch someone fall. Anywho.
  6. Drinking, fapping, smoking, yelling "I'm James Dean!", making people uncomfortable or cry, etc. I use to care about music and movies till they all turned into huge piles of shit.
  7. I have to replay the Mass Effect series. I think I lost my previous save datas when I transfered my data from Xbox white to slim. I want my super badass pissed off FemShep with her biotic PMS.
  8. I remember when it was just an arm and a leg. Now it's spleen and kidneys.
  9. I need to make a solid golden gun that shoots diamond bullets. And shoot celebrities with it. I'll call it The Compensator.
  10. Let's go inside my astral plane.

    1. gamez fan

      gamez fan

      what does your astral plain


  11. High school? Oh you mean the state funded junior asylum.
  12. It's Street Fighter 4 with Tekken characters thrown it it while the fight rules are of Tekken Tag (2 person team. If 1 person dies then the team loses the round.) and the Marvel Super Heroes Infinity Gem system thrown in. As well as a Marvel vs Capcom 3 Dark Phoenix kinda thing that I've never used. The game really only seems interesting seeing how the Tekken characters fair with Street Fighter mechanics. Though beating arcade with a Tekken team is a bitch thanks to overly powerful Akuma as a last boss (Ogre is the last boss if you have a SF team). I played online for a little bit when it first came out. Me and a friend made a team. But we didn't know what the hell we were doing so we said fuck it. I think it would of been better without the team and Pandora bullshit.
  13. I push the world down a few times.
  14. Just do what hunters do. Spray female piss on ya. That should attract them.
  15. What about me + girl + my fist? Does that count?
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