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  1. I pitted Morrigan and Millia together for the little detail of I think when you press LP with Morrigan and she uses her hair. I did thought of an awesome intro if I-No and Morrigan fought each other.
  2. I can't see any Bakasan cuz it freezes my PC everytime I start. Which I start blaming the people who say it's Anbu when it's not. Kakashi owns my face. He's the perfect avatar for The Ninja of Sarcasm. Yes indeed. I made 2 others like that though 1 of them I doubt I can show here. I might post them in my thread in Emulation Art.
  3. I love 8. I never liked Popeye anyways.
  4. Hmm, many different reasons. The most was 5 times in 1 forum. I got banned for making a sarcastic post, then I made a new screenname and that didn't last long then another. Then they resetted the board and my ban was uplifted. So the next 2 out of 3 screennames got banned for the same things. Another site, I got banned cuz I wouldn't give the admin the answer he wanted. He decided he wanted to ban the word "owned" on his forum by asking if they stop. I told him no and he got pissed it wasn't yes. Banned. And before that I got banned because someone hacked the forum. Twice in another cuz everyone got pissed I was smarter than them. Plus the site was heavily nazified. Another was because I censored ass to @$$. For some reason I can't remember the other 4. Looks like I'm gonna be up all night trying to figure that out. Ffff
  5. Bah, I forget to mention another thing. I'm also The Self Proclaimed Most Hated.
  6. Important my ass let alone an actual debate. I might have to go out and buy some of y'all some Midol from the useless whining I've read. All this is, or any of the other topics related, are complete speculations of bullcrap.
  7. Naruto is about ninjas. Ninjas obviously own. So therefore, Naruto owns.
  8. I really don't want so many Darkstalker characters in the game. But anywho. I once created a comparison(sp?) list. Ryu vs Ky Evil Ryu vs Robo-Ky Mukuro (Warzards) or Shadowman.EXE or Kurow vs Chipp Sigma vs Testament Jack (Power Stone) vs Faust Hayato vs Sol BB Hood vs Bridget Akira or Talbain vs Jam Morrigan vs Millia Jedah vs Eddie Vega vs Venom Zero (Megaman Network Transmission) vs Justice Scias (Breath of Fire 4) vs Johnny Lord Raptor vs I-No Nina (Any BoF) vs Dizzy That's all I can think of.
  9. No one knows the truth. Thus all mouths should stay shut on this matter and any matter related and wait for the ending outcome. All retarded rumors end too.
  10. Tis why I promote Operation Penny Drop. http://maddox.xmission.com/penny_drop.html
  11. Mr. Bungle "My Ass Is On Fire" Mike Patton is God.
  12. One word...desert. Radiation will just give it a nice neon green color anyways.
  13. Don't complain when you get the runs.
  14. Battle Royale The Eye Ringu Versus
  15. I'm a ninja...The Ninja of Sarcasm. I'm from the m00n. Only 2 people are from there. Me and a friend. Too bad for any of you.
  16. Slipknot "Duality" Slipknot "Pulse Of The Maggots"
  17. http://www.geocities.com/the_tej/Home.html I have some I completed but hadn't put them on the site yet. I might post them here later.
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