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  1. This game is equivalent to a 24/7 orgasm. All the bad reviews are only about Dante's physical look which you unlock the old look after beating the game. Which shows me these morons haven't/never beat the game.
  2. Has anyone noticed lately that anything you buy now states it is using some form of advance something? Let's say you buy some shoes. Somewhere will more than likely be a message stating that these said shoes are equipped with the latest advance shoe tying technology or whatever. Or maybe a burger with advance ketchup saturation. Pens will now have advance shirt pocket clips. China Wat R U Doin? China STAHP!!!
  3. I'm back so at least while y'all try to figure this out you won't be wearing pants.
  4. Midgets call me "Horse Cock Johnson" cuz 3 inches is pretty big to a midget.
  5. Fuck you Madagascar!!!

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    2. LoRd_SnOw


      He's talking about Fuck you Madagascar!!!

    3. Krosigrim


      The stupid movies?

    4. Skythe


      The game Pandemic 2.

  6. I don't toss people on a daily basis. Work is mostly chill.
  7. If I did work out I would listen to them.
  8. Isn't it obvious? The man eats women even when they are dirty.
  9. http://youtu.be/jj9CM1_rREE
  10. Plenty of restuarants sell fish and chips here in the states. Though it's just a fried fish with fries.
  11. I had an ex that wanted me to watch The Notebook.
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