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  1. I got dazed and confused with Bambi starting the topic due to her avatar being far more "rounded" than anyone else. I'm all "How the fuck more rounded do you need those!?" I need a new one due to the roundiness ruining mine.
  2. https://marvelheroes.com/ June 4th...GET IT!!! It's free. I've been playing the beta for sometime now. It's quite the fucking awesome.
  3. Because they lost any form of alcohol tolerance. Where I'm at either sober or drunk, they demand people to kneel and kiss their feet because they're military. It's rare to meet a decent one. And yes, the strippers (they will tell you they're entertainers or dancers but they are still strippers) do do lap dances. Also, there's a similar stat with the Hispanic community. They just get shitty ass drunk quick and don't want to pay anything. So we get problems with them a lot. Understand too that the club I work at we actually don't get into physical fights a whole lot. Mostly verbal confrontations and empty threats. Usually once a year we get a big fight. I got transferred to day shift so I don't have these problems anymore. My biggest problem is either to call cabs for drunks or kicking out anyone who's roaming around asking for drugs or hookers (which is still rare).
  4. http://youtu.be/a6_sr_t8Hbg
  5. I personally believe strippers are born without a soul. No matter how many times I hear one say "I'm a smart stripper." I've yet to meet one. There's a 90% chance that if a military guy comes in, I'm gonna get into a fight with him.
  6. Blame it on the drunk guy who didn't turn the flash on.
  7. I slightly use it at work. I think I caught myself touching the screen a few times.
  8. I'm not sure. I saw this on FEARnet off of Xfinity.
  9. http://youtu.be/g1A2kT1rsuA WATCH IT!!! If you have Comcast On Demand/Xfinity/Chicken Finger/Whatever you can see it on FEARnet for free. DO IT!!! This thread doesn't deserve to be in the movie watching thread.
  10. Why the fuck am I last on the list? I DEMAND A RECOUNT!!!/florida
  11. I'm pretty sure the same people complaining are the same ones that said Resident Evil on Gamecube was gonna be a kids game.
  12. St. Pattys is coming up so I'm busy setting the bar up till then. Not enough time for me to liven this place just yet. Let's wait till after I acquire a few murder charges from these idiots celebrating that they're 1/16th Irish and that St. Patrick was never Irish. I hate this holiday more than any other.
  13. What is...How the...I don't even...MOM! http://youtu.be/3V_dFw4mxeI Thank you John Carpenter for a 90 minute shitty death metal music video.
  14. Sucks http://youtu.be/PP-Q0O-z1bs Fucking good
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