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  1. Defiantly mortal combat. hanging out in the 711. TMNT. spent many a coin on this one. i used to play area 51 but i dont have a light gun (and maybe its not even emulated. havnt checked).
  2. cant wait for a full video set for fbl
  3. where is it compiled lol
  4. all things aside. i really like the look and feel of coinops over fbl. just like to have one unified arade emu here. looking forward to a new showcase. i did some search for r4 with fail. ill keep looking.
  5. i feel like i just watched an episode of mythbusters. lol
  6. so im confused. is r4 out? is there an updated showcase?
  7. my roommate loved zelda II so i showed him some of the hacks/homebrews of it. however hes having a really hard time with them. hes playing zelda journey of a day right now and has been searching for hours and hours and is stuck at the beginning. anyone played this? know where the first key or the candle is?
  8. awww im so lucky! im leaving tomorrow morning to give a modded box as a present. this is just in time
  9. thanks. i was hoping for action shots instead of titles. any leads on that?
  10. can you elaborate? will we be able to play this on xbox?
  11. anyone have or heard of a complete (or close to complete) set of screen shots or even videos for fbl?
  12. dpad hero is my hero. after getting all the xtras the accompanying roms from snesorama it was the 1st or second game i found and fell in love with. at first i didnt know it was a homebrew and it was blowing my mind. shoulda known. is there only the 4 songs for it?
  13. i just want to say.... i love you guys
  14. so i tweaked the og nes mario skin to have work with and have spaces for videos and art. there is 7 different ini's i included with it. for different setups. i also brought some of the volumes down on the background music and sound effects for they were blaring loud compared to everything else on my box. Download here: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=ALMBM5Q2 emjoy
  15. site seems to be down. just goes whit when i click the link or search for it.
  16. i dont think i deleted my gamesaves when i upgraded. yet everything seems to work well. what does it do? will i find problems later?
  17. Showcase R2 is complete with ~845 games and their accompanying videos so the whole thing looks and feels amazing. no games with out videos. then r3 update came out to just update a few things but bp says it dont work as well. id believe him on that one. im anticipating a big release with more games and their videos. the videos makes emulation SOOOOO much better and more fun. really hope i see something b4 the 21st when i fly home and give my sis the best present since that bread slicer i gave her a few years back.
  18. i would but i already deleted it off my comp. it would take a day and half to get it back off my xbox (wireless) then re-zip (.rar) it and re seed it. looks like a few ppl have answered your call though. theres 4 seeders now and 16 peers. should have it soon .just let it go all night for a couple nights. thats what i had to do.
  19. Dam. im making a modded box for my sister for chistmas. was hoping to have a more complete coinops for her.
  20. yea that sounds a bit harder than what im asking. i think what im asking would be pretty simple. trying not to make any ridicules requests here.
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