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  1. UPDATE: This will probably be the last FBA-XXX Pro update until a new official FBA-XXX build is released. From what I gather both Gogo and Manto are working on seperate builds (!) based on the new FBA PC source. Anyway here's what's new in this build: - Added the following new clones; jockeygpd, vlinero, svcnd, kof2k3nd - Decrypted roms now use naming conventions from Kawaks and FBA PC (Use the DATs to rename) - rotdd, mslug4d, and pnyaad (Decrypted C sets) now use correct encrypted V ROMs. - Fixed static sound in pnyaa (encrypted set) - Fixed P decryption in mslug5d - Added fix to get sound from new MAME kof2001 decrypted M ROM (code by FerchogtX) - Several Neo-Geo driver updates and some updated set names - Removed unnecessary VMM code from Cave drivers (possible performance boost?) - Added Fever SOS driver from latest FBA - Patched out HW test in Ghouls 'n' Ghosts so it now starts instantly instead of taking forever (code from IQ's forum) - Re-added SF2 Turyu hack - Some other small fixes And finally an apology to those of you who like to play around with debug drivers. I've ditched the preliminary Sega stuff. I've been meaning to do this for a while. They weren't really good for much beyond novelty value. Use MAMEoX instead.
  2. The next build of FBA-XXX Pro will use the 64k m1d since this is now what MAME uses. Prior to this FBA-XXX Pro was based on JB's DAT which listed the 128k version. Also, the v*d roms used by FBA-XXX Pro are correct and unwatermarked. The following sets are supported: rotd (Encrypted set) rotdd (Decrypted C ROMs) - currently uses decrypted V ROMs but as of the next build will use encrypted ones. rotdnd (Fully decrypted)
  3. I'm also searching for this p1n rom if anyone can help. Thanks.
  4. It's supposed to have borders. MAMEoX currently doesn't display games in their correct aspect ratio and nor does the Kollector's disc >_
  5. Yes but it creates an ugly edge-smoothing effect (which I know some ppl like) and also slows things down alot. Simple2x is just as sharp, but creates a look more true to the original display with only a negligable (if any) effect on performance.
  6. The drivers used in FBA-XXX Pro (which are originally from djohng's version) enable fatalities in all versions of samsh5sp. You shouldn't need to use the unibios.
  7. VSync has never worked properly in MAMEoX so it would be nice if something could be done to make work like MAME-X.. It would also be great to have the option of using the Simple2x graphics filter instead of/as well as the AdvanceMAME2x one for that authentic look.
  8. Would it be possible to have games display in their correct aspect ratio as they do in MAME-X? Games like MK for instance should be slightly letterboxed not stretched to fill the screen. The aspect ratio option MAMEoX currently has seems to only effect vertical games.
  9. FBA-XXX Pro has to use decrypted V ROMs for newer sets like kof2002 and matrim because (for some reason that I can't figure out) the FBA code that decrypts the true encrypted roms crashes on the Xbox >_ The cropped rotd m1d will be used in FBA-XXX Pro as of the next update.
  10. MAME uses the same jockeygp, kof2002, matrim, and rotd sets as FBA-XXX Pro so there is no need to update the drivers for these (haven't checked ms4plus). Thanks for the list Mr.X, I'll be sure to include any missing sets in the next update.
  11. It's not a problem, it's simply because the Xbox is not powerful enough to emulate these games under MAME at full frame-rate. As MAME continues to develop, the specs needed to run games at full speed are also increasing. This is bad news for Xbox owners. But the MAME team aren't interested in how the games play. Only in how well the hardware is emulated.
  12. LOL- Actually I take that back. Yesterday, I compared that same FBA-XXX_PR build to FBA-XXX Pro. The game was Metal Slug 1. In the first level, I distinctly noticed 3 or 4 times when the sound glitched with the PR build. With FBA-XXX Pro I didn't notice a single one. I had Frameskip set to None and CPU Overclock to 200%. So it looks like I won't be looking at rolling back more code after all.
  13. + T +


    If the source for the 'soften off' version get released, I was planning on doing a build of MAMEoX that supports the same romsets as FBA-XXX Pro.
  14. Since FBA-XXX only scans a romset when you load it, it can't know which are complete and which are not at the menu screen. Perhaps you could move any incomplete sets you have out of your active roms folder until such time as they are in a playable state.
  15. Just some news for anyone who's interested. It seems the FBA-XXX team would like to have my changes implemented into the next official release. So if you haven't updated your romsets yet, you'd best start now. This doesn't mean I'm going to stop working on FBA-XXX Pro, since it will continue to use its existing codebase rather than the new one and I like being able to update at a moment's notice if a new rom/XOR/whatever is released. But any future changes I make will probably be in the official build eventually as well. In fact, I'm now considering rolling back the codebase of this build even further to try and regain some lost performance.
  16. The old code does seem slightly better than the new in terms of performance. I originally based my build on the source of that same FBA-XXX_PR build (the VMM routines in Pro come from that version), but I found there were drawbacks. The textfix code that enables transparencies in games like SVC Chaos and KOF2003 would not work in this older version, nor would the svcsplus driver. So I had no choice but to try and strike a balance between old code and new, performance and compatibility. I haven't tested this but see if setting frameskip to Off makes a difference.
  17. UPDATE: Fixed problem reported on Gogo's forum where playing certain CPS2 games more than once resulted in a black screen. >_ Completely re-implemented coin/start button mapping code from latest FBA-XXX. Should work fine now.
  18. Both and neither . I'm using a combination of older and newer code. I wouldn't just blindly update to a whole new version since (no offence to Gogo) some of the recent changes have broken as much as they've fixed. Some I add to my build and some I don't. I believe it has been this way in all previous versions too. I will take a look at the code though and see if it's anything obvious. I thought I'd already implemented the fix from the latest version. I tried it out briefly at the time and everything seemed fine. I'll give it another try though and see what happens.
  19. UPDATE: Fixed a problem with the CPS code in the latest FBA-XXX that was causing some CPS1 games (e.g. Saturday Night Slam Masters) not to work.
  20. Actually I didn't miss the Turyu set I removed it, along with a couple of other hacked sets that aren't a part of MAME. How does this version differ from the other SF2 hacks exactly? If ppl really want it then I'll put it back in, but I'm trying to clean out as many pointless drivers as possible, since FBA-XXX is really a mess in some of the strange sets it supports. And yes, as it says in the first post, you just download the 06.02.2005 release, replace the included default.ips file with the FBA-XXX Pro one and run the batch file.
  21. Thanks ever so much for the help IQ. Nobody else seems to have a clue what to suggest so I really appreciate it. Unfortunately its the same story with your revised code. I added it to a couple of the drivers (inserting the appropriate (int value) for the game of course) and the rom loads all the way but then everything locks up at the point where the game should start. As just a shot in the dark from someone who knows next-to-nothing about code, do you think it could be memory related?
  22. UPDATE: Added decrypted V ROMs to the driver for matrim (encrypted set) so it can be played with full sound.
  23. Hi, I'm really hoping that someone with more coding skills than me can help me out with this. I've been trying to get IQ_132's PCM2 PLAYMORE decryption code working in my build of FBA-XXX with little success. The emu just locks up after the romset finishes loading and the game never starts. I've tried two different versions of the code both producing exactly the same result. The first runs from neo_run.cpp and is implemented as follows (from IQ's forum): in neogeo.h look for this: // neo_run.cpp add this after: extern int nNeoPCM2PLAYMOREByteswap; in neo_run.cpp look for this: int nNeoSRAMProtection = -1; add this after (or after pcm2 code by IQ_132) int nNeoPCM2PLAYMOREByteswap = 0; // PCM2 PLAYMORE chip Look for this: if (BurnDrvGetHardwareCode() & HARDWARE_SNK_SWAPV) { for (int i = 0; i < 0x00200000; i++) { unsigned char n = YM2610ADPCMAROM[i]; YM2610ADPCMAROM[i] = YM2610ADPCMAROM[0x00200000 + i]; YM2610ADPCMAROM[0x00200000 + i] = n; } } } add this after (or after the IQ_132 PCM2 SNK 1999 code) /* Neo-PCM2 PLAYMORE(c) 2002 Sound Chip Emulation */ // some code by Fataku & some by the vconv (from 2ch) - FBA conversion by iq_132 if (nNeoPCM2PLAYMOREByteswap != 0) { unsigned int addrs[7][2]={ {0x000000,0xA5000}, //kof2002 {0xFFCE20,0x01000}, //matrimelee {0xFE2CF6,0x4E001}, //mslug5 {0xFEB2C0,0x0A000}, //samsho5 {0xFFAC28,0xC2000}, //svcchaos {0x000000,0x00000}, //kof2003 {0xFFB440,0x02000}, //samsh5sp }; unsigned int xordata[7][8]={ {0xF9,0xE0,0x5D,0xF3,0xEA,0x92,0xBE,0xEF}, //kof2002 {0xC4,0x83,0xA8,0x5F,0x21,0x27,0x64,0xAF}, //matrimelee {0xC3,0xFD,0x81,0xAC,0x6D,0xE7,0xBF,0x9E}, //mslug5 {0xCB,0x29,0x7D,0x43,0xD2,0x3A,0xC2,0xB4}, //samsho5 {0xC3,0xFD,0x81,0xAC,0x6D,0xE7,0xBF,0x9E}, //svcchaos {0x00,0x00,0x00,0x00,0x00,0x00,0x00,0x00}, //kof2003 {0x4B,0xA4,0x63,0x46,0xF0,0x91,0xEA,0x62}, //samsh5sp }; int value = (nNeoPCM2PLAYMOREByteswap-1); UINT8 *rom = YM2610ADPCMAROM; UINT8 *buf = (UINT8*)malloc(0x1000000); int ofst; memcpy(buf,rom,0x1000000); for(int i=0; i<0x1000000; i++) { ofst = (i & 0xfefffe) | ((i & 0x010000) >> 16) | ((i & 0x000001) << 16); ofst ^= addrs[value][1]; rom[ofst] = (buf[((i + addrs[value][0]) & 0xffffff)] ^ xordata[value][(ofst & 0x07)]); } free(buf); } look for NeoExit() int add after: nNeoSramProtection = 0; this: nNeoPCM2PLAYMOREByteswap = 0; // exit PCM2 PLAYMORE chip in d_neogeo.cpp According with the driver, give the correct value for each game that uses this chip; for example: static int kof2002Init() { nNeoProtectionxor = 0xec pNeoInitCallback = kof2002Decrypt; [B]nNeoPCM2PLAYMOREByteswap = 1;[/B] return NeoInit(); } The second method runs from the driver itself (matrim for example): // Power Instinct Matrimelee static struct BurnRomInfo matrimRomDesc[] = { {"266-p1.bin", 0x100000, 0x5d4c2dc7, 0x10}, // 0 68K code {"266-p2.bin", 0x400000, 0xa14b1906, 0x10}, // 1 {"266-c1.bin", 0x800000, 0x505f4e30, 1}, // 2 Sprite data {"266-c2.bin", 0x800000, 0x3cb57482, 1}, // 3 {"266-c3.bin", 0x800000, 0xf1cc6ad0, 1}, // 5 {"266-c4.bin", 0x800000, 0x45b806b7, 1}, // 6 {"266-c5.bin", 0x800000, 0x9a15dd6b, 1}, // 7 {"266-c6.bin", 0x800000, 0x281cb939, 1}, // 8 {"266-c7.bin", 0x800000, 0x4b71f780, 1}, // 9 {"266-c8.bin", 0x800000, 0x29873d33, 1}, // 10 {"266-m1d.bin",0x020000, 0xd2f3742d, 0x10}, // 11 Z80 code {"266-m1.bin", 0x020000, 0x456c3e6c, 0x10}, // 12 Z80 code {"266-v1.bin", 0x800000, 0xa4f83690, 2}, // 13 Sound data {"266-v2.bin", 0x800000, 0xd0f69eda, 2}, // 14 // {"266-v1d.bin", 0x800000, 0x328b2194, 2}, // 13 Sound data // {"266-v2d.bin", 0x800000, 0x2a13562d, 2}, // 14 }; STDROMPICKEXT(matrim, matrim, neogeo); STD_ROM_FN(matrim); static void matrim() { const unsigned char matrim_xor[0x08] = {0xc4, 0x83, 0xa8, 0x5f, 0x21, 0x27, 0x64, 0xaf}; unsigned char *rom = YM2610ADPCMAROM; unsigned char *buf = (unsigned char*)malloc(0x1000000); int ofst; memcpy( buf, rom, 0x1000000 ); for( int i = 0; i ofst = (i & 0xfefffe) | ((i & 0x010000) >> 16) | ((i & 0x000001) ofst ^= 0x10000; rom[ofst] = buf[ ((i + 0xffce20) & 0xffffff) ] ^ matrim_xor[ (ofst & 0x07) ]; } free( buf ); *((unsigned short*)(Neo68KROM01 + 0x01050)) = 0x4E75; kof2002Decrypt();//code by iq_132 from RomShare == http://www.freepgs.com/iq_132/ } static int matrimInit() { nNeoTextROMSize = 0x080000; nNeoProtectionXor = 0x6a; pNeoInitCallback = matrim; return NeoInit(); } struct BurnDriver BurnDrvmatrim = { {"matrim", "Power Instinct Matrimelee", "Japanese title is: Shin Gouketsuji-Ichizoku", "Atlus", "Neo Geo", "2002", NULL, "neogeo"}, BDF_GAME_WORKING, 2, HARDWARE_SNK_NEOGEO | HARDWARE_SNK_ENCRYPTED_B | HARDWARE_SNK_ALTERNATE_TEXT, NULL, matrimRomInfo, matrimRomName, neogeoInputInfo, neogeoDIPInfo, matrimInit, NeoExit, NeoFrame, NeoRender, NeoScan, &NeoRecalcPalette, nNeoScreenWidth, 224, 4, 3 }; Any help anyone can give would be greatly appreciated. Thanks + T +
  24. Nope, it's no good. I've tried 3 different versions of the PCM2 code. And it just locks up in the same place every time. If anyone can offer any help or advice as to why this may be, I'd very much appreciate it. I'm just not much of a coder I'm afraid. In the meantime I'll add the decrypted Vs to matrim.zip so at least it will work with full sound. I'll updated the download links once I've had some sleep.
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