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  1. You actually need all the other files and folders that FBA-XXX (and Pro) needs to work. I suppose it is confusing. I've had alot of messages from ppl with the same misunderstanding. So I'll tell you what I'll do. As of the next release (due in a few hours time) I'll include in the archive all the files needed to run FBA-XXX Pro on your Xbox (except the XBE of course, you'll still have to patch and add that yourself). It shouldn't make that much difference to the size of the package if I leave out all the 'preview' images.
  2. GLiTcH - I'll do some testing with kof2k2nd later on tonight. It's strange since the driver is effectively identical to the one in the previous build. deadsoulz - The problem was that I had forgotten to initialise the 'nRet' variable in the drivers when I implemented the PCM2 fix in these games. So I don't think this has anything to do with your missing ROMs. famitsu - Perhaps try using a download manager or try right-clicking and choosing 'Save Target As...' rather than just clicking the link. Failing that PM me your e-mail address and I'll send it to you. EDIT: Just noticed another problem. Clones of samsh5sp are currently listed as clones of samsho5. I'll release a new version with this and other fixes in the next couple of hours.
  3. I'll see that they're set up correctly in the next update. Thanks for the info Mr.X.
  4. UPDATE: Fixed a problem with samsho5 and clones.
  5. I just want to make it clear that FBA-XXX and FBA-XXX Pro are going to remain seperate. I think the two projects are trying to achieve different things. Though naturally I don't mind offering any help if it's needed. Gogo, if you PM me your e-mail address then I'll send you the CPS folder from my source (I'm hanging on to the full sourcecode for now though). Although the fixes mainly involve restoring old code. For Slammasters I just restored the 'slamPro' fix from the old core. And I didn't actually fix the right-stick crashing problem, I just removed your 'ShowNotWorking' feature that was the cause of it. So it's up to you if you still want it or not. Some good news though, I am no longer working solo on FBA-XXX Pro. djohng has offered to lend his expertise to the project for the benefit of everyone. This is great, because many fixes/tweaks are far beyond my limited coding knowledge. Hopefully between the two of us we can make Pro the ultimate FBA-XXX.
  6. Just something I found interesting. Today, just for fun, I took the original FBA-X b4, updated it to the latest FBA core and gave it support for all FBA-XXX Pro's romsets. The idea being that without all FBA-XXX's extra bells 'n whistles it should run even better than Pro. But, for reasons not yet clear to me, Pro beat it hands down. Especially in the sound glitching department. Weird, huh?
  7. Well I've updated the patch to work with the 06.03.2005 release. But the sourcecode currently on the FBA-XXX forum is still from the 05.03.2005 version. So I'm not yet able to update Pro with Gogo's new fixes. Great job on the crash-fix BTW, Gogo.
  8. Is that just Pro or does FBA-XXX do this also? That'll be due to the core update. Since cthd2003 is now officially supported by FBA it has an updated driver. Maybe I'll go back to the old one until I can figure out the problem. I'm hanging onto the source for the time being since there are a few things that are not quite finalized. Perhaps when things are more settled I'll release it. Try the latest patch (it works with the new 05.03 version). Just replace the IPS file that comes with FBA-XXX with the one from the Pro archive and run the batch file.
  9. UPDATE: - Added PCM2 fix from FBA-XXX 05.03 so matrim, kof2002, mslug5, svcchaos, samsho5, and samsh5sp now use correct encrypted V ROMs. (massive props to Gogo for this one) - Added clock-fix from FBA-XXX 05.03. (by GogoAckman) - Fixed rotdnd (now uses correct 4Mb P ROM) and kof2k2nd. - The following sets have been added: Sf2ce13 // Street Fighter II' - Champion Edition (Hack - rev 1.3) Sf2turyu // Street Fighter II' - Champion Edition (Hack - Turyu) Sf2tryu1 // Street Fighter II' - Champion Edition (Hack - Turyu, set 2) - Patch is now applied to latest FBA-XXX.
  10. Because this was done from a new codebase and I had to add everything manually. It doesn't surprise me that I missed a few. I'll re-add those two in the next update.
  11. FBA-XXX Pro -------------- What is it? ----------- FBA-XXX Pro is an attempt to re-work FBA-XXX. Its focus is on using the most up-to-date drivers and romsets. It is primarily based on FBA-XXXb5 though it does use code from older versions, newer versions, and other sources to achieve best possible performance and compatibility. Why Pro? -------- Since the main focus of this build is to use the newest released rom dumps, it is perhaps unsuitable for more casual gamers who just want to play the games in any form and don't really care whether their roms are accurate and up-to-date or not. FBA-XXX Pro also supports alot of additional clone sets which most people probably aren't interested in unless they're serious about ROM collecting. The Patch --------- The FBA-XXX Pro package now contains everything you need to get FBA-XXX Pro running on your Xbox, with the exception of the main XBE file. To get this you will need to apply the included IPS patch to the 'default.xbe' from the latest release of FBA-XXX (23.07.2005). So basically you just copy the 'default.xbe' from fbaxxx_23_07.zip into your FBA-XXX Pro directory, and run 'patchme!!.bat'. The Changes ----------- Here is a list of the differences between this release of FBA-XXX Pro and FBA-XXX. Note that if you have problems starting any games in the 'OTHERS' category such as battleg or feversos, you may need to delete the old config files for these games from E:\TDATA\FFFF0504. GENERAL CHANGES --------------- - Fixed it so the emu now runs correctly from disc as well as HDD (DATs, ini, etc. are now created in E:\TDATA\ffff0504 rather than the root directory). - Fixed a problem where certain non-working games would always appear at the top of the game list. - Fixed the default screen size so it does not clip the edges of the game-screen. (If you've run any previous versions of FBA-XXX, you'll need to choose 'Reset Screen defaults' to see the difference) - 'bShowFullRomNames' now shows full MAME-convention ROMset titles when enabled. (toggled with Left Thumbstick button on the gamelist screen) - Improved the UI and menus. - Changed Reset shortcut to LTrigger + RTrigger + Start. - Included Romcenter and ClrMAME Pro DATs. - Included 'Pro Fighter' as default skin. (a tweaked version of Duracelleur's excellent 'Fighter' skin) NEO-GEO CHANGES --------------- - Updated Neo-Geo drivers to use the latest rom releases. (Note that there are some exceptions where the correct ROMs do not yet work) - Now supports both xxxxd (Decrypted C ROMs) sets as well as xxxxnd (Fully decrypted) sets. - All decrypted Neo-Geo drivers now use an S ROM (speeds up loading and is more correct). - Added console mode fix patches to all drivers that require them. - Fixed pbobblen and pbobblna. (by djohng) - Fixed scrambled graphics in cthd2003. - Implented Neo-PVC protection code for mslug5, svcchaos, etc. (by IQ_132) - Implemented Neo-PVC bankswitch emulation code. (by bms888) - Implemented Text Bankswitch code. (by bms888) - The following sets have been added: bngbedd // Bang Bead (Decrypted C ROMs) Beast // Beast (Neo-Demo) (PD) Columns // Columns (Neo-Demo) (PD) cthd2k3a // Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon 2003 (Bootleg, alternate set) ct2k3sp // Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon 2003 Super Plus (Bootleg) diggerma // Digger Man Ganryud // Ganryu (Decrypted C ROMs) Garoud, // Garou - Mark of the Wolves (Decrypted C ROMs) jockygpd // Jockey Grand Prix (Decrypted C ROMs) jockeygp // Jockey Grand Prix Kof97p, // King of Fighters '97 Plus, The kof99d, // King of Fighters '99, The - Millenium Battle (Decrypted C ROMs) kof99nd // King of Fighters '99, The - Millenium Battle (Non-encrypted P ROMs, decrypted C ROMs) kof2000d // King of Fighters 2000, The (Decrypted C ROMs) kof2knd // King of Fighters 2000, The (Non-encrypted P ROMs, decrypted C ROMs) kf2k1pla // King of Fighters 2001 Plus, The (Alternate version) kf2k1pls // King of Fighters 2001 Plus, The kof2k1hd // King of Fighters 2001, The (AES Version, decrypted C ROMs) kof2001d // King of Fighters 2001, The (Decrypted C ROMs) kf2k2pls // King of Fighters 2002 Plus, The - Challenge to Ultimate Battle (Bootleg) kf2k2pla // King of Fighters 2002 Plus, The - Challenge to Ultimate Battle (Bootleg, alternate version) kof2002b // King of Fighters 2002, The - Challenge to Ultimate Battle (Bootleg) kof2002d // King of Fighters 2002, The - Challenge to Ultimate Battle (Decrypted C ROMs) kof2k2nd // King of Fighters 2002, The - Challenge to Ultimate Battle (Fully decrypted) kof2k3up // King of Fighters 2003 Ultra Plus, The (Bootleg) kof2003d // King of Fighters 2003, The (Decrypted C ROMs) [Needs kof2k3nd V ROMs for now, NOT WORKING] kof2k3nd // King of Fighters 2003, The (Fully decrypted) kof2k4ex // King of Fighters 2004 EX Hero, The (Bootleg) kof10th // King of Fighters, The - 10th Anniversary (Bootleg) mslug3d // Metal Slug 3 (Decrypted C ROMs) mslug3nd // Metal Slug 3 (Non-encrypted P ROMs, decrypted C ROMs) mslug4d // Metal Slug 4 (Decrypted C ROMs) mslug4nd // Metal Slug 4 (Fully decrypted) ms4plus // Metal Slug 4 Plus mslug5b, // Metal Slug 5 (Bootleg) mslug5d // Metal Slug 5 (Decrypted C ROMs) mslug5nd // Metal Slug 5 (Fully decrypted) ms5plus // Metal Slug 5 Plus Neonopon // Neo No Panepon (PD) Neopong // Neo Pong (PD) Neodemo // Neo-Demo (Demo)(PD) NitDd, // Nightmare in the Dark (Decrypted C ROMs) NitDnd, // Nightmare in the Dark (Non-encrypted P ROMs, decrypted C ROMs) pnyaad, // Pochi and Nyaa (Decrypted C ROMs) poknight // Poker Night matrimbl // Power Instinct - Matrimelee (Bootleg) matrimd // Power Instinct - Matrimelee (Decrypted C ROMs) matrimnd // Power Instinct - Matrimelee (Fully decrypted) preisl2d // Prehistoric Isle 2 (Decrypted C ROMs) rotdd, // Rage of the Dragons (Decrypted C ROMs) rotdnd, // Rage of the Dragons (Fully decrypted) SamSho5h // Samurai Shodown V (AES version) SamSh5hd // Samurai Shodown V (AES version, decrypted C ROMs) SamSh5bl // Samurai Shodown V (Bootleg) SamSho5d // Samurai Shodown V (Decrypted C ROMs) SamSh5nd // Samurai Shodown V (Fully decrypted) SamSh5sd // Samurai Shodown V Special (Decrypted C ROMs) ss5spnd // Samurai Shodown V Special (Fully decrypted) sngoku3d // Sengoku 3 (Decrypted C ROMs) s1945pd // Strikers 1945 Plus (Decrypted C ROMs) svcboot // SVC Chaos - SNK vs. Capcom (Bootleg) svchaosd // SVC Chaos - SNK vs. Capcom (Decrypted C ROMs) svcnd // SVC Chaos - SNK vs. Capcom (Fully decrypted) svchaosa // SVC Chaos - SNK vs. Capcom (MVS version) svcchaos // SVC Chaos - SNK vs. Capcom svcplus // SVC Chaos - SNK vs. Capcom Plus (Bootleg) svcplusa // SVC Chaos - SNK vs. Capcom Plus (Bootleg, alternate set) svcsplus // SVC Chaos - SNK vs. Capcom Super Plus (Bootleg) vlinero // V-Liner (Older version) vliner, // V-Liner zupapad // Zupapa! (Decrypted C ROMs) zupapand // Zupapa! (Non-encrypted P ROMs, decrypted CPS1/2 CHANGES -------------- - Added all new CPS2 clone sets from MAME. - Added some extra SF2 hacks. - Patched out HW test in Ghouls 'n' Ghosts so it now starts instantly instead of taking forever. (by IQ_132) - The following sets have been added: Mshvsfb1 // Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter (970625 Brazil) [Encrypted, NOT WORKING] Mvscb // Marvel vs. Capcom - Clash of Super Heroes (980123 Brazil) [Encrypted, NOT WORKING] PuzLoop2 // Puzz Loop 2 (010205 Japan) Sf2ce13 // Street Fighter II' - Champion Edition (Hack - rev. 1.3) Sf2toryu // Street Fighter II' - Champion Edition (Hack - Touryu) Sf2tory2 // Street Fighter II' - Champion Edition (Hack - Touryu, set 2) Sfa3b // Street Fighter Alpha 3 (980629 Brazil) Sfz2n // Street Fighter Zero 2 (960229 Oceania) [Encrypted, NOT WORKING] Spf2ta // Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo (960529 Asia) [Encrypted, NOT WORKING] 'OTHERS' CHANGES ---------------- - The following sets have been added: Daisenpu // Daisenpu (Japan) Snowbroc // Snow Bros. - Nick & Tom (set 4) S1945a // Strikers 1945 (alternate version) Suprmanj // Superman (Japan) TigerHB2 // Tiger Heli (Bootleg, set 2) Many Thanks to ------------------ djohng Thraxen GogoAckman & the FBA-XXX team lantus & T-Maul Everyone else whose code is in FBA-XXX Pro Download the FBA-XXX Pro package here: http://www.thraxen.com/emu1/FBAXXX_Pro_OLD.rar Download the sourcecode here: http://www.thraxen.com/emu1/fbaxxxpro_src.rar Enjoy. + T +
  12. Just so you know, I'm doing my best to add drivers for as many of these bootleg sets as possible to the forthcoming Pro release. That's one of the reasons it's taking a little longer than I had originally planned. I should be finished by the weekend though.
  13. As I said, I don't know why it makes a difference. I really don't know much about coding at all. All I could see was previous versions of FBA-XXX running with less sound glitches than newer ones. I figured VMM was the cause and set about rolling back every part of the code that I could find pertaining to VMM. Maybe I changed more than was necessary, but it worked and that to me was the important thing. I don't use MSN much. It would be better to e-mail or PM me. I don't want to post my address here but you can use the forum e-mail function to start with if you want to.
  14. What drivers do you mean? Apart from the unnecessary VMM code that I already removed from the cave drivers (this is also fixed in Gogo's latest build) the only non-NeoGeo game that calls for VMM is Guwange? But I don't know if simply removing the code would allow it to work correctly on a 128Mb Xbox.
  15. First off, let me apologise for stating that the SMA games don't work. It seems it was just my build (possibly to do with the old VMM), but that's fixed now. Gogo, did you not get the sourcecode that I sent to artik after he asked me for it? It contained all my updates and fixes for you to look at and implement into FBA-XXX if you wanted. But to roll back the VMM code and achieve the improved sound you have to completely replace 'memdumper.cpp' with the one from the 08-02-2004 release or earlier. Then go through the code and look for lines like this: g_pageTable = (uint32 *)VirtualAlloc(NULL, g_pageTableSize * 4, MEM_COMMIT | MEM_NOZERO | MEM_TOP_DOWN, PAGE_READWRITE); You need to replace these with code in the old format like this: g_pageTable = (uint32 *)malloc(g_pageTableSize*4); Then you need to delete all lines referencing 'PageFileAccess' and 'PagingActive'. There may be a few other little adjustments required to get it to compile that I've forgotten about but that's basically it. I don't know enough about code to understand why it works but the fact is that it definitely makes a difference. None of my changes were ever intended to be secret. You could have contacted me any time and I would have been happy to give you any information you wanted. BTW, I've successfully applied the above changes to the FBA-XXXb5 source for the next version of Pro but I don't know if they'll work with the latest FBA-XXX build considering the VMM routines have been changed.
  16. I've just had a quick look at the sourcecode. This old/new VMM option does NOT address the parts of the VMM code that are causing the sound problems. I'm afraid it's just yet another pointless option to add to FBA-XXX's growing list. I don't mean to sound ungrateful for Gogo's work, but I can name at least 10 games that don't work on the current FBA-XXX that worked in older versions (the latest casualties being SMA protected games like mslug3, garou, and kof2000 >_ All games will be fixed and working in the next Pro version BTW.
  17. Well it looks as though they chose not implement any of my changes after all. Even the so-called 'updated' Neo-Geo drivers use ROMs that are long since obsolete. Ah well, I guess I'll get to work on a Pro version of this update. See you soon.
  18. Dangun Feveron is now a clone of Fever SOS as in the latest PC build of FBA. Make sure you have the correct roms for the set you're trying to run.
  19. Okay, the DATs should now be fixed (thanks to Thraxen for uploading ) including the kof2k3up/zupapa problem. Only the encrypted sets are that size. The decrypted sets are about 30-40Mb and load alot faster too, so you may want to consider using those instead.
  20. You should find them in E:/TDATA/ffff0504/
  21. I would suggest having the 10Mb release and possibly the 100Mb release for those who want it.
  22. That'll be when we have confirmed accurate dumps of every single ROM for every single set. The whole point of FBA-XXX Pro is to keep up-to-date with the latest releases. If you want an emu where the supported romsets aren't constantly updated then I would suggest going back to regular FBA-XXX. Although there won't be any more big changes like with the naming conventions, that was a one off to bring things in line with current PC emus. For those having DAT problems, try using the DAT that the emu generates rather than the downloadable one and let me know if it causes the same problem. I can't FTP from my Xbox right now so I've been having to edit those DATs manually.
  23. Those V ROMs are encrypted. Currently you have to use decrypted V ROMs in all sets that use Playmore's sound encryption since I've had trouble getting the decryption code working on the Xbox. When in doubt, use the DATs.
  24. UPDATE: Fixed matrimnd to use correct decrypted P ROMs .
  25. Lots of those bootleg sets require adding alot of extra code to descramble the C ROMs and such. I really don't think enough ppl use them to make it worth the effort of trying to get them all working. Personally I don't see the point in any emu supporting bootlegs that don't change the game at all. I very much doubt that we'll see these kinds of sets officially supported by MAME (since matrimbl isn't). I won't remove the ones that are already there but I certainly don't want to add any more. svcsplus uses decrypted roms simply because they work just as well and load alot quicker and (as I said above) I don't want to spend time trying to get the svcboot descrambling code working. I could add an svcplus if ppl really wanted it, but it also would have to be based on the decrypted C ROMs. Thanks for letting me know about the problem with matrimnd's P ROMs. That was an oversight on my part. I'll upload a fixed patch and DATs soon.
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