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  1. Anybody Know When Driver 3 Is Going To Be Released???
  2. The Most Interesting Neo-Geo Game Is Sengoku-3
  3. I Dont Like KAWAKS!!!I Like Nebula,Neo-Geo&FBA{{{KAWAKS IS ALWAYS HACKED}}}
  4. I Think It Will Be Emulated After 30 Years!!! Just Joking!!
  5. Hey Thats An Old News For Me.Coz,I Loved Gta3 And Vice City. Do You Have Looked At The New VC:Mod GTA:San Andreas
  6. I Would Have Played If It WAS Virtua-Fighter Vs Street Fighter Or Sega Vs Capcom....
  7. The Book Of My Life-Sting Linkin Park-Numb Kylie Minogue-Its In Yiur Eyes Kylie Minogue-Slow Habib Featuring KAYA-Krishno Habib Featuring KAYA-Aaj Pasha Habib Featuring KAYA-Krishno REMIX Habib Featuring KAYA-KALA U KNOW I AM HOLLYWOOD,BOLLYWOOD,FAN BUT NOT AN INDIAN OR AMERICAN THEN WHO AM I?
  8. MAXPAYNE 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Visit The Painkiller Official Web-site For Cool Screenshots
  10. Hey Man There Is A Web Site It Has All The soundtracks Of Yuzo Koshiro You Need To Search On Google.Then You'll Find It.
  11. I Am Finally Happy For The Games You Guys Have Chosen!!! 1.Virtua Cop3 2.Doom-3 3.Painkiller 4.Half Life 2 5.Driver 3
  12. I Am Finally F***** Up For This Games 1.Painkiller 2.Halif-Life 2 3.Doom-III 4.Driver 3 5.Splinter Cell 2
  13. If You All Guys Are From America Then I'm From MY F****** A**
  14. funny.. I never got that feeling when I heard it. Maxxximum Impact! Sounds like a bad porno movie. This Is Not Fair SEX?Comes To Kof
  15. Hey There I'm Back JaNaShEeN Now Known As Khakee. Hey Does Anyone Played Painkiller?Leaked Beta? I Have Played It But Not Played Levels.The Game Doesn't Loads... I Have A PC:With The Following Config: P-IV 2.6C With 800 MHZ BUS 512 MB DDR 400 MB BUS 128 MB DDR AGP Chaintech GF4MX 440 8X ASUS P4P800 M/B Inspire 2.1 Speakers
  16. Cool Dude!Thanks For The News!!!
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