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  1. I dont have to worry i have the perfect pc to Play the Game! P-4 2.6C 512 DDR RAM 128 DDR AGP
  2. I Just Downloaded mmjb V 9.0 And It Was 925 k/b s Ma God!!!!!!! i Downloaded Highest 20 kbps seconds But 925 kb/s i was SHOCKED!
  3. Ankhen Is Not A Mission Impossible Ripoff.The Trailer Was Just A Ripoff. Akshay Kumar Is Keanu Reeves,Tom Cruise
  4. India Loses Pakistan Wins Yasir Hamid 98* Man Of The Match
  5. I Think You Should Give The Bat To Sourav ganguly To Get Back On His Form
  6. Ankhen=Mission Impossible Akshay Kumar=Tom Cruise
  7. I Will Buy it When I Get My New Athlon Xp 2600+
  8. Everybody is locked Here No One is Going To Buy the game..
  9. Alien Vs predator 2 playing At night.With All trhe Lights Off
  10. Yes.Hope You join With me Next Time How come you changed your avatar to an ATI one Khakee??? The next match should be awesome...I cannot wait...errrr when is it on again?? Friday!!!Let The party begin
  11. Yes.Hope You join With me Next Time
  12. Get Ready To See The next Match between Pakistan Vs India
  13. You Really Love To Play Sucking Games Like Me
  14. Gamespot is Trusted WorldWide..I Bet This Game Will Rock The Whole World. I Am Waiting For The Pirated Cd Because my Father,Give Me Only 2 Dollars To Buy Games.. Lets go Everybody Buy The Game!!!
  15. GryphonClaw Is In Grade 11 he Really Does This $%@$ HAHAHAHAAHA....Why do you think GryphonClaw is in Grade 11???? , maybe because of his avatar Hey Man I Alwasy Do Serious Jokes Then GryphonClaw Must Be In Nursery...
  16. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!AWSOME UT2004 GETS 9.4 Superb Score For The Pc
  17. I Just Get My Name From An Indian Film.A Film Of Legendary Amitabh Bachan. I Liked The Film very Very Much ForceX Do You Know About It?
  18. Imagine having a DVD explode in your Hands.....You could sue Walt Disney Co. for millions Then Give The Dvd's To Military Or Commandos They Dont Need Any Bombs.
  19. The Scorpion King Is Known As Mummy-3
  20. Dude that Is Completely Wrong... Check This On TomsHardware! Click here!
  21. GryphonClaw Is In Grade 11 he Really Does This $%@$
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