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  1. I Don't Play Online Cause,My Brodband ISP Sucks.It Gives Me 4kb/s
  2. If You're Not An Indian Then How Did You Get It? From your Indian Friend
  3. I Am Just A Gamer.i Only See Movies,Listen To Mp3s.And Do Nothin. Do You Have A Lcd Monitor? Your pc Is Hi-Fi So You Must Have An Lcd Half-Life 2 Will Run On Your Pc Like A Bullet. Doom-3 Will Also Run Like A Bullet I Guess. Do You Have Played This Games?
  4. Ati Costs So Much So I Couldn't Buy It But I Will Buy It With my Next Pc I Will buy The Ati Radeon 9600SE 128 DDR 8X Agp. My Elder brother Always Says To Bou nVIDA Agp's
  5. OK.Thanks.No More Replies please.Then i Will Get The project Later
  7. I Think This Game Almost Sucks... Does it Really Sucks?
  8. Cool!I Wish There Would Be Naked King Or Naked Mai
  9. no Cricket 2004 Grahics Is Not That bad.Your Resoulution Must Be Lower I Play Cricket 2004 On My Pc On 1280X1024. P-4 2.6C/512 DDR Ram/128 DDR GF4MX440 8X AGP/Asus p4p800m/b You Must Have A pc Like me To Play Cricket 2004 In PS2 graphics
  10. Lagaan Was A Bollywood Film The Film Was all About Cricket.In The Film Amir Khan Plays As A Player of India.India have To Defeat British.Mainly the Film Was About To Get A Oscar.Then A War Who Will Get The Oscar Legendary Film Devdas Or Lagaan? Then Finally No One Gets The Oscar.Chicago Gets it.
  11. Ya There Is A Game Ea Sports Cricket 2004
  12. I'm Thinking To Write A Story Called Mummy-IV:Mummy Goes To Hell Anyone Interested In That Story If You Are Then Please Give A Name Of Your Charecter.And In That Story The Mummy Will Be AGOZER!!! Hope You Guys Join With Me. (Thread Edited By GameCop | Reason: Deceptive Topic Title)
  13. "Beware Agozer The Mummy Is Coming"
  14. The main Thing Is indians Defeted For their Poor Bowling.... All Great Bowlers Are Injured Agarkar,Harbhajan,Kumble...
  15. Yes Sachin Scored 141 Thats A Huge Turning Point For India.
  16. Yes Premier Members Club Is Really Cool!
  17. Comeon,Pakistan Scored 330 Of 6 Wickets.Afridi,Razzaq,Yasir Smashed India. Lets See What Can India Do With Sachin And Dravid.. India Loses For Ganguly And Sehwag They Sucked
  18. Comeon,Pakistan Scored 330 Of 6 Wickets.Afridi,Razzaq,Yasir Smashed India. Lets See What Can India Do With Sachin And Dravid..
  19. Where Are You In Hell? I Have Killed You Or Something? Your Lost In The Egypt Cause You're A Egyptian Mummy.You've Waken About 10,0000 Years Later So you are stating that you murdered him about 10,000 years ago, mummified him, and are still alive to witness his resurrection? Niiiiiiiiiiiceeeeeee... nice Ya I Killed Agozer 10,000 years Ago I will have my revenge! RAARRGGGHHHH! Then Get The Revenge Agozer
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