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  1. Wow that is weird, what did you do to transfer the game over to the xbox that was not playing them?
  2. @spaabck- a new hard drive wont fix his problem But your right about the solderless adapters, they are easy to use but you cant beat the 10$ price tag of the DuoX2's, plus they ship fast, easy to solder, i think Ace knows how to solder well
  3. Hey BP, i'm interested in what exactly this is. Is this a new build of XBMC all together or just a modified skin?
  4. If you put on a modchip, make sure it's been pre-flashed with some kind of bios. Look into the DuoX2's, i know they come pre-flashed with an EVOX bios, bank 1 is flashed with a bios for the 1.0-1.5's and bank 2 is flashed with a bios for the 1.6's. If you solder it on and the xbox boots up, your all good to go. If it does the same thing its a hardware failure other than the BIOS. http://www.homebrewdev.com/index.php?cPath...nohf9d5pqakdnh7 Cheers, Nextel
  5. Hmm, sounds like bad bios or bad board, bummer man.
  6. Your hard drive(40GB)sounds like it is locked but not to that xbox and that's why your getting this error. To confirm this you should use an unlocked drive that's been setup or even a blank drive and put in an Autoinstaller DVD to see if it boots. How did you setup the 40GB drive? And if your xbox BIOS has been flashed you dont need to do any softmodding at all. You just need to have an Autoinstaller disc handy like Slayer 2.7 or Autoinstaller Deluxe to setup the new hard drive. Try booting the slayers disc for the hell of it and rebuilding the hard drive completly, see what happens. Cheers, Nextel
  7. Ghost cases are cool, those you linked to are cheap and fun to play with but be careful, the plastic is cheaper and easier to break. I got sick of just having a clear case so i painted the inside of mine and it gave a really nice clear coat look, here's an example. Here is a clear case i painted white on the inside
  8. Depends on what you mean, i've been trying to download the PSX xtras for a while now, almost done. If your looking for a full package of roms i dont think that will come out since each game is rather large.
  9. Best to use Avalaunch for this. It's super light weight and it transfer way faster than XBMC would. Avalaunch will auto-detect another xbox on the network or via patch cable. This is the best way that I've found to do big transfers like the ResXtras stuff.
  10. Top for sure. @ace9094- look up the ResXtras pack of wide icons. They've got a ton of wides, very useful.
  11. Aren't most modchips flashable via a game save like 007 or Splintercell? You should be able to just upgrade the bios on the chip to like X2_5035 or Indibios and then you can have your 250GB's. Post a pic of the modchip, that would tell you right away. Most chips come with atleast a 512k bios bank to flash, some are bigger like 1-2MB to hold multiple bios'. cheers, Nextel
  12. I'm looking at Ndure3.1 and all I can find is Ndure3.1 for PC. Looks like it sets up the drive you via a PC. So, the xbox you have right now already has a 200GB drive in it and it boots to the MS dash already, is that right? If so i have no idea how that would work unless it's already been softmodded and is set to boot to the default dash or has a problem. You could try using Ndure v1.1 007 or SC and see how it goes. Just make sure you back up your EEPROM to your PC before you do anything. I've used this softmod a few times and it worked out great for me with no errors but I have not used it on an upgraded hard drive yet so I cant tell you how it will set up the drive. You sure the xbox does not have a mod chip or a flashed TSOP already? If so that would make thing alot easier.
  13. Hey Ace, so the 200GB is already in the xbox and boots to the MS dash? Since it's only 200GB's you F can take all the space, it's not limited to 137GB. If you've got a partition that is over 250GB you'll need to format it with 32k clusters to avoid corruption. So if you take what you have an just apply the soft mod to you should be just fine. NO formatting or doing custom partitions should be needed. If the xbox is chipped you should just use Slayers 2.7 or AID to setup the drive and have fun.
  14. If your using XBMC you'll need to delete the thumbnails that are already there. Do this by going into xbmc>userdata>thumbnails and delete the programs folder. Reset XBMC and navigate to the games and that should update and change the icons. Cheers, Nextel
  15. I have to agree, I love the new CoinOPs showcase but really don't see why you would add all of these console games to an emulator called COIN...OPS. Emphasis on COIN. Plus there is no way to easily sort through all these games. I do realize the that there is Console and Arcade categories but it's just not organized the way it should be. But, changing up the GUI could change my mind perhaps but for now I'm erasing all the console games to avoid clutter and confusion for guests. On a better note, thank you BP for tweaking the crap out of this emulator and please dont go off on me and the guy above, seems like you can get alittle squirrelly on some people for making comments on your shit. Cheers, Nex
  16. Are you just needing help switching out your xbmc builds?
  17. Try out Descent X. It's a port of Descent for the XBOX. It's choked up my 1.0ghz 128mb board a few times.
  18. Look at it alittle closer. Some of those games you have to donate to get but most of them are free and can be used very easily. Or just use the screenpack itself if you want. I"ve had no issues with those guys at all, always helped me out. But atleast some people are keeping Xmugen alive and doing a better job at it than anyone else i've seen so far.
  19. I never really messed with the eurasia disc's at all. I've always used the 007AUF Save with the raincoat utility to flash TSOP that were 1.2-1.5 If it's a 1.0 it's easier to do. I could send you the files needed. I just cant remember what version you had. PM me or what not and we'll get the ball rolling.
  20. Philexile, how are those temps coming man? Did you cut up that case at all?
  21. Make sure your using a Microsoft S controller, i use a wireless Logitech and have no issues at all. Also, make sure that there is no memory card in the controller and that the DVD dongle is not plugged in. Check this site out, these guys have done a knockout job updating Xmugen. http://xmugenfightingxtreme.com/
  22. Xmugen, the ultimate fighting game. It's going in my cab when i build it.
  23. Hey Phil, have you applied the .xbe patches to fix the speed issues?
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