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  1. Neo, that is alot of fans to have and it would loud, very loud. I wouldnt use the jumper on the motherboard to power all the fans. You could rig up a fan speed regulator for the side fans but i really dont think you will need them. Here is what i've noticed with slims. I've even tried this on my 1ghz trusty board. The 60mm fan you listed (1st one) would be enough to take care of everything. What you should do is cut out the back grill on the back of the case so that there is no air flow restriction in front of the fan. That fan is quiet at 20% and kinda loud at 50% but tolerable. This fan has enough brass to pull alot of cold air in from both sides of the xbox cooling everything. Since your doing a slimbox you'll be mounting the HDD on the left side of the case now and it will get plenty of air flow. Since the HDD is on the left side of the case now, if you put fans on that side of the case they will be blowing air on the hard drive and barely any on the motherboard(depending on the fan size). I think it all boils down to what heatsink you'll use for the upgraded cpu and then go from there but speaking from experience with 1ghz, one 60mm fan should work. One other thing i tried was to reverse the rear fan and have it blowing inward, right on the cpu heatsink, but then the HDD and GPU will get hot since it's blowing hot CPU air onto those two components. Just mess with it and see what happens but try out the single fan option first before you make your cuts on the left side of the case. cheers, Nextel
  2. I would flash your BIOS first, only if it's needed though. You could install XBpartitioner on the E: no problem, just make sure you format the F: when your doing this. Here are the steps i would take. 1. Make sure your BIOS is up to date. I think there is an app that you can put on the xbox to find what bios you have currently. 2. Back up anything that you cant put back on the hard drive after your done. I know it's a pain in the ass to start over but it's best to have the peace of mind that your doing all of this right and nothing will mess up in the future. 3. Install XBpartitioner in F: or E:. Try to get a hold of XBpartition 1.1, its the latest and does almost everything for you. 4. You can do this two ways, you can split F and G which most likely will make them both below 256GB (obviously) so there is not data corruption there. Or, you could give a small amout to F: (ex:137GB)and put the rest of the space on G: which will have to be formatted in 32k clusters. XBpartitioner will format everything and do the cluster sizes for you. 5. Once it's done you can reboot the xbox and notice that your listing of APPs in EVOX are now red and not usable. This is when you need to boot up the Slayers disc again. Boot up Slayer's and choose the Inst/Upgrade Apps option and re-install everything the way it was. 6. Your done, start copying your data to the drive, update any apps like XBMC or Avalaunch since the Slayer's version of those apps is very old. As far as your buddies box goes, he'll probably be ok until he uses 256gb of HDD space on the main partition and then he runs the (most likely) risk of corrupt data. Good luck man, Nextel P.S.- almost forgot, dont use the Slayers disc to format anything over 256GB. It formats it 16k clusters instead of 32k clusters which is what you need.
  3. Fu may have a good point here. If your bios is not one of the latest ones it wont support a big drive like that and your xbox will only show like 137GB of space. Make sure you have the latest bios, I recommend X2_5035. THere are alot of BIOS's on the slayers disc that support the bigger drives. I think X2_4981 does but if you can use the first one i recommended. When you used Slayers disc to install and format the 500gb it should have made F: the big partition. The problem here is that when you fill that section up with over 256gb of data it will become corrupt and you'll lose everything anyway, the slayer disc does not format anything over 256gb with 32k clusters.. What you should do is back up everything you need to keep or cannot get back, use a program called XBpartitioner (install it in F:/apps) to format sections of your drive. You can set it up to where F: has almost everything or you can make it to where F: and G: share the big chunk of space on the drive. If i were you though i would just format F: with 32k clusters (via XBpartitioner) and you'll be set to go. After you are done formatting that partition everything in F: will be gone. You will have to pop in the Slayers disc again and choose Inst/Uprgrad Apps. Just re-install EVOX on C and all Apps in F:. This does start you over again but atleast it wont piss you off when you lose everything for some unknown reason. This may not matter but i figured i would mention it since we are in an emulator forum. One small thing to think about is that if you like to play Xmugen or are going to in the future you need to setup the drive so that F: has 127GB and G: has the rest(xmugen would go in F:/Games). Xmugen does not like customized partitions or any partition that is over 256gb. Some people claimed that it works fine but that is the route i had to take to get it working on my 500GB. Just thought i would throw that in there. Good luck.
  4. Hey Megaman_zer0, I've been using Xmugen for a couple of years now and decided to change the screen pack how ever i'm not to sure how to proceed. I've downloaded a few screen packs and was going to use them but as i compare the new screen packs to the older ones i see alot of things are different. I"ve combed the forums looking for a tutorial on this but have not had any luck. I'm using two different builds of Xmugen. One is the Xtreme Xmugen 2.0 with the MFJ screen pack (550 chars) and the other one is is 1400 character mugen that i found here. http://snesorama.us/board/showthread.php?t=42113 The screen packs are both very different. I understand that i should keep my select.def file around so it will be easier to get the characters in the right slots, i just dont know what screen packs will work and how to use them. Any help would be great man. Thanks, Nextel
  5. It also sounds like you might have not added the source correctly. When in xbmc open the programs menu and press the white button on the controller and that will bring up and options screen that give you the option to "add source". Just point it to F:Emulators or E:emulators and that should do the trick. Also, make sure you get a good icon for it
  6. Xmugen All Day, something about 1400 characters that just keeps you entertained for a few hours.
  7. It would seem that he is "newer". Looks like an early 2008 build is what i have. Chuck build that is. I"ve got an upgraded XBOX that has 128mb RAM and the cpu runs at 1.0GHZ, maybe that will push him through. I'll give it a shot tonight and see what happens.
  8. Yeah, asked at a couple of sites but it seems not everyone is as helpful as everyone here is.
  9. Nobody knows?? I figured he was a high def character or something and couldnt be used in XMugen. Any one out there that could figure this out? I know BP might be able to but it sounds like he's not gonna be around much anymore.
  10. I'd get him just for my collection. Or as a friend of mine says...."it's good to have for profiling purposes". It's also funny to rape someone new at Mugen and does not know what's about to happen.
  11. Cheap, yes, waste of time....no way. It's freakin Chuck Norris. Someone has to beat Rare Akuma and all the other cheap characters.
  12. He's all over youtube. He runs great on the PC version but doesnt seem like the xbox version will cut it. He's cheap as hell but that's to be expected.....it's the chuck norris.
  13. Emus: Apple2 atarixlbox CionOPS reignite showcase R3--thanks a million BP coleco dosbox gamegear all gameboys mednafenx_pce_v2 mednafenx-nes neogenisis_V23 PCSxboxV2.0 Surreal64b5 Ti99 Zsnexbox3.5 Xmugen-NGB MUGEN 1400character On a slimbox
  14. Does anyone know if Chuck Norris works on Xmugen. I've gotten as far as seeing his character in the select screen and as far as the loading screen but then it seems something happens and linux reboots.....I've run the character through the renamer just to straighten anything out and still no go. Was he built alittle too hardcore for xbox graphics?
  15. it's there, i found it in a few seconds.
  16. Thanks BP and everyone else involved. This makes it worth having an xbox by itself.
  17. You should check what all came with your chip. If it came with a little clear adapter that has little spring loaded pins that lights up blue,your ok. It's the solderless version. However, if it did not come with it you'll need to solder an "LPC rebuild PCB" on the bottom of the motherboard. THis is alittle harder to do though. Check and make sure first. Also, google "X3 CE Modchip install". The first link should be a PDF file that includes it. see if this link gets you there. teamxecuter.entryhost.com/x3ce.pdf edit: looking at that site you bought it from, if you bought the Xapter with it you shouldnt have to solder anything, if not then you'll need to whip out the soldering iron.
  18. There is also a much larger Xmugen out there floating around. It's got about 1400 characters in it and it's just as easy to use as Xtreme Xmugen, no DVD version though since it's about 15gb's after you've extracted it. Look up NGBMugen or PM me for a link
  19. Hey BP, was ResX working on the preview vids on this?
  20. Hey BP, just noticed I have to have 3 posts to before i get a PM with the R5 link. Could you shoot me a PM please sir?
  21. Or just go to EBAY, there are a ton on there. If i remember right there is a seller who's store name is Xbox Xtreme shop or something along those lines. He's a fast shipper and has great prices, he's U.S. though. Hope it helps.
  22. I have to say thanks for this too BP. I just got over here from X-scene and I never knew these forums were here. Thanks again for the hard work.
  23. Just curious, never tried this, but will the Keyboard and mouse work on Xmugen if i've got the USB adapter?
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