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  1. I wouldnt try it since it seems to run quite a bit hotter than a 1.0ghz That heatsink looks big enough to work, make sure the screws are nice and snug. If you could find a heatsink with those dimensions and matching screwholes and made of copper......that would be greeeeaaat.
  2. No mods needed on the heatsink. However, i didnt have a veryh good way to mount it since the black heatsink shroud from the stock xbox was removed. So i had to hot glue the heatsink to the mobo and rely on the weight of the heatsink to make good contact. Worked well. For the bios, make sure you use X2_5035 and use a program called X2 Config Maker to edit the bios.
  3. It depends of how you've modded your xbox. If you used a chip or done TSOP mod you can use a bios that can be configured to run the fan at 100% or whatever all the time. Here is the sink i used......... http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16835150029
  4. Do you have any other vent holes in the case? Or is it just the fans? What i'm getting at is you should try to make the most that case move as much air as possible. Having 2 fans pushing air out and one pushing air in might not be good enough. Like the xbox is stock the rear fan brings in cold air to cool the board and sits right in front of that heatsink to creat a solid stream of cold air running through the fins. I wonder what would happen if you reversed your fans and built a fan shroud from the heatsink to the rear fan to maximize your airflow? What does the heatsink look like? I've got one of his 1.0GHZ boards and it did run alittle hotter but i just bought a copperheatsink with a top mount fan, made the rear fan blow air in so it's feeding the heatsink fan and blowing the hot air out of the xbox. That worked out very well. Idles around 102 and has not gone beyond 140 that i know of.
  5. Where do you get the duo-x2 chips for a good price? I look online and they want $50 - $70 (£50) i can get an xbox for that... http://www.modchipworld.co.uk/store/xbox-mod-chips-c-48.html better off doing the soft mod tho mate, unless you get an xecuter chip with xapter solderless solution you are looking at more work imho. Only problem though is that a softmod will not help with the xbox that is not booting from the start. Could be a BIOS going bad or a bad TSOP chip so the xbox needs to boot up first to diagnose the issue quickly...no boot....no softmod
  6. THis is the site i've used(http://www.homebrewdev.com/index.php?cPath=27&osCsid=qjibr0qmnur339bpfg5jsb8q82). This is based out of Canada, if your in the U.K. look up mod-chip.bz, i think it's in Thailand.....bangkok if i remember right
  7. Philexile is right, your best bet would be to get a cheap chip (duox2) and solder it on and see what happens. THey come with EVOX bios preloaded so after you've installed it, power it on and make sure it boots properly. You might ask Trusty or someone over at XB-scene if this could be a RAM issue aswell. Check all of those pins and make sure they are all lined up and solder correctly, something could have come loose on you.
  8. Philexile: Thanks for the advice but i have to disagree on the loudness of those fans. I've never had an issue with those making noise unless one of the blades was messed up. Worst case i can just swap it out with a passive sink from another box (got tons of those).
  9. You could zip tie them however, your limited in space under the hard drive or next to the PSU. The smaller fan that you get, the louder they seem, just speaking from the two times i did that. It seemed loud and once i unplugged the fan it was quiet as a baby. This is where i had mine (circled in blue) and it was too damn loud. Those two rear fans i had though were actually pretty quiet now that i go and plug it in. Maybe one or two of those and you'd ben doing good. THink they were 40mm antecs. NOTE: this box was a super slim box, hence the chopped up inside)
  10. You could always get another 60mm or 40mm blue LED fan and fix it to the top of the CPU heatsink, since you've slimmed it and there is nothing above the CPU you should have the room to do it. That way you can avoid cutting into the case more aswell.
  11. That TSOP can be flashed again, i dont know if there really is a limit but i would avoid doing it alot. Since it's a 1.4 xbox you'll have to use the raincoat utility to flash it. This is not as cut and dry as flashing a 1.0 xbox or a modchip. The bios included from Trusty doesnt have an .ini file to change things either, it's got to be done with XBtool. Your CPU temp is getting pretty high up there, make sure the heatsink is seated down all the way and make sure none of the corners are looser than others. I would also jack up the fan speed of the rear fan using XBtool. For instance, when your xbox boots the fan runs at 20% but when your BIOS loads up it will put the speed to whatever you had set it in XBtool. I would atleast set it at 50-70%. Test it out first in XBMC though since you have the option to use fan override and make sure it's not too loud but i would almost take that loud box instead of a dead 1.4ghz box ya know?
  12. Hell yeah i approve. I've been afraid to cut into any translucent case because i didnt know how the dremel marks would look. I believe i only patched the .xbe's in games (usually only 1) and I think for Coinops i had to patch the default.xbe and the MAMEox.xbe too. That box looks really good too, well bloody done.
  13. Here you go sir, i've used this on my 1.4ghz and works like a charm. Good luck Worked well for me on all emulators and anything needed. http://www.mediafire.com/?vmnnzwxndnj BTW, nice job on the clear case, if i'm looking at it right......did you slim it down?
  14. The biggest drive you can fit into an xbox, that i know of is a 2TB. That is limited to the BIOS used, X25035 will go to 2TB but i've read that a Cromwell bios can support up to 4TB. If you are just going to use the Slayers 2.7 disc to set it all up you should just go with a 250GB or lower. Anything bigger than that you'll have to use a tool called XBpartitioner to reformat the drive or else you'll get data corruption. The tool is easy enough to use but after your done you'll have to reinstall any apps or data that was on the partition that your formatted (usually F: or G:).
  15. TSOP's come in two different flavors, 256k or 1MB in size. 1.0-1.1 Xbox's have 1mb TSOP chips. 1.2-1.5 have 256k TSOP chips. Bios to use on a 1.0-1.1 xbox-has to be 1mb in size X2.5035_1MB Bios to use on a 1.2-1.5 xbox-has to be 256k in size iND-BIOS.5003 X2.4981_256k Overall i can only speak for X2 bios's and they have been solid for me. Customizing is very easy, usually a pc based app that is cake to use. I've heard alot of good things about ind-bios though so read up on that and see if it would better fit your needs.
  16. Right on, XBMC will get a boost from the CPU performance but from what i understand it does not take advantage of the added ram. It will register that the ram is there and available but from what i read the GPU cant use the extra ram so XBMC will not. I think the Jmarshall said along time ago that if anyone was willing to donate a box with 128mb ram he would look into it but that was a while back and i dont think he'd be willing to do this now. Maybe some one at the new xbmc4xbox.org forums would take the challenge.
  17. the gpu will definitely be cleaned first. i have the arctic silver cleaning stuff. it was a package deal with the arctic silver 5. but that is my pre-upgraded board. the new cpu is not on there yet, so i dont really know what will fit in terms of heatsinks. im not sure if i will be going for a passive one yet or not. my case fan is pretty powerful, so it may be enough to keep it all cool. ill see what trusty supplies for my cpu heatsink and try that out for starters. if its not enough for me or doesnt fit the slim case, i will improvise. Right on, let me know how that goes. I"m still debating on if i'm going to spend the money and get one of trusty's new boards. The only reason i can think to get one is just to have such a rare xbox item. I know that some 720p movies will play back but that is the only benefit i see, other than making Linux run better.
  18. For the GPU use 1 & 3 holes. Dont over tighten though. Clean that puppy off before you put that Iceberq on. What are you going to use for the CPU?
  19. i always used them, i'm not too sure if they really do help with temps but once again they look cool. I put it on the RAM chips and the other big chip by the LPC holes. I just figured using them couldnt hurt and you dont want to let them go to waste now.
  20. Right on, make sure you use XBpartitioner 1.1
  21. -Does XBpartioner make partitions >512 GB ?-----yes and bigger -Does XBMC recognize partitions >512 GB ?------yes all day -Can you make F and G both 512 GB ?-----you could, if you were using a 1TB one of the partitions would be alittle smaller -Does that work with all apps (besides mugen) ?-----yes, so far Mugen seems to be the only game i've come across that is effected. -Is it possible to make more partitions ? (and use them for games/emu roms)----dont know about that but you really dont need anymore than F and G Hope this helps, dont let any of this hold you back. People have been doing 1-2TB's for a while now with great success, the only thing that acts tweaky is the SATA/IDE adapters. sometimes those give problems but like you said, they are dirt cheap right now so if you get a bad one, oh well, get another. Check Xbox-scene forums for any feedback on those adapters. Some of the guys in Buy/Sell/Trade forum there were selling some. Good luck, Nextel
  22. Using one on a GPU sink probably wont make a huge difference. I really put it there because it looks cool as shit and it's functional. I've only done that on one box and the rest of the slims i just left the stock sink on but changed out the grease to Arctic Silver. I got luck on mine, it was a 1.0 board so it had the second plug for the stock GPU fan anyway. You can power it anyway you want really.
  23. The iceberq does well with the GPU but does not do too well on the CPU. I dont think it will fit with the 1.4ghz mod. Make sure you get an Iceberq 4 PRO
  24. I havent looked into good heat sinks for the 1.4ghz boards but i bet if you can find one with a fan on it you wont have any problems. I've read all the other posts about that CPU getting hot but it would seem that trusty is using a cheap looking passive sink on his. I would atleast try to find something copper if I would go passive. I think that having a slim can actually make it run cooler since both heatsinks get alittle more breathing room but still have plenty of air passing by. But that's on a "regular" slimbox, nothing super slim. Something like this: This one is just cut along the bottom line where the dvd drive tray would rest. Here is the sink i used on my 1ghz and it idles at 95F and gets up to 125-135 after playing games or emu's for an hour or so. I hot glued the sink on there so there is not alot of pressure holding it to the cpu but the weight of the sink almost made up for it.
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