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  1. I see xbox scene is having the normal troll issues with the same trolls:( its a huge shame to me to see the trolls running around and not listening to obvious things like screen config....and now it nearly completely dead shame on them ..... I told them this would happen and I pitty anyone that goes there now....it really is a big shame


    man I wished people that PM me would have faught for its survial face to face or to the mods....although modding is a silly idea......these people wouldnt behave like that in public esp looking at there photos its a shame they act like this in the virtual world



    Talking to yourself ?


    Perhaps you should think about a good interface instead. That XBMC like concept art you showed months ago wasn't bad.

  2. FAKE? I am or are you?


    Waal = 145 posts and a user


    ( . ) ( . ) aka BritneysPAIRS 3050 posts and Staff.... clear to see who you should trust



    PS im gone from this thread post what you may ill return on release and to post some pics in the next week....I will read stuff....but ill be back to my offical thread...this is for a heads up support will be complexed for all the other versions and now it will get rebranded so I can garentee a level....all builds have all cores...have pixel perfect....have video support....have commandline....have background music...have hd support across everything in consistantly....so this stuff I know is done when I put a line in the sand and dont have to see what build people are on and what features it may have






    The guy is proud of his 3050 posts. Which are always the same. Get a life, dude... Same for your FAKE above...

  3. And Amiga Xtras Starter kit is available:


    - Multiple floppy (ADF) versions (normal, trainer...) regrouped in a zip for each game

    - 320 Hard drive installed (WHD) versions for faster loading and no disk swap

    - Artwork including 3D boxarts, boxarts, title, snap etc...

    - Video previews for every game

    - Manuals for 292 titles. (258 manual scans, 286 text files)

    - FAQs including hints, keys, solutions, walkthrough and reviews for 261 titles

    - Maps for .. five games. Lucky you

    - Video commercials.


    PM me for links.

  4. hey waal just curious do you have a working version of armalyte for the amiga as this one game i have never got to work on winuaex,i love the c64 version.

    Hey Fu,


    Yes I have various disk versions and a hard drive installed one you can play with the new winuaex. I'll send you these next friday when I'm back from vacation.



  5. Me. I'm your friend coz I believe in your signature.


    Or because i had sexuality in your body yesterday.

    Oh yeah and it was very good. Man, you're creative unlike others. Next time let's try the cellar.




    The only thing riding on you is your boyfriend :)



    This forum looks more and more like a mix between the Village People and the Love Boat. Basically it is progressive. I like it.


    The GUI of CoinOPS, bringing all under 1 roof is exactly what the Xport/madmab/XBMC combo is lacking.

    The idea is brilliant and much appreciated by me.

    Yes, madmab has loads of features that aren't in CoinOPS, and may never be in.

    Personally I miss saving and patches the most.


    So why not create a best of both ?


    Instead of this flame-war, you could be working on a Xport GUI, (or a re-write of Xport / XBMC

    that would bring all games under 1 roof,

    with the advantages of sorting features like genre,

    getting back to the games-list without rebooting xbox and at the same sport you left it from,

    ability to boot xbox games.


    There's obviously enough people wanting this, yet nobody is coding it.




    See ?


    There are even some who want to make orgies.

    Hot hot hot

  6. Hi,


    Virtua Fighter and Racer run full FPS on my Trusty upgraded Xbox. People appreciate it. Thank you, BP!


    The better question is: Why complain? If you don't want to play it at 20 FPS (a framerate many PS1 games run native at), don't play them.


    Someone else sees someone complain ?


    I see only one ego that swagger again and continues to flatter the ego of another...

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