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  1. source changes pinned download them if you want....


    post your ones lol......you avoid that subject everytime...always balmming me...never looking at yourself.....look what that is on wiki :D there are many words for it


    why I dont post them with the binary...(6gig at present) but even with its smallest build its 300 megs



    A 6gb source code... You're definitely a funny guy, lol.


    Then put them on a SVN like Xport did, lucky for you too.


    Still no sources pinned here. Really disturbing, these hallucinations ...

  2. do a google search CoinOPS scr or CoinOPS source code and you will find the binaries....also credits are in them...if I search on google for your guys code I find nothing....I find nothing to say all your videos are emu movies in that set as well...and they are.....

    patches have been pinned here and multiple downloads of all of them have happened...alot of dev also have sources....and they can hand them to whoever ive always said this....


    you guys try and justify everything....you live with yourselves if you think your doing the right things Im fine with it....ok this is once again pointless I have saifd my piece I know at least what I think....best of luck in your closed world loop

    Then just put the sources with the binary. Like it uses to be for other open-source projects.


    And don't brag too much about google. All you get as results are links to old pages... LMAO.


    Regarding your last word and just because we're going wikipedia today. You may read this.



    Psychological projection

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Psychological projection or projection bias is a psychological defense mechanism where a person unconsciously denies his or her own attributes, thoughts, and emotions, which are then ascribed to the outside world, such as to other people. Thus, projection involves imagining or projecting the belief that others have those feelings.[1]

    Projection reduces anxiety by allowing the expression of the unwanted unconscious impulses or desires without letting the conscious mind recognize them.

    An example of this behavior might be blaming another for self failure. The mind may avoid the discomfort of consciously admitting personal faults by keeping those feelings unconscious, and by redirecting libidinal satisfaction by attaching, or "projecting," those same faults onto another person or object.

    The theory was developed by Sigmund Freud - in his letters to Wilhelm Fliess, '"Draft H" deals with projection as a mechanism of defence'[2] - and further refined by his daughter Anna Freud; for this reason, it is sometimes referred to as Freudian Projection.[3]




    Bizarro world, eh ? :D

  3. The term open source describes practices in production and development that promote access to the end product's source materials. Some consider open source a philosophy, others consider it a pragmatic methodology. Before the term open source became widely adopted, developers and producers used a variety of phrases to describe the concept; open source gained hold with the rise of the Internet, and the attendant need for massive retooling of the computing source code. Opening the source code enabled a self-enhancing diversity of production models, communication paths, and interactive communities.[1] Subsequently, the new phrase "open-source software" was born to describe the environment that the new copyright, licensing, domain, and consumer issues created.


    The open source model includes the concept of concurrent yet different agendas and differing approaches in production, in contrast with more centralized models of development such as those typically used in commercial software companies.[2] A main principle and practice of open source software development is peer production by bartering and collaboration, with the end-product, source-material, "blueprints," and documentation available at no cost to the public. This is increasingly being applied in other fields of endeavor, such as biotechnology.[3]





    Open Source also means crediting the people involved before you and including ALL the files they provided including the info text files for instance. Also Open Source means to include the COMPLETE source code with the binary packages you provide.

    Two things you never do.

  4. videos is a tiny part of CoinOPS....a few hours work.....this was about 2-3 percent of the work load for the upgrade.....anyways to me they are facts.....you allways talk about respect.....you are the disrespecters...ive achieved what I said and in a short time frame....and all by myself...includes videos synopsis features cores...upgraded cores....the list goes on.....and as you know I release my sources so you can steal or use what you want :D you hide yours and think I need them :) well that so anti open source and you guys talk about fair...well thto me is against all this stand for....you dont release updates for the work of others you stand on.....but its all good cause to me its of no use.....but its still very very disrespectfull of the scene.... :( and that once again to me is facts.... you guys really think stuff like 720P in surreal is hard I posted the code and it took about 5mins to find and add it....also I posted it live for anyone.....im not worried what anyone does with it as its open source as my stuff was founded on it

    LOL. You've got a strange conception of the scene obviously. Looks more you will to incarnate the whole scene by yourself. Haha.


    Protecting work ? Of course measures have to be taken from you ripping and not crediting. That wouldn't happened if it wasn't you. This is a known fact.


    Don't waste your time and mine... We'll never agree.

  5. well good luck you got a link to your site....I dont really care about any of that stuff.....my posts are true and nothing personal....they are what they are....by negative you just mean facts....and the facts are these are mostly emumovies movies which I had long ago and they have black bars and low sample rates and low res alot of the time....so I wont be using them....take it personally if you want to me they are facts....if they where redone im sure I would use them in CoinOPS but I created my own ones for the games ive added to the pack

    I notice that you were far more hysterical when we criticized on your production. What was your word then ? mmm... Disinformation ? :)


    In fact in recent months you have just complained of an attitude that you yourself have constantly.


    But we do not care about such subjective assessments. I just highlight the difference between our attitude and yours.


    I think you're incapable of understanding that. This is a problem of behavior.


    At least it's fun to observe that. :D


    Waiting for your new videos, though. Always good seing you're doing your own stuff finally. That changes from the way you usually act like everything was owed to you... These people at Emumovies might deserve some respect after all...


    But whatever... Mental structure is mental structure...

  6. Thanks, BP! Can't wait to try that out.


    Whats the big deal about videos? If BP makes higher quality ones that look better in 720p, just use them for the new Xtras set. I don't see what the issue is. I only use 480p mode, so these are fine for me. :) Haven't had a chance to try the new Surreal, but it looks like a huge improvement.





    Waal, I still love you, but I won't engage in this back-and-forth. :( Its not worth our time - yours or mine. Also, I appreciate the work you are doing on the Amiga stuff, it looks really promising. I think everyone here is basically a good person so I propose this:


    A TRUCE - The terms stated below


    1. You guys stop the negative posts about BP.


    2. BP, you in turn stop posting anything negative about the Xtras team.


    3. Both parties are should only post about one another if they have something good to say, otherwise keep it to yourself.


    4. We all move forward to a positive future for the Xbox scene as a whole. No more old bullshit. It ends now.





    I just find this amusing regarding what is written here these days ...and what the reality is concerning these videos and the new surreal. But opinion is free. Even if it's shared by only a single person after all.


    So funny to see that what works in one direction does not necessarily work in another.


    I wasn't wrong.... This confirms how much we are the good guys. :D

  7. OK just looked at the xtras videos for N64 and ill have to redo most of them :( bummer.....but they wont make the grade at present...black bars...low res...bad framerate etc...so ill work on some of these soonish (just the ones from emumovies...bummer I thought they may have redone them)


    Hum... :)



    Ok fair enough. Don't forget to post your owning supa'megabombastic videos captures so I can use them then.




    Where's Philexile when we need him ? :D

  8. I said this because of stuff lie my first and last name being mentioned by the above people and messages to my facebook and hotmail acoounts....then an attack and the same people lol about it....ive never seen such behavour on the net and dont know if I should except it or do something about it....its the first time ive had to deal with such things.....


    anyways dont care now....best of luck people this stuff has happened for years by the same people and its never stopped anything.....id say it must slow them down alot by looks....

    Nobody from our side sent any messages to your facebook & hotmail account in an attempt to hurt you. Also stop the paranoia about the "attack", too. A real attack would have done much more damage. You really mustn't know anything about IT to support such an idea. Or maybe you fake it ... I prefer to think that. It's best for you.


    For once, stop playing the victim. You've been an ass for years and there's only a bunch of guys who pretends to ignore these known facts.




    Just concentrate on your project and stop the bullshit. That's all we ask since a very long time.


    I'd like to say farewell but I feel that it'll still be difficult ... The ball is in your camps. So just keep it.

  9. I agree, you won't hear from me again unless it warrants it.

    I second that. But we will see how the other guy behaves. This situation happened before so frankly, I doubt he can keep his mouth shut... But well… We'll see...

  10. Lay off Cospefogo, Bigby, he is good people. :angry:


    As to these 'threats' by BP - that was posted after Waal (and someone else, I can't remember who) started posting his real name in an attempt to antagonize him. Also, didn't you guys send him taunts through Facebook too?


    You can't take the moral high ground if you do stuff like that. It was definitely wrong and, as I told you and Waal, it will only add to the animosity here. I think George Carlin put it best when he said: "Fighting for peace is like screwing for virginity."

    Cut the crap and the hypocrisy, Phil. I never sent anything to BP via facebook or anything like this. But it happened I learned things about your dear friend Kenny by other means. I let you discover how unless you can prove what you maintain. These are serious accusations based on nothing regarding myself. So please cut the crap.

    But at least I'm certain that the guy in question is really human lol. Wasn't sure after all the shit he throws since so many time. And you know what's about as we had together a private chat on this matter a week ago. So don't act like nothing happened, this is terribly disapointing…


    I'm also stunned by your selfishness, both of you, acting like short-sighted persons just because you feel an instant need. I remember you being grateful to us as well in other times... So we'll see how you will be welcomed soon. Too bad nobody learned you how to be grateful and respect people... So stick with your weirdo and good luck. We don't need to waste time with pitiful opportunists of your kind anyway…

  11. ok ill continue on and let the admins deal with stuff....I got a bit side tracked by the weekend...but its all good now....

    ignorence is bliss and if one cant see they cant see or admit stuff then one cant move forward...if you cant see the same 5 people post the same things on all sites and then the thread dies well to me its a joke but to you guys its the way to handle things....ill stop laughing about it and just let it go......anyways dont know why im explaining the obvious...unless you get 1000 plus hits while sleeping on one thread at release time its not in the same ball park...anyways you ague it out...your stuff is not worth aguing about to me your numbers are so low here and on other sites......so no offense but its not really worth looking at your stuff for me......but good luck thing will continue as they should and all is well again....


    release info tonight about 2.1...im out of here till there stuff worth looking at


    peace all....


    Ignorance is bliss, eh ? Indeed.


    Of course, the CoinOPS thread has more than 1000 views though it's initially a simple news like others posted in the download announcement section. Like we do with any xbox release.


    And people, do you know why we had so many answers ? Simply because of the drama BP generates here.


    Since that thread was started, he cried because we've decided to release his build, then he cried because he read people criticizing it , he also cried for just an april fool joke, then he got angry, then he threatened with lock, then he annoyed a loooot of people some even came for support on our site, then he got angry again, then he actually put the locks on his build, then he cried again, then he insulted again, then he threatened again and again, then Bigby found a simple method to avoid the locks so we can play arcades games, then he .... Well... You get the point. You've been reading his rant so often here, in this section. Same song since so much time... LOL


    Read the topic my friends, enjoy 9 pages of real laughter.




    Oh by the way, to prove my point about how counting views on threads is pointless: Just click on the "Downloads" link in the EmuXtras banners.


    Two examples from the same period (April/May 2011):


    Xdink, homebrew port by A600 : 118 views and 1084 downloads

    CoinOPS R9 by his master: 1966 (was around 1600 yesterday, mmm lol) views and 221 downloads.


    Of course don't forget to take a look at the Madmab Edition Emulators... and know we migrated our site in last february so all counters were reset. But take a look, anyway. :angry:


    Now I've got a question:


    How can this guy can even code with such low reasoning ability ?

  12. if I give you proof of the view numbers will you admit it? :angry: and never comment again about the trend that coinOPS has on your site...most of threads get only a few views...whole sections get only a few views....CoinOPS I think pretty much equaled all the views of all the treathed in the section combined....its nearly at the top of thread count in the shortest time.....


    so once again if I can show you tracking data from your site will you admit it? and I wonder why you dont do it yourselves....enough said I do feel sorry for you guys and I know its the reasosn you come here...even though you like to pretend it isnt ive looked at the stats....enjoy your tumbleweeds if you dont come here

    Post whatever you want.


    The reason I come here is explained above.


    Poor guy.

  13. bazinga....the only time I see traffic on your site is with CoinOPS lol it owns all your other threads combined


    You may adjust your glasses then.


    ...but if it's not enough just go for a cure.



  14. I don't agree with other people making offensive personal attacks against you either. I can't comment about other forums because I only post on this one but this forum's rules should be upheld in such a way that nobody can get away with making personal attacks against anybody without consequence, including yourself. It sounds to me like you became 'staff' here just by designing a logo and that's fine, but somebody should have made you aware that 'staff' members should be setting an example of the rules and not abusing their position or their standing with the site's admins to break them as they choose.


    By all means criticise. By all means argue; that's what a forum is for. But do NOT make offensive and personal insults against other members because you think you are immune to the consequences of doing so.

    The difference between here and our forum is that emuxtras.net is moderated. When it's needed to be.


    We rarely saw arguments there except of course with CoinOPS because of it's controversial nature and the behavior of it's author. An author who have been permanently insulting this site and people he doesn't even know like Madmab since we went online a year ago. That's the reason why we chose in the first time to not release any CoinOPS build on the site to keeps things separated. But after internal discussions, it was recently decided to also provide it like any xbox software. What I've noticed then is immediately after the announcement on the site, someone came with a fake ID to bring controversy. We know who he is but we don't really care as it was a 2mn fix to delete the fake account and suspend the guilty one for... a week (bouh !). Further reading on this particular topic on emuxtras.net also reveals the resentment that members have after reading the XBOX section of 1emulation.com.


    And I'm only talking about the XBOX section. The other sections on 1emu seem to be pretty decent compared to this. Curiously, people behave nicely on the other topics. Even thread views behave normally (:angry:).


    Now I don't know what is the position of the owners of this forum. I mean do they care if their own forum is used to permanently defame two other places: A more recent like emuxtras.net and a landmark like xbox-scene.com ?

    But hey, I won't go further. I already asked twice, one time nicely then one more time much less nicely, and I had a weird feedback from some staff member each time...

    Looks like the question is taboo, here ? Maybe it's the reason why they put such a pitiful person in charge of this forum section... Or maybe not.

    Who knows ? Maybe they're therapists leading some kind of experience... Maybe they just want us to swallow that big blue pill and shut up...


    Anyway, as they are no rules in this section since years and now lead by such a guy it's normal to read such crap and it's also normal we answer this way and worse... You know... Eye for an eye...

  15. Someone calls an ambulance if no admins are available please.


    I won't bother to reply to all these insults and these delusions. The song remains the same since so much time...

  16. right as a few know now...im leaving this thread now....ill be posting on dev and reading though this stuff....


    its clear the same people that cant keep viewers on there site want the same thing here.....ill post all development work on the LOCKED DEVELOPMENT THREAD....ill read though stuff and anything thats reliavant and I want to asker will be....otherwise it wont be answered....im sorry for those that truely want stuff but this is a hobby and moves forward all the time...


    peace guys...ill post on Development thread every few days as I add stuff...ill read stuff and it may make it into the Full build soon.....

    on that note 2.1 is nearing completion for bug fixing and adding of new games...should be in BETA soon


    Leaving this thread now... Uh, really ? These are very long goodbyes though...


    But yeah. Absolutely. Concentrate on your work...it will save us from endless reading your stupid arguments.

    You've been repeated dozens of times and that for months that no one cares about attendance statistics especially because your analysis is silly.

  17. Well it was ticked and now the games are playable, but other than Pilotwings they all display at 480i :D


    but on the bright side at least I can play them now, and no doubt it will get fixed soon and I can play them in 720P


    Only 480i ? :(


    Welcome to the "Xtra team" by the way ! :D



    MMM there we go with the prodding again. (sigh)


    Well it was just to announce you that you'll soon be considered as part of the "xtra team" because according to the other guy, only "xtra team" has this issue so it's a lie of course.


    Don't take it too personally but please next time consider the situation before you come and give judgment on people you don't even know...


    Not that this guy doesn't say shit about us since a year and even more for some people... :)


    Anyway, it's just a hobby as it seems...

  18. Well it was ticked and now the games are playable, but other than Pilotwings they all display at 480i :D


    but on the bright side at least I can play them now, and no doubt it will get fixed soon and I can play them in 720P


    Only 480i ? :D


    Welcome to the "Xtra team" by the way ! :)

  19. i wont go low to ur level so no comment :)

    That's a wise decision. Useless you were, useless you'll still be.

    I just hope keeping silent will make you do something one day… Who knows ? Could be a miracle…


    Proof of concept: talking with one of the few BP worshippers always leads to nothing.

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