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  1. For those with skin problems, i have found that having a "Default" skin installed makes things go away. Don't know why, it just does. Perhaps it just requires that directory, i dunno. Can't speak about the Gilou skin as i don't use it. I only use my own and another default that i made.
    cba.gy, each skin has to be in his own directory and it's ok.

    Yes, well done. Thats neither what i said or what i meant.

    Remember, its you having problems, not i !

    Good for you and good for me, then. :P

    I guess you know what you're doing too, even you weren't very clear before.

    Actually, once a folder is selected you don't even have to keep a "default" folder for later use. The name doesn't matter, it's just it was named like that at start. Just look the way the original ini file is made.


    Well, whatever...




    I had this issue hours ago and posted about it here. I realized my error in between and that is why I didn't mention it again in my later PM .

  2. 1.regarding the skin problem i can change the skin to the default skin and change back to gilou skin without any problems.

    2.i tried shinobi and never got any freezing issues,janthony were you playing the game for a few levels as i played for about 5-10mins and never had any issues.

    3.regarding 1945k as far as i can tell that wavy effect isnt a glitch as i have seen this before in mame,you have to turn on one of the graphic filters and you dont get that issue.

    it could be that you are playing it on a widescreen tv with the screen rotated ie stretched which causes that.well thats how i play it and i did notice this but as i said above.

    4.gunbird works fine for me.

    5.shadow dancer crashes when you try and exit the game during gameplay.

    6.an odd thing i found with strikers 1945 3,if you play the game for the first time then you can play to about the second and third level,then once you exit out and go and play it again it will crash about halway through the first level.

    but if you delete the strikers 1945 3 nv file in the fbaxxxpro folder then you can play right up to the third level usually.


    Yeah, I have a wide screen tv. I know they were not thinking of making these games for home user's in mind, with 27'' - 52'' HDTV's. So I have to try that out with the graphic filter. Sometime I don't know if its my roms or not, some of them are missing files and I need to run them through romcenter or clr. I don't know how to do that, so I just play the games that load. Thanks for the tip. :P



    1. Correct. My mistake, I merged the old and new folders when uploading. Should have renamed before updating.

    2. All Shinobi sets plays OK except Set 1 & 2 => Black screen after "the romset is correct" was displayed.

    4. Gunbird Korea, Japan and World were OK first. Then I had a black screen until I deleted CFG files in TDATA/FFFF504/CFG. Since it's ok. Some games like Dodonpachi/Donpachi worked again with this method.

    5. I Confirm. Freeze then reboot needed.


    Kenshiro, you have a PM.


    cba.gy, each skin has to be in his own directory and it's ok.


    Ah and I forgot to tell you that this release will be a great one when finalized. It's the first time I see Power Drift, G-Lock and Galaxy Force II on a TV set and it makes me feel soooo nostalgic.

  3. Thanks guys. I gonna check that now :D


    Dave, i need to send my sources, Sega drivers seems hating me or FBA-XXX, there's a loooooooot of problems with them.


    EDIT: 3) Gunbird - Froze my xbox a couple times on start up ----> i can't reproduce it. I launched it at least 5 times, launch others games after, no problems... Everyone has the same problem?


    I confirm for the Sega games I mentioned before. First I thought I build a wrong set but it's OK, it works on FBA 029706.


    Regarding the interface, I can't select the "change skin" item (not that I care too much, the new one is so goldo-nice).


    The emulator seems to freeze randomly, once when I was browsing the options and other times in the game list.


    (Vas-y mon gars !!! La France te regarde ! :) )

  4. I'm back from work right now, Kenshiro. Finally the weekend starts for me. :)


    I updated my romset last night and had a quick look this morning. It appears Turbo Outrun freezes on a black screen and Wonderboy III loops at startup on somekind of tests (like sprite color cycles). FBAXXX tells the roms are ok, though. (They are imported from Mame 0.133).


    I will check this more thoroughly this evening and be right back.


    By the way, thanks for the beta !

  5. they look better in hd on 480p :D unless its reskinned.... someone can release a full sd pack of videos / I have them on my desktop and they are 4.5 gigs but I dont have bandwidth or speed to give them to people


    so ill only be working on my builds in high quality

    Ok sounds great anyway.


    Does Coinops supports network sharing as Xport emulators do ?

  6. PM3 skin is ugly and it's boring to always watch the same design. Beyond Mario and Sonic, a specific theme like FBAxxx, Mednafen PCE, Neogenesis etc. is more immersive. After all, it's the feeling related to the emulated machine that counts not the sense of being on a fake XBMC.


    Anyway, if I had to design an XBMC compliant skin I would look to the future and adapt this :


  7. Good to hear. I'm sure you can change the boot up animations and stuff back to the default if you want. I have the X2 set to do a random flubber animation at each boot up, there's like 15 of them that you'd never see without a modded bios. I have the normal green xbox logo but took out the microsoft logo. With the IND it seems you can replace the flubber and xbox logo with completely different models. Obviously they changed the xbox logo by default.

    I have an X2 bios too. Could you please tell me more about how to replace the original anim ? Would be a pleasure for my ears...

  8. Thanks for the report, i will report it too. Does it happen on the official FBA and MAME too?

    Asura Blade/Buster and all the Power Instinct games work fine in MAME on PC. Don't know about FBA on PC, I've never tried it.

    Asura Blade - Sword of Dinasty works fine on FBA PC (029706)

    But Asura Buster - Eternal warriors is marked as bad because of sound glitches (which I noticed, voice doubles sometimes) and freezes on first boss (Vebel, some kind of blob).


    Power Instinct I (US and JAP) freezes on the select menu with sound glitches. And then it makes FBA crash (guru meditate, lol).

    Power instinct II (US) has bad music but is playable. Japanese version is ok, though.

    Power instinct Legends is OK but I heard slight sound glitchtes at start.

  9. For CoinOps there's the old BAED collection that was build for MameDOX (or something like that). I used it many years ago and it was a mess because of too many crappy-buggy games and ugly interface. That's why today's Coinops with it's "best of" collection and light design gives me satisfaction. Too bad the drivers are old but many tried to update them in the past and have quit...


    And for FBAXX, I built my romset based on Mame 0.133 this weekend. Piece of cake. Kenshiro did a great work updating the drivers, especially for my favorite, the Neo Geo. :(

  10. Is there one? Specifically for CoinOPS? (although I don't know why it would make a difference) I used to be able to do this (for some neo geo emulator anyway) but apparently I did something wrong. Clrmamepro took about 5 hours to build a bunch of roms that didn't work, hooray! I tried Romcenter but I can't find the option to export roms to a separate directory anywhere, only verify, maybe mine was messed up.


    I never got to CLRmamepro, I just don't like the way it's designed. But I'm used to Romcenter.

    And I can tell you that to export roms, you have to select all the good roms (displayed when the green zip icon is active) then click on the right mouse buttons and in the menu chose "operations > move files to..." (should sound like this as mine is in french, just in case it's "opérations > déplacer les fichiers dans...). You can also find these commands in the "ROMS" menu at the top of the screen.

    You can also repair your roms. Click the yellow zip icon, then select all the listed roms, right click and chose repair on the menu.

    I have a 100% verified and complete .133 romset here am I supposed to be using an older one?


    Yes your are. As 0.133 roms are different and Coinops requires much older roms. It's Mame 0.8x or something...


    Maybe you should try FBAXX 1.29 which uses latest romset (and also recognizes my analogic arcade stick and that's veeeery nice).

    So is this really complicated and you guys can't figure it out or what? It seems to me that dealing with DAT files would be something you guys do quite often/understand quite well and the answer to my question would be very simple so I cannot help but feel ignored.


    Yes it is complicated. It's slow, messy and boring. Better browse the web. That's what I did.


    NB: And don't forget to rescan your roms in Coinops. Just in case...

  11. Hi,


    I just received the Universal Fighting Stick for my xbox and it doesn't work. No reaction with XBMC and Xport emus. In Coinop Ignite, I can only move up-down and only a few buttons work.

    My PSX>XBOX adapter is an old one branded "Atomicplay". Could this adapter be the problem?


    The stick works fine on my PC, USB or PSX plugged (through superbox3 pro).


    Does anyone here owns this stick and makes it work ok ?


    Thanks for your replies.




    Uhhh. Silly me. Forget this. The adapter is also fine. All works perfect with FBAXX. And right now I remembered to remap keys in Coinops and it's ok now. But it seems there is no support for arcade sticks in Xport emus, though. Too bad, I used to play with Konix and other kind of joysticks during the amiga days...

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