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  1. waal that is newbe quote of the day hahaha awsome stuff...stop playing with me your owning me........I see you get mad respect....its clear now everyone knows your a troll which is fantastic news you get no respect at all, im glade to see any thread I dont go to that you do doesnt even last a day now unless you come here that shows people know whats what to me....

    As for your interpretation of our work, you're always free to judge ... But I note again that you quote us as an example. Such an honor to be a reference haha

  2. If you had so much confidence, you wouldn't lose so much time to write such long and repetitive speeches. You're funny, either we stick a picture or write a single line and you sink into your logorrhea.


    This is not really the point of beating a dead horse but a donkey.

  3. arhhh thats better I think I have them fooled now...... that was close they nearly found out I dont know what im doing..... but all is hidden now as I out whitted them by the look over there tactics...........lol



    One of your best.


    Oh yeah you're skilled. :)




    Even better after you've edited it.


    Maybe you should try Yoga ?

  4. I recently stripped CoinOps X back to the bare emulator (deleted roms, vids etc.) and then added approx 5000 various old mame roms I had picked up along the way. This was purely to see if any rom would run that hadn't been included in any previous releases?

    To my surprise both ROAD RIOT & MOTO FRENZY booted up (these are early 90s Atari driving games - same hardware as Pitfighter). They both started and ran at a decent frame rate and both looked like excellent games - definately nice for the avid collector!


    This is definitely acting like a tramp. 90's Atari driving games... Yuuuuuk ! Nobody cared about these games back in the days...


    Just find a decent occupation, really.

  5. I never said my talk was clever and I don't care about audience rates or whatever... I always said you're FUN. You're my amusement machine n#1.


    And regarding my skills. Haha if only you knew...


    Anyway, thanks for that. Get some more peanuts, you deserve them.

  6. Hey why dont you create a I hate BP thread he cant code hes a newbe etc thread those work wonders...people really follow you and really your starting to change peoples minds about the facts....what wankers

    Sorry can't do that. I'm so noob that I can't find a way to create a topic. I prefer to rely on experienced people like you.


    And this is great to see you're going to add samba support. Finally. Who knows ? Maybe one day your patchwork will count as many features the Xport-Madmab emus have. And maybe another day you'll express interesting stuff and amaze us like real coders usually do.

  7. Indeed. Let's keep this for the record. To see how he can lose his temper.


    I like him so much. May he keeps on the high-standard posting.




    Actually I don't think you're laughing. Isn't your behavior a big cry out loud? Don't you think you appear as a bit desperate for attention? What are you trying to prove and to whom? You didn't fix MK with sound, did you? If you can help, why don't you do that instead? If you can't help, why don't you do something else? Bitterness is ugly.

    LMAO again & again.


    Dude, you really talk like those intellectuals we have here on TV.


    Simple, this place is great fun for when I'm bored. ...and it's even funnier when you give an existentialist twist to all this. :)

  8. Indeed. Let's keep this for the record. To see how he can lose his temper.


    I like him so much. May he keeps on the high-standard posting.




    god I add mortal kombats, nba james with sound plus added lots of stuff and fixed lots of stuff that never worked on xbox before, you even asked for this stuff +T+ and everyone asked for it and you still complain....aragant bastard...what a cunt!!!!!! thanks +T+ now I know your a wanker


    waals just a level troll :) !!!! no follows his stuff its lame and basically crap (opps did I say thats the reason why there threads die and no one looks or comments on them? I know its common sense but hey why not call a spade a spade)


    The wankers get upset by every release it reminds them of there failings!!!!

  9. When you finish this terrible and uninteresting work, I hope you will rest a bit and finally go see a doctor.

    Because you rehash a lot and it worries me a bit anyway.


    This is actually getting amusing. Who needs to see a doctor, the one making an effort which lots of people find interesting, or the one who desperately needs to express how uninteresting he finds the effort to the very same people and author? Pretty clear to me. It's like trying to explain to a laughing crowd how boring the joke was. You only stand out as an arse.

    Oh lookie... How amusing to read such a courageous but ignorant little twat... Just try to learn what's behind the scene and happened long before you, lamer...

  10. Please find below an already made answer as well.


    geez, i haven't been here for awhile & when i come back you are still being a fucking ass bp/coinops whatever...

    why don't you just answer the question? why does everything have to be such drama for you?

    you are the coder for coinops are you not...?

    it really isn't hard to see why people give you such a hard time.

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