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  1. I am happy as with my progress cba :) good to see concerned about my progress....maybe you should look at your own stuff with more concern I would for sure if I was you....


    im doing a best of made from many experienced people...alot of games I didnt know about...anyones free to make suggestions and join the team...but they need to know its a controlled process and to work with the project not against it or try and control it...if that happens we progress without you....its nothing personal as people think....ive found it easy to own others that think they can go it alone and I wish this wasnt the case but unfortantly ive never seen any proof that I should have let them control the show....maybe I should have seen there skills but I havent so im happy with things :) also the stats show they are so wrong anyways...but hey they think they are right so we will agree to disagree...lifes all good and im enjoying the fruits of my work...and everyday I enjoy it a little more


    ill give CBA a real world story of average people...


    I gave my cousin and xbox that I had been running xport stuff in sd on....he had an hd tv...

    his kids played it and when the screens to small...so I told them they have to change the TV


    LESSON LEARNED :: Assumption they have sd and hd tvs and wont swap is flawed...so fixed in CoinOPS


    then all the games where the wrong size


    LESSON LEARNED :: No automatic adjustments makes life hard when swapping ...so fixed in CoinOPS


    they asked how do I change the screensize


    LESSON LEARNED :: People dont want to understand the technical side and want to play games...so fixed in CoinOPS


    then they got lost in the emulator and asked where Mslugs where...I told them dummies they are CPS2 games you newbe


    LESSON LEARNED :: general public dont know CPS1 CPS2 other NeoGeo...so fixed in CoinOPS


    then they said I cant see my games....I said dam you must point this to F://Games//Emulators//mednafenx//Roms whats wrong with you...they said whats mednafenx...I said what a newbe


    LESSON LEARNED :: Why do you think people know what system runs what and how you have managed the file system...so fixed in CoinOPS


    its a hint for you guys that wonder why the interface is done the way it is...if it doesnt make sense then all the power to you and good luck...it makes sense to me and as this is my project im happy with what ive done...you guys need other stuff or to start your own project...there is more examples and more reasons but these are the basics of my design structure and why....if you dont understand then we can never see eye to eye as I will never see your point a view after seeing this 50 times in each occassion when modding 100s of boxes


    so cba although you dont care you are always back...


    Its good to see all you new people......this will add documentation for people eventually to answer alot of questions asked and also stuff you probably dont know exists in it :)




    LESSON LEARNED : general public will stay ignorant. Don't think just be. Consume or die.

  2. Looks more like a greetings list but that's a start.


    Special Thanks to


    Xport for all the sources to help make all the Cores Possible

    iq_132 for many new Mame drivers ported to 0.84 Mame so I could insert them into the Xbox version

    ressurectionx for all the naming for all the console games

    run088 for all the renaming to allow insertion of drivers for all the console games

    fumanchu for supporting me with information about games I havve never played that rock...allowing me to add them to showcase packages for everyone

    nes6502 for giving me the motivation and basic idea on how to add the cores and also sega32 Final Burn core

    Tig for mouse support and some other coding support

    stf for supporting me with information about games ive never played that rock...allowing me to add them to showcase packages for everyone

    ezon3 for command line sources

    All the Mame people from long ago in the Mame team and also the Mameox porters for porting it to the Xbox


    And many others that remain hidden but you know who you are



    Special Fuck You for basic lack of knowledge and cause issues when they have no skills


    cba.gy - A total newbie that loves to spread misinformation and also is a total hypocrite about stuff he blames me for...he’s the top dick for sure

    The-Ice-Man - A total dick really

    Neil 222 - Just a dick really

    (XBOX) - Just a dick really

  3. shut down thanks to CBA, (Xbox), Iceman and neil222... thanks to you not by you....you cant do that , I did it :P



    hehehe watch out for these guys they are jelous.......and will kill your wiki as shown with all support threads :D good luck with it the newbes dont like to lose and they lose badly anyways as I still work and the threads pile in...there threads die like flies

    How long this boring SHIT like quoted above will last ?


    Skurvy_Pirate fairly asked for support and informations about Coinops and people would probably have given him some help. It is YOU who always brings back these old stories just before anyone says something.


    Man, you just fucked up this forum and mods don't seem to care anymore...

  4. Can you set an emulator to boot at startup?


    Not straight. But you can set a startup software like X-Select to launch an emu by default. And I never had any error 13.


    Just my two cents.


    By the way, this controversy is pointless.


    Only Amiga makes it possible.:D

  5. I use any that work, i don't give a ****.

    I reneme them to suit the manufacturers release names anyway.

    I also rename the artwork and videos to suit.

    Works perfectly.

    Most of the discussion back and forth in this thread comes down

    to end users laziness anyway.

    laziness rules, ok ? :yawntired::D




    Really, if the poll was about emulation on computers I would have voted for no-intro sets for instance or even TOSEC. But xbox filename limitations and my SD screen definition make Rx Xtras the best solution on this platform. It's not just about screenshots (which I care), videos (which I care a bit less) and commercials (which I don't care).

  6. For playing on xbox, RessurectionXtras are definitly the best. I realize that now I'm rebuilding my HD from scratch because it's much easier to organize and then to read. And to me the selection itself suits the needs of both hardcore and casual gamers.


    Besides, Tosec roms are the most difficult to sort then Goodset then No-Intro. But I keep them for collection. Especially those from Tosec because of cracking scene releases and alternate versions...

  7. Depending on the nkpatcher version, you'll have to activate the G drive in the dashboard (evoX or UnleashX) and then format it to see the rest.

    Or if you have the other version than mine then all space will be assigned to F. In this case just format F. And please can someone confirm if Xbox partitioner has to be used in this case ?

  8. How do you wipe a drive clean ? Do you know a tool for that, cba.gy ?


    Try Kingroaches version of the ndure softmod installer and wipe the drive clean and rebuild the partition tables etc.

    I just read this on the release note : "The installer only works on dashboard version 5960 (current latest dashboard)."


    I forgot to update the dashboard. :)

  9. Yes I copied C and E partitions. I have FTP them from the original drive I softmoded.


    you got your eeprom too yea? use config magic. remember to place it in the eeprom folder when making a hdm disc. and make sure you rename it correctly. config magic names it something like BAKEUPeeprom.bin or something like that and it just just be eeprom.bin.

    Sure I did backup the eeprom before and they are correctly named.


    Now I'm trying to NTFS format the new HDD and Partition Magic says it has I/O errors. I wanna start from scratch. The drive was 100% working before, coming straight from the shop and tested on peecee. Is it because it is now xbox formatted and locked ? A protection ? Or the console and/or the softmod did f**** up the drive ?

  10. Thanks for the link. Obviously it's much more complete than the doc I have. I will read it carefully.


    Yes I copied C and E partitions. I have FTP them from the original drive I softmoded. But I forgot about the G partition concerning the new HDD. Also, maybe the xboxdash was too old (didn't update).


    I think I will look for slayers disc instead of AID.

  11. Hey,


    It's been days I'm trying to mod. I bought an XBOX 1.0 and used Soft Mod Installer Deluxe v5.01. It worked well for modding the original HDD except the led blinking that means I have to set time.


    The real problem is upgrading the hard drive, a 250gb western digital caviar: I backuped my eeprom and the original HD content to my PC. Then I followed the instructions for HDM 1.9 and my new HDD was properly installed.


    When I tested the new HDD i found two problems:


    - ~123gb allocated to F but where in the hell is the rest ? So I activated the G drive and I got a 0 byte size on screen.


    - Worse than that, I set the time in the original xbox dash like they said to stop the led blinking. Since then I always have a black screen after the flubber and the XBOX when I boot the xbox.


    So I plugged back to the PC the new HDD and redid the HDM 1.9 step. But I always have this black screen when I boot. The original HDD still boots, though.


    Thanks for helping me.


    I need my retro fix !!!

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