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  1. thanks waal I was asking hoping for this and was part of the plan and helps me solve the jodo issue as well.....2 birds with one stone....



    A plan, eh ? ;)


    How much bizzaro world can be fascinating...

  2. ill fix it in R3....the update doesnt have this issue..the stanalone isnt matched it kind of all....game infos


    all that was xtras....I just said I recommend using CoinOPS 2 and I can do what I feel like...nothing was ever more than the limits mentioned....xtras where the ones hyping it up everywhere.....It funny they said alot about not being able to remove consoles you allways could remove all of them....I never said id do anything just said I could if I wanted to....others said I was doing this....CoinOPS 2 is massive now in amounts of downloads so im happy people can see the consoles running and the benifits without misinformation....if you checked here you would know the limits it was others that told you all sorts of stuff that never was in the plan its easy to mislead the few and hype things.....


    I noticed on two site xtras people where involved lots of issues...all other sites lots of praise and no issues.......wierd that ;)


    the numbers where alot more than I expected so thats great....


    R3 has some changes and will be out in the next week or to....any ideas people want added??? ill do a vote soon...it will be matched with the update pack...


    NOTE I noticed jodo from isoxbox or something like that asked about the upgrade he was the reason for the build and says I never give out anything and the usual ill never use it again....then on a new build oh whats in it and can I get it....these people sux




    Wake up BP... Swallow the blue pill...


    It's obvious it's your silly policy that started it all. Nobody asked for this.


    Now good luck fixing this LOL.


    Anyway... Known fact, you're just a complete weirdo.

  3. You sure this is/was an Amiga game ? Looks good anyway ;)


    I'm fairly sure it wasn't. The PC (Acro Studios) version isn't the same either.

    It wasn't for sure. Game is from south korea... not much amigas there at the time. And this machine wouldn't handle so many sprites and background distortions... I wish it could though... ;)


    Nice game btw.

  4. its as per the suggestion from surreal team that you supported...make your own poll....your ideas are silly....if you can get people behind you I may listen if not its pointless.....make it happen yourself though gathering of support if not piss off your of no use and just riding people.....I say most dont agree with you and 100 percent so far dont.....make your own poll and your own stand and maybe ill listen if not....you know I wont

    I'd like to congratulate your parents for raising such a moron. I think I'll send them a postcard soon. You're definitely a phenomenon. LMAO.


    Don't worry, I wasn't expecting you to play the game. Meaning acting like a gentleman. You actually can't.


    Remember you are my favorite emulator, Kenny.

  5. So why do you bother answering ?


    Well, at the time, I'd rather post here than answer ridiculous emails from my coworkers. :)


    Surreal: Go check, there's a scroller where everyone is credited since DAY ONE.


    I believe you. I'm actually looking forward to messing with that emu.


    FBL, Nestopia, ZSNES: Readme file included and viewable through the GUI


    I'll check that out. I never noticed. Does it include all the driver people like IQ?


    Xport-Madmab: same as above. And also a static picture as intro. Both during Xport then Madmab era.


    Right, I've seen Madmab and Xport's 'name' but not the original coder(s). How is that accessed?


    I'm sorry but your answer was actually side feeding like you say. Again, if you don't care then it's best to stay silent.


    I know where to find everyone. I'll probably nerd out with you over the Amiga set you built soon enough. :)


    Cheers. I hope next time we'll chat we'll talk about graphic design and video games again. I'd like to show you some european designers you'll surely enjoy and many other things.


    That'd be awesome actually!


    LOL Indeed, I know well about these silly mails !


    Usually, if I remember well, credits are given in the context of the xbox scene. I don't think it's for fame but it's just so people can recognize each other and exchange via forums for example. So do we find the original PC authors ? Not always. But at least the original emu is clearly mentioned. And I also remember seing original MAME text files in some archives. Anyway, BP is very far from this spirit.


    So will an about box will solve everything ? Not necessarily but at least it will deflate a bit a certain ego... But don't dream, that will never happen knowing the guy...

  6. This whole forum is getting ridiculous - both sides. I don't see the point of it. I'll just chat with you all via IM/IRC. Your all fine one-on-one, but the forums create some sort of mental-retardation field.


    So why do you bother answering ?


    But yeah I agree, this forum SECTION is ridiculous since a long time and we know because of who.


    Oh btw, you're absolutely wrong about this. Surreal, FBA-XXX, Final Burn Legends, NestopiaX, ZsnesXbox, Xport-Madmab emus... many come to mind. So if the initial authors have put credit screens their will must be respected. And if they only put a text file in the archive, it must be kept or at least they must be mentioned.



    Surreal - not sure about - haven't played with it yet


    FBL , Nestopia, ZNes - Can't recall, but I will check as I use them all except ZNes. :)


    Xport-Madmab - Where? I just looked at the v1 readme for NeoGenesis and it only mentions that its a port of Gens. No where is the original author name given. Additionally, its not in the GUI of the emu anywhere. I use those all the time and I'm sure its not included in the interface. I don't really feel they need to be either.



    Surreal: Go check, there's a scroller where everyone is credited since DAY ONE.


    FBL, Nestopia, ZSNES: Readme file included and viewable through the GUI


    Xport-Madmab: same as above. And also a static picture as intro. Both during Xport then Madmab era.


    I know why you have a beef with BP and he with you, but I don't see the objective of either side feeding into it. Its not like one day either of you is going to wake up and say: Hell, I see it their way now! Let me apologize in a post.


    I'm not posting in response to any of it anymore.


    I'm sorry but your answer was actually side feeding like you say. Again, if you don't care then it's best to stay silent.


    Whatever. Believe me, that won't change my life. It's just I like to play sooo much with BP. He's my fav emu on the xbox. I realized that recently.


    Cheers. I hope next time we'll chat we'll talk about graphic design and video games again. I'd like to show you some european designers you'll surely enjoy and many other things.


    Best for both of us, eh ? :)

  7. This whole argument is ridiculous. Each and every emulator on the Xbox is a port of an existing, Windows-based emulator. The original authors are SOMETIMES mentioned in the read-me, but never in the emulator itself as far as I know.


    I have an idea - Add an "about box" in Coinops and every other emulator that says something like:


    "GENESIS emulation provided by NeoGenesis, ported to the Xbox by XPORT from the Windows emulator Gens by XXXX"


    Hell, you know, while you're at it, why not credit the actual engineers who created the Megadrive in the first place or maybe Sega themselves? I'm sure they'd appreciate it!!


    (If you can't tell I'm being sarcastic)


    I'm sorry to have to tell you that your reaction is silly, Phil. You often talked about your real life activity so I'm certain you know what a signature means. Both in terms of symbol and in term of rights.


    Now, a good solution would be to work on categories... But whatever... Everything is done so that idiot above can find an excuse... Or just put an about box like Phrunt suggests. After all it's all we're asking for.


    but never in the emulator itself as far as I know.


    Oh btw, you're absolutely wrong about this. Surreal, FBA-XXX, Final Burn Legends, NestopiaX, ZsnesXbox, Xport-Madmab emus... many come to mind. So if the initial authors have put credit screens their will must be respected. And if they only put a text file in the archive, it must be kept or at least they must be mentioned.


    If this poll wasn't biased, I would say :


    Voting NO is totally disrespectful to the scene and to developpers.


    Voting YES may encourage some people to continue or even to start developing on the xbox.


    Voting "I don't need any emu, BP himself is my favorite emulator" means you agree with me and then gimme'five o'brotha' :)


    Be responsible, don't act like a sheep...uh I mean a consumer.

  8. This can't be a vote if people are ignored.


    True democrats should boycott this parody of poll but I'll vote silly anyway.


    Also a honest man must tell the true reason for this:

    Suggestion from an author of Surreal64 sent through PM to BP after he made an "offer" >>>>>>

    I don't have any interest to support Surreal64 for CoinOPS. If you are going to add our work in the future, I would ask that you make it apparent to the user that they are launching someone else's core. For example: "Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time Launching with Surreal64 XXX B5 - 1964" or "Sonic the Hedgehog Launching with NeoGenesis v20" Surreal

    I completely agree with this. If CoinOPS displayed this text when launching cores and had full credits to the developers who ported those cores accessible from within the UI, I would have no problems with CoinOPS at all and I'm sure most of your project's other critics would agree. I appreciate you've worked hard integrating these cores and have added a few new bells and whistles, but at the end of the day CoinOPS is just a frontend for other people's work and needs to be presented as such. You can't take credit for the whole cake when all you have provided is the cherry on top.



    well you picked the one bit you wanted to...its never happening...never...no one wants to see that........you guys cherry pick one bit out of everything always....


    so thats my final answer......I dont add my own name anywhere........and I dont give credit and if I did Haze would be it....he gave the dream to us all...if I look thought the sources his name is all over it.....


    so you can go on about something ill never ever change.....thats up to you...I know what you mean and I know I wont ever be doing it....no one I showed wants to see this.....they dont care

    I think people do want to see this. I think people would want to see respect for the developers who have worked so hard to bring these emulators to the Xbox. I also think your users would like to see the new Surreal64 in CoinOPS. From what you've posted it's clear the developer's did not say no, they merely asked you to make it clear which emulator cores CoinOPS uses to launch it's games and you said no to that.


    If you really believe no one wants this then why not start one of your polls entitled "Should CoinOPS display which emulator is being used to launch a game in order to show proper regard to the developers?"


    Frankly, I don't think you'd get many 'no' votes to that from this community.


    It's obviously a long way for BP to learn to be civilian.

  9. lol - I'm not going to get drawn into an argument, but its real easy to see how this thing has dragged on for soooo long. Civil input met with abuse.


    Sad. There are going to be no winners here.


    Or am I over simplifying things?

    Definitely yes. Best for both of you to shut your mouth.


    I'm not looking for an argument with you either. As you noticed, it's an old story and you can also read +T+ posts again if you need to.


    Anyway, best for you to stay out of this. Enjoy the software wherever it comes from. :)

  10. whats your point...? you have no point anyone want to listen to...its just your pointless life is why your here....and to me you talk about retards answers it all....dont worry I dont need your point......

    peace your a great man I know and thanks for your point....it helps me know know im a retard and why I get kicked.....


    Buy Buy all I now see the point....thanks to you guys its all clear now....im out to kick retards thats the way to get ahead in life.....

    Time to launch the debugger.


    But you're doing great. This is so fun.


    By the way, you lame fucking hypocrite... You claim you don't care about credits but you "communicate" so much about your stuff... You should instead take example of coders like A600 whom we never hear... Even if I'm certain he would say much more interesting things..


    Another contradiction. There are plenty as well.

  11. Most know you're a lunatic but they just want you to deliver. Hence one of the previous comment...


    I pity you. You are alone and you harvest nothing but contempt.


    But long live the joke. Indeed.

  12. Too long, didn't read. Like often with you.


    But I really enjoy these moments when you start with a sentence then you edit your post line by line. It's obvious the more you type, the more you're angry (can't say destabilized, you already are). And you finished your edition more than 30 minutes after. That was so funny.


    So. To sum up. We had a truce. We didn't say anything during a week. But you did. You wrote a lot of shit again. You misinformed, you defamed, you lied. Then I answered to you in a far more subtle way than you usually do. But instead of a dialogue you acted even more arrogant & foolish. And finally, you lost your temper. A classic.


    This isn't about the xbox or emulators or skills. It's about you. You may be the only living proof that programming does not necessarily mean that one is oneself rational.

  13. its release time the girls love to cry at this time...its the usual :) it stops nothing....waals a newbe and doesnt know anything and openly wont comment on his anti sources....


    See what I meant ?


    This guy is the funniest on the whole scene. I don't even remember seing this kind during the time of the Amiga scene. And believe me, I met a lot of people from a lot of different countries during many years at this time... Or maybe weirdos tend to mutate through decades... LMAO, ROTL.


    Excellent. Keep the show going my dear BP...

  14. Hi Phil,


    You're 75-99% right and I guess you have understood my comment about you was ironic. :)


    But I must warn you: I've got videos of Bigby and you going together on FTP. ^^


    Hey Waal,


    You're right, I guess BP technically broke the 'peace' by commenting on the quality of the videos. At the same time, he also offered to help with fixing bugs in the HD code.


    I think the two of you like to argue with one another, so I'll leave you both to it.




    You get the point here too, Phil. I know how much these comments can irritate. So it was used on purpose as an answer to the shit that was written (again) these last days ...


    Actually, there's only one person who doesn't get the point. So... Hehehe...


    Well, we are all playing old games aren't we? That's the whole point. :)


    See, when you guys get mad and argue, you stop thinking rationally.


    I could take offense at that comment since I was the one who combed through the 1000s of ROMs in the .84 MAME set to see what worth adding and/or fixing to be added. These new arcade adds are some of the ones I sent to BP a few months back. It took a long time to do that. I'm not taking offense though, because it would be silly.


    I also love your icon Waal. I need to check out that Amiga set you put together.



    200 new old games to be exact. MameOX, eh... :)


    Enjoy anyway.

  15. run a diff programm it will tell you all lines that have changed from mameox....for feck sake.....you a re newbe it will tell you all lines added all lines removed all lines modified....all files add all files removed as well....


    the tools are there......allways questions about me....always me thinking your a newbe....but never not once in 100 posts anything about waal and that he doesnt beleive in open source he bleieves in blame and he wants everything handed to him his way even though he doesnt hand anything over....but we can blame it if it isnt waals way...cause waals a great guy and BP is a bad guy...


    im explaining entry level svn to you waal...im sorry I dont run the project like you want me to...im only saying I supply my stuff and you dont...and that makes you questionable to me


    Only you brought the conversation down to this level.


    That SVN is incomplete (no console, no final burn) and out of date (1/25/201). It's only a defense you tried to set to gain credibility. You can't actually use it to get a build equivalent to the one you released lately. Your bluff is obvious and it's a card you played before. Definitely a poor argument.


    If you were so confident, you wouldn't be criticizing the new surreal64 like you've been doing since days...


    Sad you're only obsessed by "shares" and "views".


    Got another word for you: Narcissism.

  16. there the orig docs....I didnt add my name...lol...should I open it and add my name as credits :)

    You have to document any modification you've made, that's the purpose of open source. Or should I say any tweak or rip you brought in ?


    LOL claiming you made the synopsis code entirely by yourself when we all know Nes6502 did it and you used his sources without even crediting him... Just an example. There are many like this.


    But keep going like that please.


    You are a well of amusement.

  17. you can branch it newbe :) dont you understand open source...its not so you can do everything and let you adjust what you want....you might be a complete newbe and make it bloaty and buggy...branch it if you want its all there....then sync when you want....schoolin newbes with my pants on the ground....

    Best to be a newbe than a complete liar and a moron.


    Been browsing that repo and reading. Thanks to you, it reveals your method. All docs are dated from 2003-2004. The rest is hidden deep in your insane mind.


    But again, thanks for revealing it. Once again you shot a bullet in your own foot...


    Mind this word... This is your lesson for today if you're able to learn something... Projection...

  18. pants on the ground pants on the ground lookin like a fool with my pants on the ground :) hahahahahaha thats so funny....ummm why dont you do this (even though we dont)ummm so you say google it I cant find CoinOPS SVN....oh its the first google link, if I search for it like you said....oh what about docs....ill say you dont do any....ummm oh thats the first folder.....with the org files....oh well I still wont talk about my pants on the ground cause BP is to blame....and we know cause we know the facts hahahahahaaaaaa.......every time the jokes get larger


    CoinOPS SVN: Incomplete and only personal.


    Docs: Same thing.


    Still no trace of WHO did the original code and WHAT was actually used. They're much more than one person involved here but you keep hiding it whatever the blah blah.


    Thank you BP for proving my point again.

  19. lol what a idot now the facts are out .... looking like a fool with my pants on the ground pants on the ground.,..

    You can always insult me that won't change anything. You're just bluffing. That's the only thing you can do when it comes to this subject.


    Told ya... Same old song...

  20. oh for feck sake its about me....im the non open source one.....lol your an idot and you keep digging....well dig a hole


    You thought to get you out again with your bullshit, your totally old dated doc (where are Nes6502 ? Final Burn related stuff ? Surreal people and stuff ? Xport cores and more...) and your little attachment is just a joke...


    And again you're out of arguments and then you go personal even if you deny it...


    Memorize this word, please.


    P R O J E C T I O N

  21. Look waal you always say I dont do this I dont do that a simple google sewach will find your SVN




    for christ sake you are the ones that dont conform.....you have no proof of any open source behavour...none what so ever......its always about me...never about you....thanks for the word for people like you....ill go with leach

    Ok then start to write some docs. At the moment all is written is "Emulator on xbox platform". That proves my point. No credit given. It's obvious this SVN is made for your own use.

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