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  1. So with the latest release of CoinOPS, I've been working on getting the ROMs & Videos to stream from my NAS. I've been able to get most of the ROMs to stream.


    However, I've ran into some ROMs that do not stream. So far, I've found that these fail to load with the following error.


    ROM Error: No Data Found

    Press "A" to exit


    Power Drift (Sega)

    Galaxy Force 2 (Sega)

    Street Fighter Alpha 3 (Capcom)

    Snow Bros 3 (Other)


    Are there some cores that do not support network streaming? The only thing I can think of why some work and others do not from same network path.


    Also, using the same network path to the videos, I don't get the Video Preview. Only a static image. I presume that's being pulled from the 'screenshots' folder.


    Any idea why streaming the Video Preview wouldn't work? Does it get it's path from anywhere other than the MAMEoX.ini in TDATA?


    All I have are factory hard drive sized boxes, so would like to get all the streaming working. Any help appreciated.


    It seems some of these games are related to Final Burn Alpha, an emu developed by another coder: Nes6502. And originally, the emu doesn't support network share.

    The guy above has only linked his frontend with this emu to launch the games. That's the reason he is not answering to you: It's not his code. It's only a rip-off. Same thing for CPS3 games, not his code either.

    So maybe one day he'll be able to really understand the original code sources instead of tweaking them and then he will be able to improve them. Who knows one day... Some have seen chicken fly too...


    Please note again guys, that he still doesn't give credit to the original author. Hard to become a legend, eh ?

  2. Sorry guys PM them....its cba waal iceman and (xbox) they killed xbox scene with there crappy shit and now I need to progress the new features are alot of work....ill post some pics soon alot has gone in.... ill just post pics as a pic tells a 1000 words


    Thread will remain locked from Trolls (a few bad apples spoil it for you guys at times of release, they hate being owned but really they arnt even in the same race, its the same on every build and there is closed threads on each build left in history to see the Trolls cry, but it gives me an excuse to lock things down and go forward the same as it allways has)......ill post new screens of new mame games new cores and new features in the next few days....till then enjoy CoinOPS ShowROOM help will be done via PM only if not well id say your help will be completly useless unless its someone like fumanchu or alike....also I know see the downloads picking up enjoy it....most people I know do for sure


    All PMs sent it should help you guys out simple things...mostly just read the supplied Readme to advanced customisations or else just live with the 1400 games given


    Ill try and help you out Bp,voted just for you ...17 votes total coinops rocks look at all the traffic this site rules xbox-scene smexbox-scene... ;)

    Diva whines again..... Not the first time he acts this way. Let no panic, no one was killed in this process. Except the very own ego of this individual. Obviously.


    The reality is that the scene is not as big as it was before. Simply.


    Another truth is that there is no competition. At least in the mind of only one person. Look at others (people, forums, chats), nobody brags of what he products, of his "performance" or "fame". I, with others are enjoying what we do and are often glad when it comes to sharing and helping. There's only one idiot in only one place that behaves differently, in the opposite. And he has a long history behind. There is no chance, he has managed to alienate all types of people. And although he quarrels with people and breaks up, he continues to denigrate them in public. But look at our forums, we never talk about him and his stuff.


    Fortunately, Narcissus has decided to retire to his room. I just hope one day he lays a good software and that's it.


    In the meantime, we won't hear him mocking the work of others and spit on people, blaming others of his faults like the mother's darling he is. And this is what has always counted for me. That happiness.

  3. Shit I forgot Killer Instinct core.... thats easy if I could get any of the sources to compile as ive allready out the code into the CoinOPS default.xbe to run these


    Proof of concept. Copy-Paste-Compile. This is what you call a real coder job. So skilled, so creative.


    to waal your, I was talking about misinformation about CoinOPS...everytime you guys think im talking about other stuff I could care less about....CoinOPS stuff is over xbox scene and your rx threads and complete balls up help, its funny to me....its level one faults and all the wrong info to fix it...I dont even think about the other stuff I tried it once show it to friends and no one wanted it so ill probably never look at it again as its likely to get more stuff im not interested in.....Get over yourself truely I dont give your stuff any thought if you stayed out to me I wouldnt see anything to do with it really...the threads are pretty dead for that stuff and soon disapear...but I wish you all the best...leave here and get back to it....in stead of reading into stuff wrongly learn and help people properly without to much misinformation

    Please get your facts straight before you start protecting everyones virtues....the only virtue is you guys offer newbe help....im sorry if that sounds harse but I know its 100percent acurate....please learn about CoinOPS or send them to PM me or else really you are of no help to them...


    You moron. It is you who once again started mocking on RessurectionX in this specific thread. Just read again what you wrote in the first post. And it's not the first time. I'm not certain you are so self-confident when I see how often you do this.


    You are actually the one that is bitter, who disinform and who lies.


    I am the one who usually don't care about your piece of junk but who has made an obligation to answer to your insults. I told you this from the start: each time you'll open your bad mouth on our collective, I'll be here to answer and re-establish the truth. I've gave facts right here and they are easy to verify.


    So if you want me to go, just stop bullshiting on my people. That's simple, focus on your work, stop pissing on others work and you'll be in peace. Even I still believe you're a liar and an hypocrite.


    By the way, congratulations. I can see here how much your work is popular. Sixteen (16) votes so far. Huge success. I'm impressed. Too bad you can't merge polls too. Mwahaha.

  4. heheheh resx forum and xbox scene has level one issues from very old builds.....


    Xport emus have been massively updated these last weeks. And so did Surreal 64. And so others will. Just go to xbox scene and see by yourself, dear xboxers. Just take a look at the numerous topics and take time to read the release logs.

    I bet you'll never see such improvements in Coinops. Instead, you'll have to ask the game-jockey to add a game or rather to tweak some old code to make it run. Good luck and patience.


    Don't be fooled, the very old builds are in fact contained in that current Coinops version. You know why ? Because the sources that tramp uses are from 2007. The year when the legendary Xport left the scene.


    Whatever, you're free to use this piece of junk. I don't care. Really. I even admit it's not bad for casual gaming. But I can't let such a wanker piss on nice guys that never harmed him.

  5. It looks like your "emulator" isn't so easy to use. You guys just wrote a page of mumbo-jumbo for nothing lol. At least with Nes6502, Kenshiro, Madmab and Xport software, you don't have to mess with XML and tweak stuff like VIRTUAL MEMORY, UNIBIOS and other ADVANCED OPTIONS.


    IT WORKS OUT OF THE BOX. loooooool.

  6. Hi


    Like i read before, i think it will be a good idea to add PSX core to CoinOPS for all the greats 3D arcade games we don't have on it like : Tekken, Street Fighter EX, Rival School, ...

    It will be best :)


    An other stuff good to add ... will it be possible to save games where we want like we want ?

    Like on the originals emu ?






    There isn't any load/save state feature on this patchwork ?


    And what about network share support ?


    Also screen resizing must be a nightmare...


    Xport emus have these features since years.


    Coinops really brings you back in time, then...


    I guess it's what they call retro... or lamer's choice. Depends...

  7. OK im looking at what people want.....alot seem to want alot more Console games and for the lists to be added to and all videos etc cleaned....


    But for the next few days ill let you request stuff after that ill be adding a vote for this and that will last for a week or 2 after that ill do it...


    also for the non coding features if people want a massive list of stuff ill be looking at creating a team of people as this stuff is faily easy to do and add....

    So for the next few days its your chance to say what should be in the vote....


    PS cba waal etc will be ignored and not even commented on for obvious reasons....Good luck all

    But, but.. I liike you soo much.


    Oh lord, I beg you. Please have mercy and solve that loading issue. I've been talking with these kids at the orphanage and they'd be sooo happy if you do so. They can't wait 3:27 (minutes and then seconds. I specify, just in case.) for Donkey Kong to load. By the way, you'd be kind if you send us a second joypad too. There's people waiting and they're running out of milk.

  8. Also, BP is right, this type of petty bickering is killing this forum. Things are and will continue to happen behind the scenes and definitely off of this forum. Just an FYI, BP isn't bullshitting anyone regarding that.




    That's exactly what I was waiting for: just get the f*** out and keep maintaining your lame patchwork between you, band of morons.

    To re-establish the truth, and regular readers of this forum know that since many months and others can read the archives, many people lost interest because of Bold Paranoid's stupidities.

    I could list all the great people, some were actual coders and releasers, that left during this year for whom the reasons were many but the origin was always unique. And the sum of these people far exceeds in quality your little gang of ass-lickers.

  9. Yeah much better. I like it when you do it like that.


    BTW, I've got the same issue here. I really hope this problem will be solved very soon. This is the day in the year I want to play Pacman and loading is so slow. Perhaps I should try to load the ZX spectrum tape version with another emu until this bug is solved.

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