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  1. ive heard these facts from you guys :)


    1) im going to sell it

    2) Ive never released sources

    3) I cant code

    4) I move posts

    5) I ask for people to get banned

    6) I create and alter threads

    7) I change hit numbers

    8 ) there stuff has huge download numbers

    9) I cant get a gf



    you name it ive heard it....ive proven my parts and created more than you know :) this is just one project...and I know you use them all as i see some of you at the other forums so its lol moments for me..... I just point out that I know guys are a joke with no real life and no real skills.... for years ive asked for you to prove me wrong and heard these things


    1) im going to do the new core lol

    2) im going to fix light gun support

    3) im going to fix player swapping

    4) im going to reskin

    5) im going to get rid of BP


    you name it ive heard it all of course as I and everyone know is just fabrications in there head :) but good luck doing it ive stayed out from doing that stuff waiting for you guys...... hehe as you know its just another lol moment for me....


    seriously how can any of take you guys seriously and how can you wonder why anyone can trust you guys


    when ive said id add cores...add 720p support...fix screen tearing....fix autofire...fix aspect ratios...do pixel perfect.....ummmm did I do these...when you said you would fix light gun....make your own build....get rid of me....how far have you got....its in your heads im sure but in reality you have no chance at any of it...... good luck ill stay out now...its a dead thread as they all are and we all know unless you bump it it will be gone and really no one will read it :) good luck

    I didn't see this. Talking about time and energy. LMAO


    But let's be complete. He asks for help so often after all. Here's some french made consulting. World class of coz. Raymond style.


    10) I can't understand that most people don't give a shit about me and my stuff.




    6) Why should I do this ?

  2. if the xtras people have issues with this its plainly obvious I was requesting help and it is obvious they dont want to or if they do want control...but they cant serously have issues with what the outcome will be when they didnt step up....so they get no say as usual...they believe its me when it very obvious that its them....I know they dont like things not going there way and want respect or something but I know they are a disfuctional team that is blinded to themselves about things...but still I asked for help and still they stood around so in the end its them that have no say into the events that go forward... but people like cba will tell you whats happening when clearly has no intention to help you guys and just wants you guys to suffer with him.....they have no idea and I know this...and actually they know this....deep down...but still they lie about things...


    most sources including most of xports stuff is modded from someone elses....I dont see any madmab sources....so people could help remove the tonnes of bugs he has....:P and you support all he does yet say I dont release sources when my are released many times and dont have the bugs....you still dont believe I dont want his stuff when cleary I would have no interest in his stuff but anyways.....


    its good to see the numbers climbing....hoping in and there will soon be the next milestone....and I can look forward to new features and new supported games.......its good to see that although there is many haters....the numbers grow towards this....I do welcome true support and look forward to better days :)

    Stop wasting forum space with this rubbish. Stay on topic.


    Please take it seriously, this is about programming.

  3. Ironic that most of use are in our late 20s, early 30s or beyond, yet many act like like they are 12. Perhaps they are emulating their youthful selves? :)


    I think if they start banning people for childishness then this forum will quickly become a ghost-town. :P

    Same for you. Just go back crawling on that other sticky-stinking topic you want to defend so much. You're such a sermonizer...

  4. Waal,


    Please do not make this another 'waring' thread. No one was asking for your help or opinion in the first place. No disrespect, but please stop posting in these threads. You aren't offering any suggestions to solve the problem and only trying to stir up undue animosity.




    I know you need BP to solve you little technical problem but my point goes beyond. I don't tolerate he discards other people's work while it's his that is in question. And asking me to stop posting is indeed disrespectful and slightly sounds a bit hypocrite and selfish. A shame you seem to misunderstand that it's about defending a collective's work and not just about a silly software issue.

  5. any more negative comments and ill promise one thing....ill never get around to looking at it... im happy with that answer

    A positive attitude will definitely bring you positive comments.


    PS waal... you think you can tell me stuff...one of the three releases is not out and he has the unoffical rx release that I said was buggy as shit from day one as ive seen all the issues 100s of them.....

    The Rx release is not buggy at all. I know it works fine. Actually people have issues with your build that is based on your programming (based on you brain ? mmmh).


    Just read the post above and ask yourself (Though you need help obviously):


    - Is Coinops Showroom Lite a Rx release ? NO


    - Is Coinops Showroom Lite a BP/CoinOPS/YOUR Release ? YES


    .so please dont comment on stuff you know nothing about...all 3 releases out....


    Of course I will comment on stuff you know nothing about LOL.


    Three releases out really ?! You just wrote that one of the three is not out. Or is it about Rx release ? Or maybe you are Rx ? What a surprise...


    you can find nearly every second thread full isnt out yet and is a few weeks away....


    Doh... Is that understandable ? Must be an experimental thing or something.


    why wont misinformed idots stay out..


    Indeed. Your gibberish is so much confusing...


    stay out you are misinformed and uneducated and it shows...even though you think you speak to help people its clear to anyone who knows this stuff you have little to know idea what your talking about...PS this isnt based at you totally ive seen this type of misinformation and mis help for ages...please stay your own "CoinOPS Support Thread Unoffical" and help them from there I promise I wont come in and you can offer your help to the masses from there..... if you want I can get one created for you...peace


    Wanna do something for me ? Just shut up.


    And please stay out of the affairs of education. You proved since a long time how dull you are regarding logic and self-expression. Guy, you ask for peace and don't hesitate to immediately troll on Surreal 64 latest release thread or on Cbagy's and anyone's that is not Coinops related.


    Abstain from criticizing the work of others and you won't be bothered. From the start, I don't care at all about your outdated ugly looking lemulator. It's just you're so pathetic and full of yourself...

  6. havent looked at it as it doesnt happen on anyones xbox I know of...about 20-30 builds....


    im busy doing other stuff at present doing other stuff.....my build works fine for me I have no idea what happened on other builds....if reboot works diff well it can only be the way the mem is managed I didnt touch anything to do with that....also the rom launching is only slightly changed... anyways ive got other stuff and as ive said ill only answer questions about the 3 builds I released....sorry but I do this to save me time as I can see the flaws very easily with other builds...so it wastes my time looking into this stuff...


    im doing my new build untill its in your hands I dont want to waste my time supporting other stuff and want to get this built...

    You don't want to get this build because there is NO build. The build they're talking about since days is actually yours, stupido. So answer the man, he's just asking about an issue with one of the three builds you released... Or maybe you really don't know what you are doing...

  7. Usually a new emu release is a great event for our little scene and thanks to Freakdave and Weinerschnitzel, we now have an UPDATED emulator. Just look at these features to see that it is REAL talent that enhances emulation of a difficult console on our good old platform. Also look how it's nice to see that so many people are able to collaborate in peace and harmony.

    It's not just stupido-narcisso fan-service cut-n-paste like a certain DUMB ASS tends to do here permanently.

    Now see who reacts first to this news and compare how the same kind of announcement topics work on other forums. Definitely, what a pity...

  8. I will be honest I will welcome anything that does not require keyboard style interation...


    so No C64, No Amiga, No amstrad... keep it true gaming...


    Only thing is, if it is going to delay the release of showcase complete with video's, screenshots and ready to rock then I would rather not as see anymore added and just see the ShowROOM available :)

    Yeah true gaming... You're definitely right. And what about putting a brain in for a start ?

  9. Why are some of you being such hypocrites?, whining about a money donation while they sit with dozens/hundreds maybe thousands of roms from games they never paid for, mp3s, programs, whats your answer for that?


    (sarcasm alert)I'm sure all of you that use coinops and other emulators, only put the games you currently own or have owned on your xbox/pc/ps3 etc.................If you feel that isn't wrong than your a hypocrite, do what is right, honestly delete every rom/game file, and music files you have on your computer that you didn't pay, and that you have no right to have, that programmers spent hundreds/thousands of hours making. Then delete your account on all emulation sharing forums/websites and never be seen again.

    Call it hypocrisy, I call it wariness. Retrogaming is tolerated because it is considered marginal compared to the whole video game market which is huge. It's just amateur vs professional. But don't forget that there are still copyright holders for these games and that they still sell some of these games in other forms and on other platforms. Make it a commercial activity and you'll be certain to quickly see these companies be aware of that phenomenon. Then they might first ask the authorities to close that kind of site and then the purge will begin.


    To me that's the main reason why sites and forums like this current have rules about this. To keep it contained, to stay a minimum discrete. Definitely not hypocrite but wise.

  10. Woooww !

    Galileo was right, the world is spinning around New Zealand !

    4,294,967,295 busy with their xbox !

    That means peace and tranquility for humanity and thanks to you too, BP, finally it's done. So now please give us a Coinops Galaxy so we can start educating those little green men...


    Shanti ! Shanti !

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