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  1. Winuaex works fine with usb keyboard and mouse. Then I can start skinning on good old Deluxe Paint and thinking about releasing it in 2011. lol.


    Not certain but I remember WinstonX has the same feature. I would check DosXbox and ScummVMM, too.


    Oh by the way bulge2, regarding amiga I did this :



    And released the related settings, too. PM me if you are interested.

  2. Xperience would be compared to a painting, not Ellipsis.

    I agree with you CBA.GY, definitly Ellipsis is not really fun but it's simple. And when I said no risk, no fun about Xperience it's because for me there's no creativity in it. It's just copycat and collecting wallpapers with heavy loading.

    I will always favor the ergonomics on aesthetics when it comes to XBOX because of daily use. And Ellipsis can be a good start for customization, colors like you say etc.

    Anyway, I wanted a clear interface for my SDTV. Others often have too small typos, too.

  3. Why being so harsh with this skin ? It's a light design, it's usage is simple and it loads fast. Two qualities that I prefer. But yes, it would have been better if it was released two years ago.


    By the other hand, I have the beta of their Xperience skin since weeks and I find its display too slow. I don't like the design, too dependent on Microsoft. No risk, no fun. It's overloaded and so unreadable on SDTV.

  4. First Console = A B/W multi pong clone from the late 70's, wish I could retrieve the name.

    First Computer = Amiga 500


    Best Console = Neo Geo

    Best Computer Memories = Cinemaware's Wings.

  5. Hum sounds a bit harsh... Been seeding at 100k average and downloading at 50k the whole time... And I'm still online... :)


    Whatever this is 1emulation, let's talk about gaming.


    I'm amazed by this new release, these videos are awesome and the selection gives me satisfaction. I'm still browsing, think I'm gonna press the A button now...


    Anyway, congratulations to BP for his concept and to IQ for the new games.

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