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  1. Really ... thanks a lot for this information Have you a link to DL it for my DSi Thanks So bad we can't play it on our xbox The only Good DS emu on PC is no$Gba ... but i don"t see any source code to port in on an other system ?
  2. Scuse me i'm so stupid you already tell it to me lol But i don't have understand how to make them works ? Because ok there is a copyright and you can't give us the ISO ! But can you exactly explain us how to use our games on coinOPS ? You use an ISO ? an folder ? Where to put in ? Is there any setting some where to configure or enable ? Thanks
  3. Like you know i stand bye for "Laser Disk" perfect emulation Daphné is so older on xbox I have ALL the games if you want some for tests ...
  4. Woaw ... so kool ... Thanks iq_132, BP and Fumanchu ... ;) It will be add in coinOPs 2 R3 ?
  5. Thanks I will stand up for the pack
  6. Ok kool ... it is what i remember and it is why i don't understand to see it in my list of games lol I have all the CDs to make tests ... if you add the drivers i will made a repport of games working or not Bye
  7. Hi I have test yesterday DARGON'S LAIR in CoinOPS ... i don't understand it before but it is in the pack When i see the video, i launch the game ... and try to play it ... but when i clic on a key i always come back to the launcher Is it any solution to play it or it is not working for now ? Thanks
  8. Thanks for the Link Because it is not on the Xbins FTP ....
  9. 200-300 is a great addition. For me size won't be an issue. Same for me ... size won't be an issue More games to play is better than less space archive lol It's kool, thanks, but i think BP want the resolution for console by default. AND ... the list of games who don't use it with the correct one. Because make code is very long ... i know that ... and if he must also seach for these information you will have the option in 2 years lol With a full list he can add coinops a filter for these games and respect perfectly aspect ratio Bye
  10. Yes thanks a lot ... i read the information about the new version on the official site This new update is fantastic quicker to launch, faster to use, more film compatible ... some news MKV who don't work before are now read perfectly ! I love it lol But what are these plugins ? It is for read some news video format ? There is not now a download plugin center on xbmc ?
  11. I already have DL it over the official site lol Thanks for others ... I will test it tomorow
  12. Woaw exellent to see add all these news arcade games You speak about 3 new core added ... it is for these games ? But the best is : I love that, and i have many HD pack to test I can help if you want ... But you write after it is maybe JUST for 128Mo xbox ? It is real ? it can't be corrected with VMemory ? And you speak also about : Exllent news ... like i say you before ... is it possible to have these XBE to test this feature with the command line without coinOPS too ? Thanks
  13. Really ... I have DL on Snesorama, on xbins, ... every where ... no source code But in a informations, you speak about an SVN source on : http://svn.github.com/scummvm/scummvm I can't access it with apache ... maybe it ias an pure SVN. But do you know if it works, if i must be authentified ? and if it is xbox or PC version ? Thanks
  14. Hi I want to see to try to add the command line option to ScummVM but there is NO SOURCE CODE ???? There are for NeoRainex, xRaine, SOR5x ... but not ScummVM ! I search over the xbins FTP and nothing too ... Who have it to give it to me please ? Thanks
  15. Ok thanks a lot for your answer I will try again Discworld 2 ... it write ?????? when i try to save in the game, i must delete them before name my save with the virtual keyboard. so strange lol In Land's of Lore i use the virtual keyboard ... i will try with a real to see if it works better ... so bad for guys who don't have one For the savestate, it write me the same answer lol ... it is because these games have not savestate options in drivers But i will test more on some other games i'm sure they have the option with the scummVM 0.6 ... to see if it is same or not ? Bye
  16. Yes ... no many video filters But great emulator A600 give the sourcecode ... it is for some one continue his work and upgrade it Add filters ... ans xtra menu
  17. I have tested this evening all the last games not working before on xbox like : Lands of lore Feeble files Discworld 2 Kyrandia 3 Sam 5 ... All are working realy great Fantastic to see them on xbox But i see some bugs and want to know if you have same ? - Impossible to save in Discworld 3 ... the keybord write alone many ????? - Lands of lore : The keybord writing nothing And in all the games i can't save when i want ! Save button is always gray I just can save in the game ... no more ... Is it normal ??? Thanks
  18. I have test yesterday all my CD games that are not on cartridge and they all works very fine Thanks a lot for this emulator Now if some one can add him xtra options or the batch launch option to use it with an other launcher like XBMC or Unleash ... it will be the best Just i don't see graphic filter options ... real or not ? Thanks
  19. If that's the case, make a dat then Mr. BP Yes, make one please Or make an update arcade pack ... we really want to test these games
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