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  1. Bigby is right To make a Skin work, the name of the skin must been the same of the name of the directory Thanks, now i can reaper all the Skins lol
  2. Ok thanks ... i will try an other time when i can ... and give you my results Thanks a lot
  3. Yes i understand and i'm agree with you Adding new feature is perfect But i really want to make this skin work on FBL 1.5+ ... It is not a problem for me if i must adjust every time the skins ... i can take time ... But here without your help, i don't understand what it is crashing I have test again and remove : MainMenuMovieSwitchEnabled=0 Because it is at the beginning and the end of the file ... but always crash I really want to make myself a new skin too, but if i don't understand what is crashing ... i can't make nothing The ini is 100% same than your. An other question, you write one day that when we modify a skin, FBL don't save in the skin but in a temporary fine ... if i fine understand ... But where ? Thanks
  4. Scuse me for Double Dragon, i just say that for help ... no problem for me, i can play with it like that ... thanks for the work Good idea if you can add PNG transparency ... code So bad cba.gy lost it ... maybe NES6502 always have it ? We will can make some beautiful skins ... For my Skin problem, take this file and test it please Link : http://www.mediafire.com/?h39hdd8fbrclhcb
  5. I really want to help to debug but how ? When i click on the Skin, i have a long black screen, 15 sec, and after unleash I give you the INI i tested ... Yes ... so incredible And like Knight of valour 2 Plus For me, the problem is always with "Double Dragon" who is not perfect I have overclock CPU to 150%, it is quicker and i've less slowdown ... but some time i have some little ... i don't know if i must better overclock ? Because now i find the game a little quicker ... i don't remember the sprite running like that ... Any solution please ? GameListWidth=480 GameListX=203 GameListY=301 HDMode=1 vSpace=22 SoftwareFilter=1 HardwareFilter=2 vsyncEnabled=1 dimColor=1 pixelRatio=0 FlickerFilter=0 Soften=0 scrollSpeed=2 GameSelected=399 GameFavoriteSelected=0 GameOptionPosX=459 GameOptionPosY=75 nAudDSPModule=0 nAudSampleRate=44100 FontSize=1.100000 GameListCount=7 DefaultController=0 MenuSpacing=401 MainMenuPosY=315 MainMenuPosX=320 MainMenuVSpace=23 MainMenuFontSize=1.200000 MainMenuCentered=1 MainMenuMovieSwitchEnabled=0 MenuPosY=110 MenuPosX=320 MenuDetailPosX=85 MenuDetailPosY=75 ROMPosY=25 zLeftMenu=-2.909998 zRightMenu=2.799998 zTopMenu=-0.460000 zBottomMenu=0.520000 zLeftPreview=5.230023 zRightPreview=-5.280025 zTopPreview=-2.189999 zBottomPreview=8.190093 GameInfoPosX=270 GameInfoPosY=300 GameInfoFontSize=0.700000 GameInfoVSpace=21 GameInfoDetailNumLines=5 GameInfoDetailPosX=273 GameInfoDetailPosY=304 GameInfoDetailFontSize=0.700000 GameInfoDetailWidth=497 GameInfoDetailVSpace=21 zoomSpeed=25 gameInfoListWidth=319 GameGuideLines=21 GameGuideColor=0 GameGuideFontSize=1.100000 guideLeft=58 GUIState=0 fadeSpeed=17 GameGuideWidth=520 GameGuideVSpace=20 CustomSelected=0 CompanySelected=0 YearSelected=0 GenreSelected=0 CustomSet=0 CompanySet=0 YearSet=0 GenreSet=0 GameInfoEnabled=0 GameInfoDetailEnabled=0 disableMenuSounds=0 fLeft=412.231201 fRight=864.339355 fTop=78.719971 fBottom=427.050049 fLeftMenu=434.939941 fRightMenu=858.070068 fTopMenu=129.890015 fBottomMenu=449.219971 zLeftPreviewBorder=5.060020 zRightPreviewBorder=-5.050020 zTopPreviewBorder=-1.939999 zBottomPreviewBorder=7.870084 zLeftInfoBorder=7.070065 zRightInfoBorder=1.859999 zTopInfoBorder=-12.580194 zBottomInfoBorder=2.769997 zLeftVideoBorder=5.040018 zRightVideoBorder=-5.040020 zTopVideoBorder=-1.889998 zBottomVideoBorder=7.850084 zLeftROMBorder=-6.600057 zRightROMBorder=-23.910452 zTopROMBorder=-10.920154 zBottomROMBorder=5.480032 zLeftSelectBorder=-1.590000 zRightSelectBorder=1.929999 zTopSelectBorder=-19.720356 zBottomSelectBorder=-1.429998 zLeftAlternatePreview=5.240026 zRightAlternatePreview=-5.320024 zTopAlternatePreview=-2.229998 zBottomAlternatePreview=8.160090 zLeftAlternatePreviewBorder=5.030020 zRightAlternatePreviewBorder=-5.060021 zTopAlternatePreviewBorder=-1.930000 zBottomAlternatePreviewBorder=7.910087 zLeftAnimatedLogo=-0.098828 zRightAnimatedLogo=-2.870955 zTopAnimatedLogo=1.228955 zBottomAnimatedLogo=19.511446 speedROMBrowserLogo=0.000100 distanceROMBrowserLogo=0.003700 zLeftAnimatedLogoMainMenu=-0.458827 zRightAnimatedLogoMainMenu=-2.010955 zTopAnimatedLogoMainMenu=-0.261044 zBottomAnimatedLogoMainMenu=17.871408 speedLogoMainMenu=0.000100 distanceLogoMainMenu=0.003700 zLeftInfoBorderSimple=7.410073 zRightInfoBorderSimple=1.859999 zTopInfoBorderSimple=-12.040181 zBottomInfoBorderSimple=3.059997 BackgroundMusicVolume=-250 Neil222 VERSUS 720 zLeftPreviewVertical=5.280025 zRightPreviewVertical=-5.190022 zTopPreviewVertical=-2.239997 zBottomPreviewVertical=8.080092 zLeftPreviewBorderVertical=5.060021 zRightPreviewBorderVertical=-5.090019 zTopPreviewBorderVertical=-1.919997 zBottomPreviewBorderVertical=7.910086 zLeftAlternatePreviewVertical=5.300026 zRightAlternatePreviewVertical=-5.170025 zTopAlternatePreviewVertical=-2.209997 zBottomAlternatePreviewVertical=8.170092 zLeftAlternatePreviewBorderVertical=5.030020 zRightAlternatePreviewBorderVertical=-5.040020 zTopAlternatePreviewBorderVertical=-1.930000 zBottomAlternatePreviewBorderVertical=7.910087 ScrollSpeed=9 nInterpolation=1 nFMInterpolation=0 zLeft0=1.380000 zRight0=-8.310094 zTop0=-4.660011 zBottom0=4.470008 zLeft90=4.340005 zRight90=-2.879997 zTop90=-1.989998 zBottom90=10.110137 zLeft180=7.850086 zRight180=-1.479999 zTop180=-5.290025 zBottom180=3.869998 zLeft270=2.689999 zRight270=-4.300002 zTop270=-8.980109 zBottom270=2.739999 zLeftMainMenuOverlay1=-1.660000 zRightMainMenuOverlay1=-20.510372 zTopMainMenuOverlay1=-9.670125 zBottomMainMenuOverlay1=8.720103 zLeftMainMenuOverlay2=-2.119997 zRightMainMenuOverlay2=-20.930382 zTopMainMenuOverlay2=-7.840083 zBottomMainMenuOverlay2=10.560147 zLeftMainMenuOverlay3=-2.119997 zRightMainMenuOverlay3=-20.930382 zTopMainMenuOverlay3=-9.450120 zBottomMainMenuOverlay3=8.970110 zLeftMainMenuOverlay4=-2.119997 zRightMainMenuOverlay4=-20.930382 zTopMainMenuOverlay4=-10.980155 zBottomMainMenuOverlay4=7.380074 zLeftMainMenuOverlay5=-2.109997 zRightMainMenuOverlay5=-20.960382 zTopMainMenuOverlay5=-12.560191 zBottomMainMenuOverlay5=5.820039 zLeftMainMenuOverlay6=-2.089997 zRightMainMenuOverlay6=-20.970383 zTopMainMenuOverlay6=-14.150227 zBottomMainMenuOverlay6=4.210002 fDualLeft=411.000000 fDualRight=869.000000 fDualTop=80.000000 fDualBottom=430.000000 zLeftDualVideoBorder=5.060020 zRightDualVideoBorder=-5.030019 zTopDualVideoBorder=-1.929998 zBottomDualVideoBorder=7.870087 screenSaverTime=3 MovieEnabled=1 DisplayMode=2 HighlightParent=0 PauseGame=0 MainMenuMovieSwitchEnabled=1 MovieSound=1 MainMenuVideoPath0=D:\media\background1.xmv MainMenuVideoPath1=D:\media\background2.xmv MainMenuVideoPath2=D:\media\background3.xmv MainMenuVideoPath3=D:\media\background4.xmv MainMenuVideoPath4=D:\media\background5.xmv MainMenuVideoPath5=D:\media\background6.xmv FreeRotate=0
  6. I think for skins it can be kool to put a preview of the skin when we select it. Like you show game titlescreen, but for a skin +T+, I can't change skin, the alone working are the 3 you put in the emulator I modify the ini file of others with the two line, but nothing to do ... always crash and go to unleashx Can you help me please ?
  7. ok, i don't have test it yet I just read before it doesn't work ... now i understand ... it was the arcade rom Thanks
  8. Houuuuu if you have THE solution i want it lol I really love playing this game
  9. Yes ... really fantastic Thanks a lot for all the work you do all - I have a question to iq_132 because i don't read anything about Capcom 3 in the readme file ... Have you work on ? it will be release for FBL 1.6 ? - Preliminary IREM drivers ... we will play IREM games in 1.6 too ??? Thanks
  10. cospfogo : BP is writing next CoinOPS will make MDRIVE_SuperBubbleBobble works Edit : now playable on the Xbox thanks to Haze I d'ont know what emulator is use to do that ...
  11. Really good idea Cospfogo ... i think to it too It is like paying poker without money ... everybody make anything There is no challange to finish the game ! I think it is possible, in the option menu you define the credits you want, not just 1 or 3 or Free, but a selector ... because i remember myself spend more money on a cab And it depend if you are alone or not ... think the 3 or 4 players games ... it is more expensive lol Or the option multiplies credits by players When you launch a game, and the option is not on FREE, FBL will remove insert coin button ! You will only play with the credit you have choose before !!! To restart credit, restart the game ! It is the BEST option for HARD CORE GAMERS
  12. If some one have it, and test it to works fine on PCSX ... i really want an PM with the link lol
  14. My english is not perfect too lol ... thanks Good new for MS3 ... i have this decrypted rom and will test it quickly Now my question is, like XBOX is not really fast to load crypted roms ... can you add the menu, like there is a filter for PARENT ROMS, an other who watch only the NON CRYPTED ROM ? The games are the same ... it can be better for all ... Because at this time if we select to see parent roms we don't see the non crypted roms I don't know how you make to code this filter ... but if possible, add a personnal filter, and we can in a file choose the games we want to see ! Un crypted, parents, and good SF2 hack for exemple ... It is just an idea Thanks Bye
  15. Yes ... don't remove it please Metal Slug 3 works for me in 720p, no problem, but it take more than 1 minute to load ... before i remember it is quicker ... some explanation ? Thanks
  16. Is some of you will release a pack of settings for all these games now working on PCSXox ? To compl├Ęte the files ResX release last year It ca be very cool Thanks
  17. Wow woaw woaw iq_132 ... so impressive :) :o I wish +T+ can add it to the next 1.5 FBL Thanks a lot
  18. For my part i have test the Cospefogo DDragon roms and his INI files Really beautifull work to play games like i know them there is a long time ago lol They are not working fine ... some time good, some time slower some time quicker ... not really kool to play I have try also to overclock CPU 150% but it is same for me
  19. Hi I will try to help you ... i have made some test this afternoon to make a pack with some settings i test and works fine for me Download my pack : http://www.mediafire.com/?64yidng20ipwi6n - Make a video, or DL it on Youtube - Convert it in WMV with Prism Video Converter without changing any settings ... for my part the quality stay really good but the file of 130Mo take now 320Mo in WMV lol - Using Windows Media Encoder 9 to convert it in the good format with the best quality using the .MHT documentation settings. - Convert your WMA to XMV - It's ok, you can use it on your xbox You can make videos in : 640 x 480 for 4:3 video SD 640 x 360 for 16/9 video SD I try too : 1280 x 720 and it works fine WHEN WE DO THIS CONVERTION WE LOST A LITTLE VIDEO QUALITY I TRY IN 720P, UNLEASH READ IT PERFECTLY BUT THE VIDEO IS LESS BEAUTIFULL THAN THE 1st WMV ... IF SOME ONE KNOW HOW TO UPGRADE THE SETTINGS I TAKE THEM THANKS
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