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  1. hello yeah, new release and i am not finish to complet all too speed lol PS : ben jme la prend severe la ! . You have made a new release ? If i can test it i want it lol Thanks guys ... PS: Je me sent moins seul avec -stf- lol voila du francais bien gras ...
  2. Here are the screens of my begining work, we can see that i began to replace the icones and text on 1280/720 image, but the emulator does'nt display them correctly Thanks "stf" for your help, i didn't know because the explain .txt in the archive of the BETA is empty - I remap the KEYs "START+LEFT TRIGER+BLANC" for save and "BLACK" for load It is more easyer to use i think ... - For move in the menu with RIGHT and LEFT ... excelent !!!! lol
  3. Ok, i know ... it's me ... more and more lol I have try to make the 640x480 Skin on 1280x720 but it dosen't work I have modify the PNG images and the SKIN.xml I stop my work because, i can see that it use my new PNG but always in the left corner of my screen lol Like i do nothing ... I will stand up for a correction of this BUG ...
  4. Oups .... scuse me, i haven't tested on HD mode with the SECRET ADVENCED SETTING lol It is WONDERFULL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The games are beautifull, not blur on an giant screen of 2 meters lol No "2xsai Super Eagle" filter requiered lol Beautifull work guys - Just change the Keys for the SAVESTATE and thats all lol - Also, i don't understand one thing, before we can jump letters with Y + UP or DOWN ! Now it not possible, why do you remove this excelent option ? BACK is here to change and sort roms ... Y is a good idea to move quickly on the roms ... I will try to make you a SKIN for HD 720p, because have the menu just in the top left of the screen is not very beautifull lol
  5. I have buy them there is one year ... but they dont works well with emulators like zsnes or other The emulators don't understand the two guns like a real xbox gun ... because it is not an official Microsoft Gun ?
  6. Thanks, i DL and test it this morning For understand, i will receive an Mail with the future updates versions ... or i must ask them every time ? Thanks
  7. I have just finish to test this version and it is excelent All is excelent lol My two ideas are : - If possible, Add the "2xsai Super Eagle" filter for better graphics on HD TV LCD or VIDEOPROJECTOR. With the advanced setting it is less blur but ... not like with this filter ... - The option to SAVE and LOAD STATE is excelent too, because when we can't finish a game, we can save to finish it an other time ... i love this But, the keys are not very good places ... i think, to make it easyer, use BACK and LEFT+RIGHT TIGER and the save button slot A, B or C. Use the RIGHT THUMB CLIC is not a good idea because it is already use for an other setting What do you think ? It is possible ?
  8. HELP ... I can MP now, but it dosen't work very well ... i have a blank page with Forbiden ??? access when i try Can you MP me "stf" or eMail me for the "CoinOPS Ignite Beta 4" ? Thanks
  9. Woaw, beautifull SKIN for CPX3 :D Have you finish him to post it here ? It is made for HD ? like 720p ? Because, the last official version of this emulator don't work on my xBox when it is in 720p I can use this emulator just in normal mode, not HD !
  10. Excelent, the list is bigger than i imagine But if i want to play them on my wall with my VIDEOPROJECTOR ... because it is bigger than a TV lol What model of GUN i must buy ? Because i try some, but they never realy work Thanks
  11. Excelent Thanks for the two skins, i play also on 720p, and it was more beautifull like this
  12. Hello, Thanks for your work I'm really happy that emulation continue on xBox1, the best console of every time How can i do to have also your BETA and help you to test it ? Thanks
  13. Hello I wish help you to test this fantastic project For me xBox 1 is the best support for emulation ... that's not good that all others project are stoped on this support Thanks for your work... I can't MP nobody to have the BETA, but you can Mail me ?
  14. Hello everybody I'm french, i love realy your work because MAME is exactly what i play where i was young .... i'm 32 years old yesterday lol Can i have also the BETA VERSION to test it and halp you I can for exemple help you to make the new SKIN for the 720p version Thanks
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