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  1. Yes so cool this year for xbox Really great news about the FreeDO port ... i read it on xtra forum Good news too for NeoCD on FBC
  2. Thanks for information Funny to see all these games coming on GBA
  3. Thanks for your video ... i love it Maybe you will replace XBMC by my menu with full Xtra when it will be finished
  4. It is an excellent idea, i love it ... just again some work for +T+
  5. Thanks ... So beautifull game You can see the original anime here Translation here http://www.romhacking.net/translations/484/
  6. So kool ... thanks a lot I love this game ...
  7. So fantastic to see it on xbox Thanks freekdave ... i wish now some other come too XBOX Powa Is a BUG Fix for the end of the game can be made ?
  8. If possible you can launch a CD like a ROM game. We put a ZIP file with the same name that the ISO game and you make a code to launch it. Or we put the CUE in a ZIP ? You must cheat your code just for ISO games ... but i think it is possible Or using a DAT file who referfer the ISO games like made Madmab for AMIGA and other emus ...
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