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  1. Ok Cospefogo ... send it to me for i test it And iwill report you.
  2. End of discussion. FBL plays Double Dragon exactly as the original arcade machine plays it. If you want to play the game at an artificially enhanced speed, use CoinOPS. Mine is slower than your video ... when there are more than 4 caracters on screen it is impossible to play I have use the Gilou9999 INI files ... maybe they slow the game ? And i use the bigby rom I will delete the ini and try again
  3. I have tested ALL PGM games and it is really excellent ... it works perfectly - Can't run Oriental Legend Special Plus - Double dragon is really very very slow ...
  4. Thanks a lot for that I love playing games like they really are on my 720p screen So coool
  5. Yes, so kool, if you can make it to work, it can be soo kool man Thanks for your tests ...
  6. Thanks iq_32 Amazing to think we will play Martial masters, and knights of valour 2 on our xbox 1 lol So coooooll !!!
  7. darknior

    CoinOPS 2 R6

    Thanks for information Finalburn is updated, Coinops too lol But they release a game pack with just 6 news games ... no more ? I don't understand
  8. So good news ... thanks a lot And very kool for this sonic game too
  9. Yes Gilou, we can ... i think to do it too lol But if they can work together with madmab it can be better for the scene Tu n'est pas d'accord ?
  10. Madmad don't give the sources I think it is based on XPORT release ... so bad if nobody mix them ...
  11. Extremely unlikely to ever see this in a playable state on fbal. The more I improve it on coinops the more it runs like crap. The tradeoffs are graphics or frame rate. You get one or the other. For fba, I would have to port the cpu core, graphics routines, and a lot of intermediate junk. You're not looking at a few hour process. Even after that, there's no guarantee that it would run at a decent frame rate at all. Thanks for the answer too If possible to have it better emulate, i love it ... Maybe we can use frameskip ... it will be less smooth but if there is no bugs ...
  12. So exiting lol I will test him quickly ... thanks IF possible, i would like SNES HACK too
  13. Yes i know and i use it on xbox and x360 But i write it is so bad nobody know how the guy make them works on 64 Mo xbox !!! Finalburn want use 128 Mo to make them work I prefer use FBL ... than CPX3 ... if i can one day ...
  14. Arg so bad if we must have a 128Mo xbox to use them No many peoples have one ... But if it is impossible to do with 64mb, ok, just add a new cathegorie to FBL for 128Mo games ... we don't try to launch them with a 64Mb xbox I read some news about CPS3 games decrypted ? Can it help to make them works on FBL with 64Mb of ram ... ? So bad nobody know how is made CPS3 Emulator to make them work on xbox ...
  15. Kool ... so excellent But why using FBA XXX and not the last FinalBurn Legend ? Thanks
  16. Thanks for this too And the video of the project : I don't understand how to include the video in my message
  17. Woaw ... so excellent ... i want to post it this week too lol You are so quick Fu Thanks for others
  18. Arg ... thanks for the information ... but so bad if they remove the option I know i can rename directory, but it is barbarian work to do that lol
  19. Thanks Good idée for the music So bad it is to hard to skin The NFO file : --------------- CoinOPS 2 R3 and CoinOPS 2 Upgrade Pack released For those with FTP access grab "CoinOPS 2 Upgrade Pack" folder and anyone can release it....after a quick test.... This pack has alot of Nintendo 64 games and over 200 new Arcade Games....I recommend using CoinOPS 2 R3 or above for the bug removals "CoinOPS 2 R3 Standalone.rar" is the standalone release..... New games added both in consoles and arcades (thansk iq132 for his help) Fixed alot in the Nintendo 64 Core Fixed Aspect Ratio and Pixel perfect for consoles...including fixing the previously unfixed xport bugs for filtering Added the option to remove filtering for consoles Right thumbstick in game menu selects a random game.... Booting with no roms self fixes itself..... Some other bug fixes and tweaks Like ever .. no list of the new games I have add them and can see they are on my xbox game list but i don't know who they are lol Bye
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