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  1. i saw this today thought u guys might like to see. coming for ps2 i geuss...
  2. backups for gamecube = no u cant play backups... there is some emu for the pc not sure if it works though xbox= dont bother using the memory card things its stupid. It will let u play maybe one game of the hd since the hd is so small. Get a mod chip if u wana do that sorta thing. also in my opinion I think u should try and buy the games anyways dont kill another system with piracy.
  3. hey i cant seem to get it to work... I downloaded all 11 files and winrar ask for a number 12 ?
  4. go into settings and scroll down till u see misc and under that u should see dash version. The latest is 3935 if u have that then maybe post ur evox.ini and see if thats screwed up.
  5. hmm never had that issue what version of evox u running?
  6. U posted in the wrong section for request. the capability list is here http://scummvm.sourceforge.net/compatibility.php I havent found many places to download games for it at. I did find sam and max, loom and the day of the tenticle at suprnova under games\pc\
  7. most people patch the cache files....
  8. hey is there any way to connect even though u have a broadband connection? i dont feel like buying the broadband adapter lol
  9. I use mxm and xbmc as a dash I just switch my chip to choose which one i want to load
  10. yeah like i said it asigns the save to ur xboxs eeprom. Ive been hearing stuff on x-s about getting banned by having a upgraded hd and i think its total bull. soon as i was told that i went and played rs3 for 4 hours lol. Plus theres the excuter 4801 bios that stops you from messing up and banning ur self. so no worrys.
  11. yeah most of the addons are only worth using online anyways really.
  12. hmm well some official xbox magazine disk may have them on them. But i believe the expasions are set to ur xbox eprom so u cant copy the save from a friends xbox and send it to urs.. u will get an error saying file is corrupt or something.
  13. i havent had any luck with mods yet I tryed about five different ones but kept getting errors... then i got lazy and gave up
  14. im not trying to piss you off but i cant see this working for everyone. I was discussing it with a friend on live and he told me he knew some guys who used this with there dial up. He said they lagged out so much they ended up buying dsl. Maybe it works for u, but majority wont have such good luck. i even got hella lag back in the dreamcast quake3 days. also what are u up and down speeds im curious. you can check them by going to connection setup connecting and then press y.
  15. lol im just saying if most the people on live are bitching about lag when they have broadband how in the hell is dial not getting lag. Does that make any since what so ever? what kinda dial up do u have
  16. most people complain about there connections with dsl how in the hell is dialup going to be fun. and some games does cause others to lag since some games try and even out the lag. I have to say this is one of the stupidest ideas ive heard. one of my buddys tryed to use his dialup on xbconnect he said it was impossible to play.
  17. they would download it as long as it didnt have banned games running on it. banned games = no xbins
  18. hey i read this at xs forums http://forums.xbox-scene.com/index.php?sho...=177096&hl=fbax think u can add those games since lantus isnt gona touch it for a while.
  19. are all the games that worked in the last hacked version work in this one?? the one that had kof2003 and all the rest of the roms.. lol i dont feel like renaming everything again
  20. whats Zintrick... never heard of it. anygood?
  21. one of the things id like to say about these forums is there is alot less hatred. Cant stand all the flaming in most other boards "cough x-s cough"
  22. looks like u guys pissed them off even a bit more read the whole post here http://forums.xbox-scene.com/index.php?sho...pic=176759&st=0 sucks and keeps getting worse
  23. man prican u need to avoid xs at all cost http://forums.xbox-scene.com/index.php?sho...howtopic=175507 man u should smack that ediot
  24. ahh i didnt even notice that i just switched the default.xbe i just put a neogeo load screen for that. If anyone can find something better let me know and ill switch it
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