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  1. yeah thats kinda why i wish unibios was default bios but after seeing the graphic glitches in kof2003 its fine lol
  2. yep works and so does the hexing thanks guys
  3. ok ill work on that then thanks... but what about kof2k1 and... sengoku3 not showing?
  4. i dont get why they seem fine with playing gba games that are just released... yet get pissed about arcade games?
  5. I thought it would be cool to add some previews to fbax for the banned games that are added so i went ahead and made a pack for everyone download here > http://www.nagmine.com/fbaximage+.zip samsho5 rotdn pim sengoku3 mslug4n mslug5n svcplus svcbl kof2k2nd cthd2k3 kof2k1 kof2003f also added trally preview and neogeo preview Fbax all the way nagmine
  6. lol only if i knew much about hexing.... only thing ive hexed was halo
  7. I just tryed the new fbax build that prican25 gave me but Im haveing just a few issues. svcbl and svcplus no longer loads says crcs are wrong, kof2002 no longer same reason and i dont see sengoku3 or kof2001..... just giving heads up. These all worked perfectly fine in fbaxz.
  8. yeah i saw the post to. Pissed me off
  9. yeah none of my roms i had extra from the older fbaxz no longer show up? can someone add everything back in along with 2003
  10. no way kawax is over rated im still waiting for my kof2003 to download ill test this when i get home from work.
  11. mmooahaha fbax rules thanks guys. Does this one support the rest of the games as well? mslug 4and5 and such?
  12. oh yeah, thats one of the things i liked most about fbax is i didnt need to decrypt stuff. It does take time to load but ooh well still works great i just got rotd running so i now have all bannded games running, total sweetness. All i need now is kof2001 and kof2003
  13. cool news to hear lol i think the thing i like about fbax is theres no bother in decrypting games. I havent had a single issue with any games sept for a few of the banned games were an issue all that renaming and stuff. I never had a issue with kof95 it worked soon as i put it in. keep up the good work
  14. I like fbax much better than kawax hopefully they will have kof2003 running on it as well. Hey who ever compiles this could u put in kof2001 ill host it on my site if u do . I kinda wish the universal bios was default as well
  15. yes it is samsho5.zip rotdn.zip pim.zip sengoku3.zip mslug4n.zip mslug5n.zip svcplus.zip svcbl.zip kof2k2nd.zip cthd2k3.zip Ive got everyone working sept rage of dragons cant seem to find any roms that match what it wants
  16. why no kof 2001 support but anyways i love this program
  17. ahh finaly got it working on fbax now i jusst need 2003
  18. how do u get games like kof2k2 to show up in mameox ?
  19. it should work fine with emus, its just some games are locked at 733 so u wont see anything different. I heard like halo plays much smoother and has less graphic slow down online yet midtownmadness plays way faster than it should. So for Emus = good, some xbox games = bad. Personly id just make a super fast pc . i love my xbox but it isnt like its gona last forever.
  20. most tell me that the ram upgrade dosnt do much really and isnt worth it. Now if u could get ur xbox upgraded like that ft-xbox thingy with the 1400 mhz upgrade then u would have a emulator playing machine !
  21. i dont think thats gona happen
  22. yeah thats really the only problem ive noticed and thats pretty well known bug i think. I hate how the cps1 games dont have sounds
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